10 Advantages of Pilates

Occasionally it can be stimulating to find the correct workout routine that works for you. Some people like the freedom of the gym while others like the setting of a Zumba class. However, after a while the same routine you may leave you a little bored. If you want to switch up your fitness routine, it could benefit you to try Pilates. Pilates can improve a person’s strength, flexibility, and posture by using specific techniques. Founded to mend injuries Pilates, has mastered the art of being simply complex in its training and routines. But does Pilates encourage weight loss in its participants?


Here are the top ten advantages of trying Pilates:

1. Enhances mind awareness

Unlike other exercises Pilates focuses on motion rather than repetition of specific stances. Breathing correctly is vital in Pilates since it aids your motions and helps you move with effectiveness. Also, when you breathe correctly, you’re more likely to live a stress-free life. Therefore, breathing allows you to focus inward and channel your emotions into the exercise. When you focus on your feelings, the exercise then becomes a challenge about both body and mind.

2. Enhances core muscles

While Pilates may seem like a mental challenge, it’s much more. Pilates can improve your core muscles. With a variety of exercises that work out the chest, back, shoulders, and pelvis allow your core muscles to strengthen and become toned. Therefore, unlike other routines, there isn’t just one exercise that strengthens your core. If you try Pilates, you’ll find that all the exercises you do are targeted to enhance a specific muscle group.

3. Can elongate muscles  

While some fitness routines may depend on weights or high impact exercise in order to increase flexibility, however, increasing flexibility in the traditional way may cause muscles to be easily injured. Unlike other exercises Pilates elongates muscles by strengthening muscles first and then increasing flexibility in joints. Therefore, the body is evenly distributed with both strength and flexibility in order to decrease injuries to the body when working out.

4. Total body workout

Not only does Pilates exercise your core but it also works out your entire body! It’s essential when working out that you don’t overextend yourself, but it’s also true that you should try and push yourself. There needs to be a middle ground where you’re entirely satisfied with your workout. Pilates is the perfect workout for those struggling to find their balance. Since Pilates works out your entire body you’ll muscle will feel trained but at the same time, you’ll still have some energy left.

5. Effective  

All the exercises and routines performed in Pilates are formulated to work out muscle groups in constant motion. These exercises are safe and will aid a person’s overall health. In fact, if a person learns these exercises well while using proper breathing techniques he or she might experience a boost in sports performance, improved posture, and a decrease in fitness related injuries. Therefore, Pilates can effectively be used in a person’s workout routine to help them tone and shape their bodies.

6.  It can be light exercise

Depending on what you want to achieve from Pilates the routines can be as light and as comfortable as you want. In fact, some exercises are executed while sitting down or in relaxed positions. Also, most routines feature low-impact exercises and only some present a weight component. However, Pilates is known for its safety. Since Pilates is used in physical therapy, there are no restrictions on who can join in, unlike other fitness classes and studios.

7. It can be a challenging exercise

While Pilates can be a light and easy exercise if you want to be it can also be an intense exercise. One of the perks of Pilates is that you can choose the range of difficulty you want. If you want an easy workout, there’s plenty of routines that cover a beginner’s workout. However, if you want a problematic routine that challenges you, Pilates has exercises for many advanced individuals. Although, it’s advised that you start relatively easy with your workouts and slowly increase your intensity with each week you exercise. But the way you choose to exercise is entirely up to you.

8. Increases energy levels

Unlike other workouts, Pilates works out the entire body which allows the body to feel energized and refreshed afterward. While some workouts tend to under exercise muscles or overextend muscles groups which can lead to feelings of fatigue, tiredness, and drowsiness. However, if you work out your muscles correctly, you should feel a rush of energy afterward. In fact, your body will release endorphins which will boost your mood and allow you to feel like doing other daily activities.

9. Encourages weight loss  

Pilates is the perfect solution for weight loss since Pilates works out your entire body your likely to burn a lot of calories which will help you lose weight. In fact, since Pilates is an aerobic exercise you’ll also tone your body in no time. However, like all fitness related exercises, it takes time. Losing weight can be a challenging goal for anyone to accomplish but it doesn’t happen by working out alone. It’s essential if you want to lose weight in combination with Pilates that you also eat a health-conscious diet and remain positive about your goal.

10. Various ways to learn Pilates  

While it’s better if you learn from a certified instructor especially if it’s your first time you don’t always have to go a studio or a class to do Pilates. In fact, once you learn the basics, you can learn other routines and exercises directly from your home. Many videos on YouTube explain what to do, how to do it, and how it will affect your body. All you need to complete a Pilates exercise is some comfortable clothes and mat that suits you.


Pilates can be a simple exercise or a complex routine. Depending on what you like and what you want Pilates can meet your needs with its effective flexibility and fitness activities.