6 Ways the Cold Weather is Hurting Your Health


As winter time becomes more bitter, we often start to feel our health deteriorate. For men, the fear of the common ‘man flu’ heightens and we start to feel the sniffles and achy muscles of bacteria working their way in. However, it isn’t just an increase in illnesses that occur in winter time that makes us less healthy. In fact, the cold weather itself can have negative effects on the body, leaving you not feeling at peak health. With this in mind, it is important to stay wrapped up warm, and to invest in clothing to help combat the drop in body temperature; maybe it’s even time to book a vacation for some wintertime sun!

Here is what the cold weather is doing to your health.

Heightens migraines

If you suffer from migraines, the cold weather is not your friend. Where good weather seems to aid migraines, cold brings them on more frequently. This is due to a drop in barometric pressure, which causes a rise in air pressure. This pressure can become so intense that it leads to issues with the sinuses, which in turn cause migraines. This will be especially bad for people who already frequently suffer from migraines.

Cold weather hurts the heart

A backpacker man going in the winter forest

Cold causes things to contract. This includes body parts. When it is cold, your blood vessels contract in the body, meaning that the blood flow constricts. This can be seen with your hands and feet which seem to get colder than the rest of your body at a quicker pace. However, for those who are not in good shape, and who suffer from high blood pressure and cholesterol, the cold weather can increase the risk of a heart attack as less blood can be pumped through the system. To avoid this you should try to regulate your blood pressure with a supplement like ‘Blood Pressure Reducer 1000’ or lower your cholesterol levels with a supplement like ‘Cholesterol Reducer 1000’.

Dries you skin

Cold weather means that there is less moisture in the air. Due to this, your skin starts to dry out. This can cause chapped lips while also exacerbating eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. While you might think worrying about your skin is a girly problem. Dry skin and dying skin cells lead to wrinkles. Make sure you are getting lots of moisture by drinking fluids and using an oil on your skin like walnut or coconut oil.

Lowers you sex drive

While this isn’t necessarily detrimental to your health, it is something that can be a problem for the health of your relationship. Your sex drive lowers because the blood is constricted as the blood vessels contract. If you want to get that libido up, eat more foods which dilate the blood vessels, like ginger and oysters!

Causes depression

While it isn’t the cold weather that necessarily causes Seasonal Affective Disorder, winter time can bring about depressive periods due to the low level of sunlight, which reduces the serotonin levels in your body. The lack of sunlight also disrupts the body-clock, which can leave you grouchy and tired, adding to depression.

Breathing problems

Woman using tissue

Cold weather can cause spasms in the muscles around the lungs and it contracts the airways making it narrower. This can cause you to develop a cough during these cold periods. Wearing a face mask will direct the heat from your breath inward, keeping your throat warm.

Try to stay bundled up this season to avoid damaging your health. Make sure to drink lots of warm fluids to lock the moisture inside.