7 Reasons Why Breakfast Should Never Be Skipped


Many people forego the first meal of the day because they’re running late to their classes, appointments, etc. Some have time but choose to use it for something else, like staring at nothing thinking of how tired they are even though their day hasn’t started yet. Some also don’t find themselves hungry in the morning. It’s probably because they’re already used to of leaving the house on an empty stomach.

Unfortunately, this is a poor habit that needs to be rectified. People who skip breakfast are bringing potential problems into their health. Even various studies support the need to eat something healthy in the morning before you set off for your journey, whatever it is.

So, are you guilty of skipping breakfast every day? Here are 7 reasons why you should be:

People who are breakfast eaters are generally in good health


There’s the misconception that by not eating in the morning, you’re saving calories that you can utilize in the latter part of the day when you become hungry. This is not a fact. Eating a healthy meal in the morning actually normalizes your blood sugar levels. Not eating first thing during the day may lead you to get hungry more quickly simply because there’s nothing in your stomach.

Eating breakfast can help with weight management

If you want to shed pounds or maintain the weight you’ve just lost, skipping breakfast is certainly a no-no. Eating a light, yet healthy breakfast can help you control hunger throughout the day. Furthermore, when you already have nutritious food in your system, you’re less likely to crave for junk and processed foods.

Breakfast makes you more energetic

If you constantly skip breakfast and you’re always low on energy, guess you know the likely culprit now. In order to have energy to fuel your body for those tasks that need to be done, you need all the nutrients that a healthy breakfast can give you. Essentially, your muscles require glycogen for energy. It will be used up if there’s nothing on your stomach.

Eating breakfast increases your mental focus

Everyone wants to be mentally sharp during the day. It enables you to finish your tasks efficiently and help you increase your productivity. The good news is that there are certain foods for breakfast that can improve your brain’s functions, allowing you to perform better.

Skipping breakfast means skipping vitamins and nutrients

Once you’ve missed those vitamins and nutrients you could have gotten from eating in the morning, there’s nothing that can make it up. It’s basically a missed opportunity of providing the nutrition your body needs.

Breakfast makes you less hungry throughout the day

shutterstock_170157644If you’re on a weight management plan, hunger is surely one of those needs you hate to feel. Eating a healthy meal in the morning can help you shake off bouts of hunger later in the day. This can also help you avoid binge eating, which only brings you nothing but unwarranted calories. In addition, overeating throughout the day is directly associated with weight gain. So, if you’re on a weight loss program or you want to stick to your newly reduced weight, start your day with a nutritious breakfast.

Eating breakfast in the morning teaches others to do the same

This is particularly important when you have a family. When your kids see you ignore breakfast in the morning, they’ll likely follow and think nothing of it, but only as an impediment to their daily routine. On the other hand, having breakfast with your family not only shows the importance of eating a healthy meal before each one goes about his/her day, it also helps the members of the family bond. As a parent, you need to show your children the significance of proper nutrition, which starts during breakfast.

The bottom line is that although we can choose to skip breakfast because it’s not just our priority, we can’t go around the negative effects that missing the first meal of the day can lead to.