7 Unusual Turn-Ons for Women


While men like to pride themselves on their sexual prowess, it turns out that the things that turn women n are not as simple as a six pack and a back rub. Women seem to have strange sexual proclivities, according to some odd scientific studies, which show that women get sexually aroused by the most unlikely things. Here are some examples:


preview-full-gasolina-musclecarclubDOTcomLuckily for the men who like their motors, studies show that women get turned on by the smell of petrol. The British soap company ‘Daz’ did a study which showed that while men were turned on by baby lotion and the smell of lipstick, women were turned on by the smell of leather, gasoline, printer ink, and paint. It turns out that women love their solvent abuse! With that in mind, car sex seems all the more promising!

 2. Clean Shaven or 10 days old

While the hipster generation feels that a full beard allows them to dominate their male space with facial hair, studies have shown that women are just not into this. A recent study from New Zealand showed that women found men with smooth faces to look younger than those with beards, while also finding the clean shaven men more attractive. Moreover, a study by New South Wales showed that women preferred the 10 day old stubble look. Either way, bushy beards are out.

 3. Red

A study by the University of Rochester showed that women were more attracted to men who were surrounded by the color red. This could either be men wearing red t-shirts or clothing, or men standing against a red background. The attention grabbing color, red has long been appreciated as a sexy color on women, with red stilettos and lingerie. But it turns out, women dig it too.

 4. Good Health

This may sound obscene but the human body is made to work in an astounding manner. Women subconsciously pick up the pheromones released by male bodies. It has been found that women will be subconsciously attracted to healthier men who release hormones that signal that they have a strong immune system. This is an evolutionary feature that has been born into women, so staying healthy will boost your chances of turning women on! Try taking a supplement like Ultimate Man Once a Day to get all the vitamins you need to boast a healthy immune system.

 5. Strong hands and forearms

preview-full-shutterstock_507146413Many women will openly swoon over a good forearm. However, the reason for this is more scientific than they think. The manner in which a man’s hands and forearms move provide subconscious indicators to a woman of their capabilities. This is in reference to their skills as a man as well as their sexual skills. Strong hands equal strong game.

 6. Sweat

While they may complain that it’s gross, male sweat actually turns women on according to a study by University of California, Berkeley. It stimulates the luteinizing hormone, which encourages ovulation. It also has been shown to improve women’s moods.

 7. Deep Voice

A study of Tasmanian tribal families has shown that the deeper the voice, the more children that a man tends to father. This is also patterned across Western societies too. Higher voices sound adolescent to women and don’t invoke the feeling of protectiveness and strength, whereas deep voices do.

 This just goes to show, that you can try all you want, but there are some things you just cannot do to please a woman! But backseat, sweaty sex, while wearing red seems like a real good place if you need a tip to start!