8 Things To Know When Dating An Older Women

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If you’re a younger guy looking to date an older woman, this article is for you. Cross-generation dating and marriage is becoming a common thing as society embraces the fact that love can come in many combinations of ages. There are a couple of things you’ll want to know when dating an older woman.

Here are eight of those things that will help your relationship go in the direction you’d both like.


#1 Lifestyles

With the age gap, you and she might be living different lives. Because she has more experience and knowledge of the world, she may already be settled down with her financial situation, housing, and children. While you may be looking for the same things, and working towards them, these differences in your lifestyles can cause some issues.

For instance, if you’re raring to travel, becoming financially stable, or sharing a house with someone else, these are facets of her life that have already been established. Or, on the other hand, if she’s looking to be more adventurous and travel and you’re looking for a more settled down life, this will also cause some issues. When your relationship first begins, you and she will want to sit down and discuss the lifestyle that you envision together. Are you both looking to travel? Do you want to buy a house and stay in one place? Making sure these aspects of your lives are aligned before getting too serious is important to your future happiness.


#2 Children

When dating an older woman it’s important to discuss your desires, or lack thereof, pertaining to a family. She might have children which can divide her time between you and her children. These children may hamper some of your spontaneity. Opting out isn’t the right option. When you’re with your woman, you are with her children. Are you ready to care for her children or deal with her adult children?

Do you have children and you’d like her to be their stepmother? If she’s already had children, she may not want to become a stepmother or become pregnant if that’s an option. Make sure you discuss this aspect before beginning a long-term relationship to ensure you’re looking for the same thing.


#3 Sex

mature sophisticated woman with pearl necklaceIn contrast to men, many women reach their sexual peak later in life. This means that you and she may be a perfect match sexually. With your energy, youth, and her vivaciousness the sex will, most likely, be very good. A difference that you may notice between her and a younger woman is that she knows exactly what she wants and won’t hesitate to tell you. Sometimes, she may want to control the situation and teach you a couple things. Sit back, listen, and learn.


#4 Experience

Usually, an older woman has had many experiences in work, friendships, and relationships. She’ll know what she wants or doesn’t want from this new relationship. With a straightforward demeanor, she’ll be quick to tell you which aspects of this relationship she is or isn’t enjoying. Like you, she doesn’t have time to waste. So, come to her honest, passionate, and don’t play games.


#5 References

There can be differences in a cross-generational relationship, such as social references. If you’re struggling to understand a reference that she makes and vice versa, the best thing for your relationship is to research these things. This seemingly small problem can grow into a large problem as misunderstandings mount. While your values and personality traits may align, these differences in your generational knowledge can be frustrating. It’s good for her to stay up-to-date with your generational trends, and equally as beneficial that you do the same.


#6 Casual

Some older women aren’t looking for a long-term relationship. They want a carefree young guy who’s not looking for a commitment. If that’s you, enjoy. But, if not, discuss your relationship needs at the beginning. Make it very clear that you want more than just a summer fling. This will avoid a lot of heartache. There are many older women who are looking for a long-term relationship.


#7 The Future

Dating an older woman also involves differences in your health and future. Once you agree on a long-term relationship, you’ll need to discuss the future. While she may be retiring, you may have many years left of working.

  • How will that affect your relationship?
  • How will you make sure there is enough time in the day to spend with her?
  • How do you want her to support you as you work?

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Discuss this early on, so there are no misunderstandings. As she grows elderly, how will you care for her? What decisions will she want you to fight for on her behalf? Do you know how to become her Power of Attorney?

Also, discuss the flip side. If you were to become seriously injured, and therefore disabled, how will she care for you? Who do you want her to notify?

Do either of you have reservations about becoming a caregiver?


#8 Wise

Having been in the world for more years than you, an older woman is looking for sincerity. She’s seen the tricks and games that are played, and most likely, wants nothing to do with that. Not to mention, she can see inauthenticity five miles away. When approaching her, be honest, be yourself, and show her how much you care.

Dating an older woman is amazing. With her, you can build a strong relationship with a woman that knows who she wants, will tell you what she wants, and will give her honest self.