9 Things You Need to Know about Herbal Medicine

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Many people either assume that herbal medicines are futile or use them similarly as drugs. In truth, there are several misconceptions with regards herbal products and it’s only fitting that they’re discussed more comprehensively to avoid misinformation and improper use. Herbal medicines are highly potent but they’re also often misunderstood by many. There are also cases where they’re used improperly, leading to unremarkable, or worse, dire results. To understand herbal medicines more, here are 9 things you need to know about them:

1. They’re effective

There has always been the debate with regards the efficacy of herbal medicines. While there are people who swear by their effectiveness, others tend to be cynical. Some people also dismiss herbal solutions as a kind of fad that doesn’t have any scientific substantiation, even though there’s science to really back it up. In reality, pharmaceutical companies utilize plant extracts, synthesize them, patent them, and develop them into drugs because of one simple reason: they work.

all natural herbal medicine like Progentra's ingredientsWhy else would they get into it if these herbs are worthless? There are actually thousands of studies proving the effectiveness of herbs as a remedy for several health problems, both common and serious. Besides, we all know that people during ancient times used certain plants to cure multiple ailments when modern medicine wasn’t available yet. So, fundamentally, herbs have amazing healing powers. They only need to be used properly.

2. They’re likely safer than prescription drugs

Pharmaceutical drugs tend to be harmful as a result of the complex procedure they go through. Basically, herbal compounds are segregated from the vital nutrients and other valuable elements found naturally together with the original compound in plants. These naturally-occurring components are then re-created in laboratories. We can only imagine what really transpires in laboratories.

Herbal medicines, on the other hand, tend to be purer. When utilized properly in the appropriate form, nearly all herbal medicines have a far-reaching record of safety. This is also one of the reasons why many people prefer herbs; because of their purity and the absence of side effects. Sometimes, when it comes to health and wellness, natural is better.

3. They’re more reasonably priced

alternative herbal medicines, Progentra has natural ingredientsFor apparent reasons, herbal solutions tend to be more affordable. Prescription drugs from pharmaceutical giants, sometimes, make it hard for all kinds of people to afford medications. Health and wellness become a privilege all because of the billions of profits. Thanks to herbal medicines, other people are able to afford medicinal remedies to help them with their health issues. Everyone on this planet has the right to health regardless of their paycheck.

4. Most herbs have abundant healing properties

These components are inclined to work with efficacy and generate the fewest adverse reactions when utilized collaboratively. That is why in several instances it is more efficient to use herbal products that make use of the whole, medicinal parts of the plant like teas or alcohol extracts instead of a single compound that goes through isolation in a laboratory.

5. Herbal medicines and drugs could possibly interact

They’re both medicines, so it’s always possible for them to have an interaction in the system. For this reason, it is crucial to consult with your physician or a professional herbalist before taking both of them. You may think herbs are simpler but, as mentioned, they need to be used properly in order to experience positive results.

6. Their benefits are preserved when used in cooking

Several people categorize herbs as either medicinal or culinary. In actuality, herbs can be used interchangeably, either for cooking or medicinal purposes. Simply put, a lot of the herbs we use for cooking also contain amazing healing traits and many herbs we use for addressing certain health problems can also be used for cooking.

7. They should not be used as drugs

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, the concept of a drug is to address a particular symptom. Herbs, on the other hand, work more on a holistic level. This means herbs fortify the body entirely. That’s why they may take a while before you feel the improvement of symptoms. It’s not a bad thing, though. This only means that herbs target the source of the ailment first before addressing the particular symptom.

As you would expect, when the source of the issue is dealt with, the symptom naturally improves. However, when you’re only specifically addressing the symptom and not the source, you would be relieved of the pain but that would be fleeting. It would eventually return because the cause of your affliction is not completely taken care of.

8. It is essential that you’re using the right plant

There’s a wide assortment of herbs that it can be confusing at times. So, it is important that you’re aware of the scientific name of the plant you’re keen on using to help you with your health concerns. This is to ascertain optimal effectiveness and safety.

9. Only use the proper part of the plant

Some parts of plants could be lethal if consumed or used internally. For some herbs, the healing properties come from the roots while others come from the leaves, seeds or flowers. So, basically it’s different and it is important that you’re fully aware of what you’re doing.

You should be able to accurately identify the plant you need and what part to use to avoid problems. It is ideal to use a credible guidebook as a reference to show you the right part of the plant you can utilize prior to using any herbal medicines.