Align Probiotic Review

Align Probiotic Review

Align Probiotic Review

Align is a probiotic supplement that provides better digestive functions through its use of a patented strain for a good and healthy bacteria. As a matter of fact, Align is said to be the Number 1 gastrointestinal probiotic out there that’s being strongly recommended to consumers.

Align Probiotic, in particular, has attained very good reviews from consumers. This is despite being manufactured by Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio, which has gotten more than 280 resolved complaints in only a span of three years. The company, however, managed to get an A+ Better Business Bureau grade despite the high number of negative reports. Back to Align Probiotic, the only negative feedback was about the lacking in potency, it being pricey, and triggering side effects like bloating and gas. Overall, general consensus was positive.

Align Probiotic Effects

Improve digestive functions

Basically good bacteria in the gut lessen when we don’t eat healthy or when we’re under a lot of stress. These are just some of the factors that can bring disruption in the amount of good bacteria in the stomach. But there’s a way to normalize your digestive system again and this is through the use of probiotics. With this, Align claims to use more than 1 billion CFUs of live as well as good bacteria to improve digestive functions. This is similar to what’s Whole Body Keybiotics and New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora are also claiming.

To top it off, Align is also using the patented bacteria strain, the B. infantis 35624, which the company guarantees is only present in this product. This bacteria strain has been clinically tested and proven, according to the product’s website. It was also mentioned that the benefits of the probiotics are specific or reliant to the strain that’s being used. Unfortunately, it wasn’t discussed that certain advantages this B. infantis 35624 really has.

Moreover, the bacteria in this product are freeze-dried during the manufacturing process, which is different compared to other probiotics. This means that its efficiency stays for up to 24 months without the need to being refrigerated.

Taking Align Probiotic is only once a day where one capsules consists of one calorie (this can be taken as part of losing weight). In terms of side effects, there aren’t any serious ones, just the common ones which include gassing and bloating.

Price and Refund

Align Probiotic Ingredients

Align Probiotic is accessible through an extensive assortment of vendors, including Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS. It can also be purchased online through and In terms of costs, it seems to go from $23 to $31 for a 28-capsule bottle while it goes from $34 to $41 for the 42-capsule bottle.

As published on its site, you can use the supplement with a chance for refund for up to 60 days. However, this offer only stands to purchases of more than $46.99 in addition to postage. In any case, remember that the refund will be issued as a prepaid card, and will take 6-8 weeks to prepare. To start, you’ll initially need to contact customer hotline at (800) 337-5036.

Final Verdict

Align Probiotic has established a good reputation in the online platform thanks to many great reviews. Still, what we found out during a research were some issues that need addressing.

There’s also the fact that there was a lawsuit filed against Procter & Gamble in 2011. This lawsuit involved allegations that the company engaged in false advertising by making unverified claims on its product Align Probiotic, which Procter & Gamble said to have undergone clinical procedures. Up to now, the result of this lawsuit is unknown.

Reading through clinical studies on the Bifantis website, we saw that the benefits are mostly illustrated as remedies for such medical conditions as irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Even its potential as an antidepressant has been underscored. With all this, it doesn’t seem that any of these studies reference Bifantis as the facilitator of digestive wellness other than being a potential remedy for the health problems mentioned above.

To conclude, while Align Probiotic has been voted as the topmost probiotic to be endorsed by gastroenterologists; this is only among gastroenterologists who made a recommendation on a brand of probiotic in Source Healthcare Analytics, LLC 2012 survey, a survey which we failed to find.