Best Ways to Get Quickly Ripped Before the Summer



Summer is right around the corner and you’re still out of shape. At this point you may think all hope is lost when it comes to you getting that lean ripped summer body this year.

Luckily for you, it isn’t too late but you need to start doing everything you can to meet those goals immediately. You can speed up your muscle growth and accelerate your fat loss in time for summer,but you need to know how to go about getting there.

Pick a Date and Stick with It

It’s easy to procrastinate and put off going to the gym when you aren’t specific about your goals. Pick a date that you want to hit your goal by and stick with it.

People who set a specific date to meet their goals are more successful in doing so than those that don’t because of the pressure they feel to meet the goal. You set a date and you only a have certain amount of time to hit that goal so you are more apt to actually get up and go to the gym.

Once you have a date chosen, you need to choose an exercise program that can meet those goals. More than likely you are going to have to increase the duration and intensity of your exercises, and in most cases should exercise twice daily if possible.

Workout Twice Daily to Better Meet Your Goals

preview-full-shutterstock_596185142If you are someone who is trying to meet a goal by the summer, you are better off breaking up your workouts to do so. This is crunch time, and although you probably don’t want to hear it, you should be exercising twice daily to meet your goals.

Breaking up your workout in to one cardio session in the morning for example, and one weight training session at night has the benefit of not fatiguing you as much as one longer workout that included both would.

You will have more time to recharge in between your workouts, giving you more energy for the following routine. More energy means you can go harder, and the more intense the exercise is the more calories you will burn.

If you aren’t a fan of running, and want to stick strictly to weight training to meet your goals you can do that also. Just train one muscle group in the morning, and an alternating muscle group at night.

Breaking up your workout in to two sessions will allow you to recover more quickly as well and will give you more energy throughout your day.

Not Sure What Plan to Go With? Get a Personal Trainer

The best time to get some professional help when it comes to your fitness is during the summer time crunch. You have limited time to begin with, so why not use the resources available to you and hire a trainer who can help you tailor your program to your specific goals?

preview-full-shutterstock_529107388Hiring a coach is also beneficial because more often than not you will learn a new exercise or technique. Even if you are a gym rat chances are that you don’t know every exercise in existence and learning a new exercise is always a good thing.

Doing exercises that your body is unfamiliar with targets muscle fibers that you haven’t used prior in your training.

When it comes to your fitness goals for the summer, whether it be to put on more muscle, lose fat, or both; nutrition is extremely important.

If you don’t give your body the right fuel, you simply aren’t going to see the results you want no matter how much effort you put in to it.

The best way to get all the nutrients we need to gain muscle and burn fat is through our diets, but getting enough of what we need to meet these goals in the given time is difficult if not impossible to do so.

Taking a supplement like Xtreme Testosterone by Men’s Healthy Lifestyle can help you to put on more muscle to meet your goal before summer hits. If fat loss is your primary goal, the best product to go with would be Lipogenix Elite.

Taking a supplement will accelerate the rate at which you meet your fitness goals, whatever they may be.