The Biggest Mistakes People Make While Bulking-The Foods You Should Be Avoiding


Bulking season is a time that most of us look forward to-we can finally eat a decent amount of calories and don’t have to worry about keeping track of the volume of food we eat like we would during the cutting phase.

Many of us start our bulking phase when the seasons start to change, right about this time of year as we transition from summer in to fall. You can’t show off your guns or your abs through a sweatshirt, so what better time is there to bulk than in the winter?

Before you begin the journey again this year, it is a good idea to get a little refresher as to what foods you should be eating to get bulky, and which ones you should be avoiding.

Remember you want to be bulking up by putting on as much muscle as you can, but you want to do so while avoiding adding loads of fat in the process. Here are the biggest mistakes people make while bulking, and how you can go about bulking the right way:

1-Eat Whatever You Want

This is arguably the biggest mistake people make, and one that can really set you back if you go too overboard. The first thing we need to realize here is that not all calories are the same, although many people want to argue otherwise.

The body uses different material to make different things within it, a relatively simple concept that all of us can understand. This means that if you are eating foods high in fat and carbs which many of us tend to do during bulking season-it is going to lead to fat accumulation and not muscle.

Remember-to gain more muscle you need calories from protein to do so-as it contains the amino acids we require. Eating excess carbs and fat won’t help us pack on more muscle, so make sure to not go too crazy when it comes to eating whatever you want.


Another very common mistake many of us make during our bulking phase comes during our training. We think that because we are eating more calories we can spend more time in the gym, and work ourselves harder. This is a bad philosophy, one that can end up getting you hurt.

Overtraining is bad, period. During any other phase of your fitness journey would you take the risk of pushing yourself too hard when you know you are completely spent? Probably not because you want to avoid hurting yourself.

The same premise holds true here in that you don’t want to over train, even though you are eating more calories. What is the point of trying to bulk up anyway by eating more if you are just going to try and burn them all off by extending the length of your routine?

3-Bulking for Way Too Long

A bulking period is just that-a temporary period of time where you are eating an excess of calories to add as much muscle mass as you can. The bulking period should last for only a few months, and this is done mainly for reasons regarding discipline.

Bulking up requires a lot of eating, and believe it or not it can get old after awhile. Bulking up for a long period of time gives us more opportunities to slip up and cheat by eating foods we really shouldn’t be eating.

This problem inevitably ends up turning in to a similar situation as what would happen when you just eat whatever you want during your bulking period. You will definitely end up with more muscle mass this way, but along with plenty of fat as well. Bulking this way just makes things harder for yourself in the long run as far as lowering your body fat is concerned.

4-Have a Plan Beforehand

Like any other important decision you make in life, it is important to plan out your bulking period ahead of time. You should know how long you are going to be doing so before you jump in and start. This extends all the way down to the foods you eat, as you should be preparing in this manner also.

Doing so beforehand gives you a crystal clear idea of how you are going to approach the situation, without you having to worry about it when you are already in the weeds. Defining your goals will make it easier for you to get there, and will greatly help you on your bulking journey.