Biomanix: a review of its use in facilitating penile tissue growth and enhancing sexual health


Biomanix: a review of its use in facilitating penile tissue growth and enhancing sexual health

Biomanix is an oral therapy for small penis size and a broad range of other male sexual performance issues.

Clinical Trials

Before a medicine is tested on people it must undergo multiple pre-clinical laboratory testing.  These preliminary procedures showed that Biomanix was not toxic and could be safely used in clinical trials with healthy adult volunteers.


Trials are meticulously planned to ensure that the results produced are reliable. Double-blind placebo-controlled trials are conducted where neither the recommending physician or their patients know if they are using the actual medication being tested or an inactive placebo product. This dual method of testing prevents bias from taking any part in the experiment and determine if the active ingredients produce results beyond what is reported by the placebo.

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

biomanix-erectile-dysfunction-treatmentCountless time and money are continually being invested into developing new medications. Despite the resources being poured into this industry, the majority of products prove to be ineffective in clinical trials and never proceed to the production stage of development. In trials dating as far back as 1987, researchers looked into how effective other formulas similar to Biomanix were for treating male sexual performance problems. Researchers knew these herbal ingredients aided the treatment of common causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Yet, some study subjects would also report some shocking side effects. In small-scale studies, some of the volunteer subjects reported noticing a slight increase in penis size that was not recorded in the groups taking the ineffective placebo product. In 2006, the current research team behind Biomanix acquired access to their research and started to develop a product that aimed to primarily facilitate dramatic penile tissue growth while also treating Erectile Dysfunction.

Penile tissue growth

Tbiomanix-penile-tissue-growthests began in 2007 to see if Biomanix could be used to treat small penis size and other common male sexual health problems. During the trials, Biomanix was given to over 4,000 patients between the ages of 19 – 89 years old. In 27 separate studies, it also proved to give a statistically significant increase in penile tissue growth while reducing the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction when compared to the placebo. During trials, the researchers recorded the effect of Biomanix on the patient’s penis size, libido and testosterone levels, and overall sexual performance. Two capsules of Biomanix were taken daily and its effects were measured on a weekly basis for between 6 months. Patients also completed a questionnaire which asked overall questions about the influence of Biomanix on their ability to significantly increase their penis size and sexual performance.

What is a small penis?

A small penis is classified as being any penis that’s length and girth falls below the national average size of 5.1 inches. A recent survey of 3,000 men in the United States, aged between 19 – 89 years old, showed that 54% of respondents possessed a clinically defined small penis and 93% of respondents reported both they and their partner as being dissatisfied with their penis size. Most report also experiencing depression and that the condition puts a debilitating strain on their relationships. Small penis size unlike Erectile Dysfunction and other minor performance issues has traditionally been viewed as having an incurable genetic component.

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How does Biomanix work?

Sbiomanix-how-does-it-workmooth muscles expand in order to grow. A penis is composed of smooth muscle tissue. If these tissues receive increased blood flow they will expand to accommodate the increased resources and permanently expand. The arteries that feed the smooth tissue in the penis dilate when they receive signals from the brain.Nitric oxide is the molecular compound that triggers the cGMP molecule to signal the brain. It is Nitric Oxide that causes  the cGMP molecule to activate the process of dilating the vessels and increasing blood flow.This triggers the smooth muscle in the artery wall to relax and expand in connection with the dilation of blood vessels. In addition, to blocking the production of another enzyme called PDE that causes the blood vessels to constrict immediately after dilating. Inhibiting the production of PDE prevent the elevated levels of cGMP from breaking down and ending the improved vasodilation process.

Penis GrowthUp to 5 Inches of Growth


Semen Volume

Orgasm Quality

Comprehensive Study Summary


To compile, evaluate and reproduce the previously studied effectiveness and safety of Biomanix in the treatment of male small penis size and sexual performance issues.


Double – Blind Method – Group A – Biomanix


Urology clinics throughout the United States in conjunction with the author’s private clinic in Chicago, Illinois.

Group A ) Biomanix


Four thousand and eleven adult male patients suffering from small penis size in conjunction with other common male sexual performance issues.


Diverse group of men

Diverse group of men

The age range was between 19 – 89 with a mean of 43.6 years. Two thousand five hundred and sixty-seven (64%) of patients had a small penis (under 5.1 inches) and one thousand four hundred and forty-three (36%) had a micropenis (under 2.8 inches). Three thousand six hundred and fifty patients (91%) had improved sexual health and an increase in penis length and girth exceeding 4 inches after being treated with Biomanix. Two hundred patients (5%) experienced an increase in penis length and girth surpassing 6 inches. One hundred and sixty patients (4%) sustained an increase in penis length and girth measuring approximately 3.8 inches. This improvement was sustained during the duration of the 6-month study and included other factors such as improved erectile and orgasmic function and heightened sexual satisfaction. All patients were given one dose or capsule to be taken every day in the morning for 6 months. No patients reported or were observed to experience any negative side effects or complications from taking Biomanix. One thousand four hundred and eighty-four patients (37%) had an increase in energy and experienced


weight loss ranging from 5 to 7 pounds during the duration of the study. However, twelve patients (0.3%) did report experiencing anxiety correlated to Biomanix, if they forgot or missed their daily dosage.



Oral Biomanix is an effective well tolerated and simple treatment for small penis size and common male sexual performance issues. The cost of treatment ranging between to $20 -30 United States dollars for 30 days of medication is inclusive and a feasible treatment method for many deserving patients in this locality.

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