What Can You Do With Some 200 Calorie Foods?


With all of the food in this world, it may be difficult to determine what is the best for you. Well, there are some low-calorie foods that are definitely good for you. When you are making your shopping list or getting ready to go shopping, there are some 200 calorie foods that you should make sure to stock up on. Some of them you may need only get enough for a week and then go back for more but there are others you can load up on. If you are ready to get some very low-calorie foods to help you have better health, lose weight or eat more nutritiously, this is the list of foods you need.


preview-full-popcorn-pop-110708-02At the top of the 200-calorie food list, you should have popcorn. This makes for an excellent snack at any time of the day. Now, you do have to pay attention to the type of popcorn you are buying. However, on average about ¼ of a cup of kernels uncooked will equal 200 calories.

 Peanut Butter

Another excellent 200-calorie food is peanut butter. You can make peanut butter treats, sandwiches or even use peanut butter in certain other meals as well. If you are going to meet the 200-calorie mark for peanut butter, you should only have 2 tablespoons.


preview-full-Apples-in-your-dietWhen eating an apple, it is best to take the core out and slice it up. Not only will this help you to measure the apple better but it will allow you to stick to that 200-calorie mark. To get 200 calories from an apple, you should have 3 ½ cups of apples that are sliced.


You may already love bagels but maybe not the kind that you should love. All of them are fairly decent for you but if you want to only get 200 calories, the bagel you eat should be plain. Also, you should know that about 1/3 of a large bagel is 200 calories. If you eat the whole bagel, you are going to be a bit over that.


Raw spinach is great for your health in many ways. It is nutritious, helps with weight loss, improves your digestive system and much more. If you want a healthy and nutritious snack, raw spinach is the way to go. The good news for spinach is that 20 cups of spinach will be 200 calories. That is a lot so you don’t have to worry about hitting that mark too soon.


Do you love baked potatoes? Well, that is great if you do, especially if you are trying to find foods that will meet that 200-calorie mark. If you have 1 ¾ of medium baked potatoes and leave the skin on that will equal 200 calories. You just have to make sure you don’t add on more things like butter, salt or dressings.


If you are also a fan of spaghetti, you are going to love the fact that 1 cup of spaghetti is only 200 calories. This would be a great lunch for you. You could also add homemade tomato sauce or a healthy dressing onto the spaghetti noodles as well.


Another one of the amazing snacks that will be only 200 calories is nuts. The majority of nuts for 200 calories will average around 45 to 50 nuts. These are a great snack, they will boost your metabolism and they will fill you up until it is time for a meal.


Today, last but not least, for your 200-calorie foods is going to be peas. You will need around 2 cups of peas and add about 10 to 15 more peas to that to reach 200 calories. You can eat these alone or add them into a meal.

There are many recipes and snacks that you can make with these 200-calorie foods. These are all nutritious and healthy for you. If you don’t already have some great ideas stirring up in your mind about how you will eat these foods more often, look online for some great recipes that use these ingredients. You and your health are going to be thankful that you found this list and started eating more of these foods.