Can Active Charcoal Benefit Your Health? How Safe Is It to Use?

Like many other new health fads, it seems that activated charcoal is popping up all over the place. From facial scrubs, to toothpaste, to food additives, is it safe and effective? What exactly is it?

You may have heard about how charcoal, the stuff you sued to and still may use for your outdoor barbeques may be cancer causing. There is some truth to that, however luckily activated charcoal is completely different than the stuff you pickup at the hardware store.

The way this stuff works is that the way in which this activated charcoal is treated makes harmful toxins bind to it through attraction. It is so effective in doing so that many emergency rooms and medical professionals use it in cases of alcohol poisoning and other forms of toxication.

What Are the Best Uses for Activated Charcoal?

Teeth Whitener

One of the best uses for activated charcoal is as a teeth whitener. If you are one of the many people who spends money each week buying either whitening strips or some other whitening product, you should try activated charcoal which is a less costly and more effective option.

Activated charcoal is effective in removing the all too common coffee stained teeth, and also helps to prevent cavities by maintaining a proper pH in the mouth itself. Bacterial growth which is the root of cavities, gum disease and other oral problems are related to pH which activated charcoal will regulate.

When using activated charcoal as a teeth whitener, it is important to know that it can stain your clothing and furniture, so make sure you are doing so carefully. Activated charcoal is best used just like you would toothpaste, by applying it to a toothbrush and brushing accordingly.

Can Treat Alcohol Poisoning

As mentioned prior, activated charcoal is extremely effective in treating alcohol poisoning because of its ability to remove certain toxins from the system. Activated charcoal is not just effective after the fact, but can help if taken beforehand too, as it has shown to reduce the blood alcohol concentration after consumption.

Treats and Prevents Various Problems Related to the Skin

Activated charcoal is great in treating many problems involving the largest organ on our bodies, otherwise known as the skin. Because the skin is so huge and covers so much area, it is susceptible to a whole host of damage, both physical and chemical.

Whether it be a bee sting, a bug bite, skin rash, protection from the sun and even a deodorant, activated charcoal has you covered. Activated charcoal will help to reduce the inflammation as a result of these issues, and can help to prevent further infection as a result of these injuries as well.

To apply activated charcoal to the skin, it is best combined with some kind of oil or aloe vera to make a paste which can then be used on the skin.

Can Be Used to Improve Digestive Health

The health of our digestive system is a good indicator of our overall health, and when it is disrupted usually it comes along with some negative symptoms. The foods themselves along with potential toxins they carry can wreck havoc on our digestive tract.

Activated charcoal can help to remove these toxins from our system, and may help to improve our overall health as a result.

A digestive cleanse using activated charcoal can be used to help flush the body of these toxins from the digestive tract, essentially hitting the reset button. Not only does it get rid of the bad toxins but the harmful bacteria which were inhabiting the gut, and the most likely causes of bloating, gas, diarrhea and other digestive problems.

Protects Cells and Prevents Their Early Aging

Many things affect the rate at which we age, many of which are toxins found within our environment which we encounter and accumulate through various means. These toxins do damage to our cells along with the organs in our body which help to remove these harmful aged cells from the body, compounding the issue.

Eliminating our exposure to all of these toxins is an effort in futility, however we can take steps like consuming activated charcoal to help reduce these toxins from the body and minimizing their effects.

For this type of treatment you are going to want to take activated charcoal in a capsulated form, which should be done at least once daily. This will help you maintain your health more effectively.