Cardio Workouts for Shedding Calories


Cardio exercises are often difficult and time consuming, but also necessary for burning calories and getting your blood flowing to all your organs. It may be hard to find an aerobic workout that you actually enjoy. Luckily, there are many different types of cardio workouts to choose from. Here are some of the most effective cardio exercises for burning as many calories as possible.


Running has a reputation for being a good way to burn tons of calories. If you run about one tenth of a mile per minute, you will burn ten calories per minutes. This pace is close the average pace of a male marathon runner, which may seem fast if you do not think you are in shape for a marathon. However, you must keep in mind that it is not actually super-fast unless you maintain it for 26 miles. In fact, most men can run much faster than this pace when doing shorter distances. If you think you can run faster, then you will start to burn even more calories.


Burpees are like a mixture of pushups and jumping jacks. The jumping jack part will get your heart pumping, while the push up part will also work to strengthen your arm muscles. One burpee will help you burn a little over one calorie. By aiming for about ten burpees every 60 seconds, you can burn almost fifteen calories per minute. Studies show that 10 burpees per minute can give your metabolism the same boost of a thirty seconds high intensity bike sprint.

Jump Squats

Jump squats are usually considered a dreaded exercise at the gym, but if you can manage a few of them, it may actually be worth it. According to one study, people who did eight rounds of jump squats burned over thirteen calories in one minute, which is definitely relatively high. However, the real benefit of jump squats is that your metabolic rate after your workout continues to soar. In fact, one study revealed that your post-exercise metabolic rate will be twice what it usually is for close to half an hour.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the more enjoyable cardio workouts out there because it can be fun to try out new skills and see how long you can go without messing up. Fortunately, you can burn about thirteen calories in just one minute if you manage a little over 100 skips per minute. You can also improve your balance, coordination, rhythm, and footwork. If you challenge yourself by trying out some new jump rope skills, you will likely end up using more muscles groups than you use when going for a run.

Agility Ladder

The agility ladder takes speed, balance, and coordination, which is why it is often popular among many athletes. Of course, you will burn plenty of calories doing it as well. Additionally, studies show that the agility ladder is very good for your brain. All cardio workouts are probably going to benefit your brain a little bit because exercising your heart increases the flow of oxygen rich blood to your brain. However, the agility ladder seems to be especially beneficial to the brain because going through drills on an agility ladder is not a mindless activity. You will need memory and concentration in order to go through the footwork routines. As a result, you can boost both your heart muscles and your cognitive ability.

Kettlebell Swing

This exercise requires you to move in ways that your body is not used to. You are not particularly efficient with this type of movement and, as a result, it works many of the muscles in your body, including your legs, arms, and heart. In one study, people burned over 20 calories each minute from this type of exercise and their heart reached 93% of its maximum potential after about 20 minutes.

Indoor Rowing

Studies show that after rowing hard for about thirty minutes, you can burn hundreds of calories. A 185 pound man will burn over 12 calories each minutes. You also engage the muscles all over your body, which is why it is also good for strength training.

Stationary Bike Sprints

Biking is becoming a popular way to get easy exercise in for people who only have time to exercise on their way to work. However, if you are a fan of biking and you have extra time on your hands, you may want consider trying out stationary bikes. Evidence suggests that you can get rid of over eighty calories in just one minute of using a good stationary bike. In order to reap the full benefits of a stationary bike, make sure your bike has pedals that increase in resistance if you pedal harder and faster.

Cross-Country Skiing

For all the skiers out there, you may think of skiing as a fun activity, but skiing is also a good way to exercise. Cross-country skiing is a good way to burn many calories, workout your heart muscles, and still enjoy yourself. Cross-country can actually be a better workout than running because, on average, you burn over twelve calories per minute. However, if you were to run at the same pace, then you would probably burn fewer than twelve calories per minute. Skiing has the added benefit of engaging both your upper and lower body strength. You need to push with your lower body, while pulling with your upper body.


Cardio workouts are usually going to require a lot of hard work and motivation. Finding a way to enjoy aerobic workouts is not always going to be easy, but it is still important to pick an exercise that will not convince you to eventually give up because you hate it so much or because it makes your joints sore. Cardio workouts can often help you burn many calories and some will even help you with a little bit of strength training. Additionally, by exercising your heart muscles, you can stay fit and healthy by preventing all sorts of lifestyle diseases.