5 Professional Tips to Grow Huge Legs-How to Best Improve Your Technique

When it comes to exercising our legs, many people tend to have more difficulty in this area than other muscle groups. Our legs should be the strongest muscle groups in our body, however many of us fail miserably when it comes to properly training them at the gym.

Not only do many of us use improper form and fail to perform the exercise properly, but many of us aren’t just wasting time doing the wrong exercises as well. Your are the biggest mistakes people make one train their legs, and the proper way in which they should do so.

Biggest Mistakes Made in Leg Training

1. Focusing on Machines

First thing you want to do when it comes to any type of muscle group and exercise is to first gain functional strength. This is one major reason why you should avoid revolving your leg work out around extension machines, in fact it is advisable to avoid them altogether.

This because machines like the leg extension machine cannot serve any functional purpose in life and in addition can put unnecessary strain on the ligaments and tendons which comprise the knee joint.

You should work on functional strength first and foremost a specially if you’re someone is new to the gym, because if you don’t develop dysfunctional strength first and foremost it’s going to negatively affect your performance down the line.

If you are someone who is new to the gym you should focus on using free weights first and foremost and tried to avoid machines as much as possible. This is because machines are designed to support the weight for you, which doesn’t do any of our supporting muscle groups any good.

2. Avoiding the Difficult Exercises

Another huge problem that many of us fall victim to is that’s we avoid the most difficult exercises and opt to for ones that are a little less strenuous. This makes sense as the goal for many of us is to gain as much muscle mass and strength while exerting the least amount of effort necessary.

This is especially true again for people who are new to the gym. Instead of say heading over to the squat rack and picking up a straight bar, slapping in all of your back, and getting down and dirty; many people opt to go to the squat machine instead.

While using the machine isn’t going to be a detriment as far as your gains are concerned in the main muscle groups you’re targeting here, UR it’s going to be developing a stabilizing muscles as you would buy doing this exercise in the traditional manner.

The best time to implement most difficult exercises in your routine is when you first start. Get into a habit of revolving your workouts around squats, Deadlifts, bench press, pull ups, and pushups. These five exercises are arguably the best ones you can do for all around functional strength and to gain muscle mass.

3. Add Variety to Your Routine

For those of us were more experienced at the gym, adding more mass to our legs can be more difficult. After you put on those newbie gains, any additional muscle mass gained after words can seem like a strenuous process.

Many people fall into our routine of doing the same exercises, in the same sequence, and at the same weight yet they expect consistent results. Doing this after wiles going to allow the body to adapt to your routine, which means that your body is going to be able to perform the exercise with more efficiency however that means that you’re going to see less and gains as a result.

This is a common problem for many people who regularly go to the gym, as this type of routine easily get stagnated. In order to boost the results are seeing in your leg workouts, you should employ a different strategy..

Something to consider here would be to first and foremost adjust the amount of repetitions you’re doing during your leg exercise. Due to the fact that the legs are the strongest muscle groups in the body, they can lift the most weight and many of us revolve our leg exercises around lifting a huge amount of weight.

Another effective strategy to help you put on more muscle mass is to decrease the amount of weight you’re lifting at the same time increase the repetitions. We do this because we have to remember that there are different types of muscle fibers which reside in any type of skeletal muscle tissue, and different muscle fibers are going to respond differently to different types of exercise.

The Best Shoulder Exercises To Maximize Muscle Growth

When you are starting any routine with the goal of putting on as much mass as possible, combination exercises are usually the best bet. When you perform a combination exercise, you are using more than one joint, hence its name. This allows you to lift more weight and progress at a faster rate.

To get the most benefit out of your exercise, you want to do little repetitions with a lot of weight.
Switching up your routine and do something that your body isn’t used to will ensure that you see the best results.

Best Exercise to Build Shoulders-Seated Shoulder Press

Building mass in the shoulder is best done with the traditional shoulder press exercise. This exercise can be preformed either sitting or standing, however if you are just starting it is recommended that you begin in a seated position for extra support.

This exercise can also be done with either dumbbells or a straight bar, dumbbells are recommended here because you will have a greater range. You will be able to expand your arms further upward and bring your hands closer together. Using a dumbbells also helps to develop stabilizing muscles that wouldn’t get that work from using a straight bar.

To do this exercise, sit down in a chair with good back support so that your back and legs meet at a 90 degree angle. You want to then take your dumbbells, bring them to chest level with your palms facing outward, hands positioned slightly outside the shoulders. This is your starting position.

Take the weight, and press it using your shoulders bringing the weights above your head(they should almost be touching). Hold the weight at this position for 1-2 seconds.

Bring the weights back down to the starting position to complete one rep. Do these reps as slowly as you can to get the most benefit out of the exercise.

Using a mirror here as a guide can be helpful in maintaining correct posture.

Shoulder Press With an Extra Twist

If you are an experienced athlete the shoulder press may seem like the same old boring exercise to you. If you want to switch things up, there is another more challenging variation that you can do which was developed by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

Instead of starting with your palms just outside of your shoulders with them facing outward, start with the weights at your chest with your palms facing inward. Take the weight, and twist it to the outside as you go up, and then perform the press as normal.

This will give a little variation to your workout using your shoulders and arms as well.

Use More Weight and Less Reps for More Mass

Since we are doing the seated shoulder press to gain mass in this case, we want to use heavy weights and lower our repetitions as a result. The goal here is to lift enough weight to where we almost can’t finish our set but not too much.
Ideally you want to do at least 3-4 sets for 6-8 repetitions each. If you feel that this exercise is too easy, add more weight. Remember we are doing this to gain mass so doing more repetitions isn’t as beneficial.

You should be getting exhausted to the point where you have to decrease the weight as you progress through your sets.

Straight Arm Side Raises For Huge Shoulders

When it comes to shoulders everyone automatically thinks of shoulder press and military press, the number one exercise that everyone sees performed routinely at their gym. Afterwards they usually go to bent arm side raises because that exercise is also performed sitting down in a similar position.

If you are an athlete who wants to avoid ruining their throwing arm or just someone who doesn’t want to potentially develop tennis elbow, straight arm side raises are the best bet.

These are done in a standing position, with a pair of dumbbells which are held at the side at arm’s length, with palms facing forward. Slowly raise the weight upwards to a position where your arms become parallel with the floor, and then slowly descend back to the starting position to complete one repetition.

Make sure to keep your back straight and that your movement is in one plane(do not move your arm backwards or forwards when going up and down, keep it straight). You shoulder should be the only joint working here, do not flex your arm at the elbow.

Are Group Workouts More Effective Than Hitting the Gym? Which Are the Best Ones to Do?

If you’re someone who has been exercising for a while, you already know what exercises you prefer, and which ones are going to give you the best results. While establishing a routine, and sticking to it is one of the most important things to do when you first start exercising, it can also hinder you down the line.

Doing the same types of exercises at the same frequency, and with relatively the same weight is going to stunt your progression, if not halt it altogether.

Once we get to this point where we hit a plateau getting the desire to get back in the gym can be difficult. For this reason it can be a great idea to join a fitness class or two to switch things up and get motivated.

Studies have shown that incorporating variation into our workouts is a very effective way to confuse our muscles so to speak, which can really aid us in our progression. Here are some of the most fun group classes which you can look into to vary up your routine.

Pool Bootcamp/Swimming

One of the most underutilized types of exercises involve swimming or some type of aquatic fitness. Exercising in a pool comes with multiple benefits, and is definitely something that you should at least try to incorporate into your routine.

This is because one of the best aspects to swimming is that it requires the recruitment of many different muscle groups just to perform your average stroke. Propelling in the body through the water requires muscles in the legs, in the back, core muscles, the arms, shoulders, the chest and virtually the whole body.

Along with getting a full body workout, swimming has the added benefit of being very easy on the joints. This because of the natural properties of water and how buoyancy helps to a eliminate much of the force exerted on our joints through exercise.

Swimming helps to reduce long-term damage on our joints as opposed to other very common and beneficial forms of exercise such as running jogging or even walking.


Boxing is another great activity that you can use to a really give yourself an intense workout. Due to all of the recent studies conducted in regards to brain damage and hits to the head, many people understandably have avoided partaking in the sport.

Without being said many of these types of classes which are offered at gyms revolve more so around the cardiovascular elements of the sport more so than learning how to connect with a punch. This means that you shouldn’t be concerned at all about taking a punch to the face or getting hit during this type of exercise as if that was the case these classes wouldn’t be so popular.

We tend to forget that boxing is more than just an arm work out throwing our hands, but also requires a lot of core strength and labor intensive footwork, which can provide us with a full body workout.

Indoor Rowing

One of the saddest aspects to any gym is that people don’t utilize rowing machines, if they exist at the gym at all. This and because many people are under the false impression that the rowing machine is only beneficial for the arms, when in fact it can provide one of the best full body workouts out there.

Not only does it work the entire body but due to the nature of the movements to and little impact of the exercise itself, is also a great exercise to do if you’re looking to reduce the amount of strain and damage done to your joints as a result.

If you can’t find an indoor rowing class you should definitely look to join a gym at least has a few of these machines lying around. Chances are they’ll be housed in the back corner somewhere, as again this machine definitely isn’t a favorite among many people.


Last and certainly not least we have cycling classes, which tend to be looked down upon by many people. This is especially the case for weightlifters another self proclaimed serious gym rats as cycling is perceived as a joke of an exercise.

The thing is if you’re someone who actually take cycling classes or rides a bike regularly, you know that the opposite is in fact true. Like the other exercises mention here cycling is a good way to get an almost full body exercise.
While many people believe that cycling only works the legs due to all the constant moving throughout the exercise it also works the core, arms and even back to an extent as well. This definitely makes it an exercise worth trying in something that you should look to add to your routine from time to time.

Reviewing Pro7ein Synthesis

About the Product

Pro7ein Synthesis is a muscle-building supplement that promises to increase you energy levels, stamina, and lean muscle mass to achieve the physique you’ve always wanted. This product is manufactured by VitaSport and is available for purchase at Nutrishops. For many people, protein is the same. As long as one protein supplement is cheap and tolerable to the taste, it should be fine. But this isn’t the case. There are forms of proteins that take a hard time to digest and there are also protein powders that don’t actually have adequate amount of protein in them. Hence, choosing for the right brand is still crucial because in the world of protein supplements, there are still the high-quality products and the low-quality ones. One container of Pro7ein Synthesis has 57 servings.


It is improved with Aminogen.
It claims to boost lean muscle mass.
It claims to reduce body fat.
The supplement uses a sustained release method.

Ingredient Profile

This particular supplement selects to use 7 multiple kinds of protein, which the company behind Pro7ein Synthesis claims to be the most effectual in terms of muscle recovery and growth. It has the following components:
Cross-Flow Microfiltered, Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Hydrolyzed Casein, Potassium Caseinate, Micellar Casein, and Egg Albumin.

Based on the information on the official page, this is the ideal mixture of proteins sans filler proteins. This supplement also contains BCAAs and all the essential amino acids needed for muscle recuperation and for avoiding disintegration. There’s also the inclusion of Colstrum for its insulin-like growth capacity. Finally, there’s also the inclusion of Aminogen. This is basically a digestive enzyme that’s been clinically tested to boost your BCAAl level by over 250 percent and increase your nitrogen retention levels to rouse fusion of proteins and muscle development.

Product Mechanism

The mixture of Whey with Casein may possibly be the reason why Pro7ein Synthesis is deemed effectual. The Whey functions swiftly, while the Casein takes more time. This way, you’re able to obtain both instant and prolonged outcome.

One serving size is one scoop of Pro7ein Synthesis. The 5-pound container also has 57 servings. Basing on the customer feedbacks, users appreciate the flavor and the mixability of the supplement. However, the Casein is a bit harder to totally soften. Pro7ein Synthesis’ flavors are Vanilla and Chocolate. While the flavors are just standard ones, there aren’t any grievances about their taste, either.

Product Features

Its effectiveness is guaranteed by the quick-acting and sustained synthesis of the supplement.
The flavors taste great and the mixability is also decent.
It has Aminogen, which makes it more efficient.
The customer feedbacks we saw of the supplement were mostly good.
The cost of the product is comparable with similar supplements.

However, Pro7ein Synthesis is only accessible at Nutrishops.

Place to Purchase

As mentioned, you can only get your supply of Pro7ein Synthesis from your local Nutrishop. The 5-pound container has a price of $60, usually. This means you’re spending about $1 for every serving of Pro7ein Synthesis. That’s more expensive than buying whey protein in bulk.

Final Verdict

As a protein supplementation, Pro7ein Synthesis seems to be one of the decent ones. While it has the potential to generate notable effects in terms of your physical transformation and improved strength, the problem is that it’s not widely available yet. It’s only available at Nutrishops and while there are many of them in California, they’re not yet available in several other states.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make While Bulking-The Foods You Should Be Avoiding


Bulking season is a time that most of us look forward to-we can finally eat a decent amount of calories and don’t have to worry about keeping track of the volume of food we eat like we would during the cutting phase.

Many of us start our bulking phase when the seasons start to change, right about this time of year as we transition from summer in to fall. You can’t show off your guns or your abs through a sweatshirt, so what better time is there to bulk than in the winter?

Before you begin the journey again this year, it is a good idea to get a little refresher as to what foods you should be eating to get bulky, and which ones you should be avoiding.

Remember you want to be bulking up by putting on as much muscle as you can, but you want to do so while avoiding adding loads of fat in the process. Here are the biggest mistakes people make while bulking, and how you can go about bulking the right way:

1-Eat Whatever You Want

This is arguably the biggest mistake people make, and one that can really set you back if you go too overboard. The first thing we need to realize here is that not all calories are the same, although many people want to argue otherwise.

The body uses different material to make different things within it, a relatively simple concept that all of us can understand. This means that if you are eating foods high in fat and carbs which many of us tend to do during bulking season-it is going to lead to fat accumulation and not muscle.

Remember-to gain more muscle you need calories from protein to do so-as it contains the amino acids we require. Eating excess carbs and fat won’t help us pack on more muscle, so make sure to not go too crazy when it comes to eating whatever you want.


Another very common mistake many of us make during our bulking phase comes during our training. We think that because we are eating more calories we can spend more time in the gym, and work ourselves harder. This is a bad philosophy, one that can end up getting you hurt.

Overtraining is bad, period. During any other phase of your fitness journey would you take the risk of pushing yourself too hard when you know you are completely spent? Probably not because you want to avoid hurting yourself.

The same premise holds true here in that you don’t want to over train, even though you are eating more calories. What is the point of trying to bulk up anyway by eating more if you are just going to try and burn them all off by extending the length of your routine?

3-Bulking for Way Too Long

A bulking period is just that-a temporary period of time where you are eating an excess of calories to add as much muscle mass as you can. The bulking period should last for only a few months, and this is done mainly for reasons regarding discipline.

Bulking up requires a lot of eating, and believe it or not it can get old after awhile. Bulking up for a long period of time gives us more opportunities to slip up and cheat by eating foods we really shouldn’t be eating.

This problem inevitably ends up turning in to a similar situation as what would happen when you just eat whatever you want during your bulking period. You will definitely end up with more muscle mass this way, but along with plenty of fat as well. Bulking this way just makes things harder for yourself in the long run as far as lowering your body fat is concerned.

4-Have a Plan Beforehand

Like any other important decision you make in life, it is important to plan out your bulking period ahead of time. You should know how long you are going to be doing so before you jump in and start. This extends all the way down to the foods you eat, as you should be preparing in this manner also.

Doing so beforehand gives you a crystal clear idea of how you are going to approach the situation, without you having to worry about it when you are already in the weeds. Defining your goals will make it easier for you to get there, and will greatly help you on your bulking journey.

Is MusclePharm Gainz the Real Deal?

About the Product

Gainz is a muscle-building supplement from the company MusclePharm. It belongs to its HardCore product series. Gainz, which is a post-fitness solution, is one of the three products that belong to this new product line.

This particular supplement is claimed to be developed using the greatest components in the industry. It’s touted as the greatest because there aren’t any unnecessary or harmful substances involved. The ingredients in Gainz are contained in an exclusive blend. While these kinds of blends are typically unappreciated, this doesn’t mean that the components in Gainz don’t have any potential.

To know whether Gainz is a value for money or not, let’s get to know this supplement further by dissecting its ingredients and other important factors.

The Ingredient Profile

Checking the formulation of the product, we learn that its components are just the standard ones typically used in post-exercise products. We didn’t see any innovative components that can change the way we see at fitness, just the basic ones. Here they are:

BCAA 4:1:1 (6 grams): Branched-chain amino acids are researched for their capacity to improve workout recuperation. Leucine, in particular, has been demonstrated to increase protein fusion that can facilitate further muscle development.

The BCAAs contained in Gainz seem to be sufficient for the purpose of slowing down symptoms of muscle pains, so that users are able to recuperate faster after training.

L-Glutamine (3 grams): This amino acid is frequently promoted as a muscle-growth component. Studies demonstrate that it’s been substantiated to increase protein fusion. We don’t know how much L-Glutamine is precisely needed for maximized results.

CarnoSy Beta-Alanine (2 grams): This component is utilized to boost physical functions. Health experts hint that the efficient amount for enhancement of performance goes from 3.2-6.4 grams each day. The quantity of this ingredient in Gainz is a bit lower compared with the scientifically proven amount. Given this, we’re unsure if this ingredient can bring significant contribution to Gainz’s overall formula.

Creatine Hydrochoride (2 grams): Creatine is one of the most recognized components in fitness and sports products. It’s also one of the widely researched ingredients. As such, creatine is claimed to generate notable results even in lower quantities. However, clinical information supporting this assertion is lacking.

BioPerine (5 mg): This component is essentially utilized for its possession of piperine. This is a substance used for boosting the bioavailability of the components. As of this writing, there’s no information on how much the dosage should be in order for this ingredient to work.

Proper Use of the Product

Gainz is intended to be consumed after your training. To do so, combine one scoop with 10-12 ounces of water. Drink after exercising. Talking about timing, it’s not crucial to take it instantly right after finishing your training. The thing that matters is consistency. This has to be consumed regularly every after workout.

Customers who have tried Gainz for some days reported improvement in terms of alleviating their muscle pains. Of course, if the pain were more intense due to a more vigorous training, it would still be noticed. But at least it could be lessened with Gainz.

In general, customers thought Gainz is a decent post-workout supplement. The Fruit Punch flavor is also appreciated by many and the results of muscle soreness alleviation were noticed by many users of the supplement.

Are there Side Effects?

There are no reports that Gainz can trigger serious side effects. As far as we’re aware, the ingredients in Gainz are generally harmless and should not generate any negative physical manifestations.

Gainz Accessibility and Cost

As of this writing, Gainz is still being exclusively offered by BodyBuilding.com. A bottle of this supplement delivers 30 servings and has a price of around $35. If you calculate, this means you’re paying about $1.16 for every serving. Based on the components present in Gainz’s formula, we can say that its cost resembles to that other similar products.

Bottom Line

Gainz is pretty good as a post-workout product despite having just the basic components. It would have been better if it contains something more revolutionary, to help it stand out from the rest. But right now, that’s all we can get. As for the cost, it’s quite reasonable. Overall, Gainz is worth considering. If you want something else that has a more distinctive formula, you can look for other options. But these are more likely to be costly, too. Considering there are some positive reviews testifying to the efficacy of the supplement from customers themselves; that should be enough especially if you’re tight on your budget.

Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Humovox

About the Product

Humovox is fitness supplement primary because it claims to facilitate production increase of HGH or Human Growth Hormone. When generation of HGH is boosted, it is easier for people to build muscles. The company behind the supplement states that Humovox is efficient as it is safe.

The good thing about Humovox is that you can try it and be the judge. If you find the product unsatisfactory, you have the option to return it and ask for a refund.

Moreover, Humovox’s manufacturer guarantees that this product is both harmless and effectual thanks to its super concentrated HGH formulation that makes Humovox even more effectual, as claimed by the company behind it.

In order to get to know more about Humovox, we’ll evaluate the components included in the supplement’s formla.

What are the Components?

Just like other similar products, Humovox includes a combination of elements that are said to deliver a couple of various health advantages.

Furthermore, Humovox contains a complete set of essential vitamins and minerals, which include Vitamin C, Chromax, and Boron. These all function to facilitate optimal health.

Apart from these vitamins and minerals, there’s also an exclusive blend present, which involves these components as listed below:

L-DOPA – It is straightforwardly connected to dopamine. This ingredient in Humovox essentially increases the body’s mechanism to produce greater levels of dopamine. The greater your dopamine levels are, the greater your HGH levels will be. The bottom line is that L-DOPA functions as the primary HGH facilitator, which also functions to stabilize brain capacities, too.

Glutamine Peptides – According to some researches, this component is able to increase the generation of HGH by up to 400 percent. Although the body naturally manufacturer Glutamine, it’s not sufficient to sustain great levels of HGH.

Given this, several HGH products have begun enlisting great quantities of Glutamine Peptides in their mixtures for the purpose of offsetting low levels of HGH that the body generates.

Resveratrol – This particular component is the ideal HGH-instigating product due to its anti-aging and performance-boosting characteristics. This ingredient also has great quantities of antioxidants to eliminate excess waste and toxins. It can also enhance one’s metabolism to help with weight loss. What’s more is that it’s able to increase testosterone levels to boost muscle development.

L-Arginine – This is basically is an amino acid that’s known to increase the generation of HGH. Aside from this, L-Arginine can also regulate Somatostatin, which is a hormone that can get rid of HGH. Somatostatin is also called GHIH, or Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone. The body tends to increase its release as HGH levels drops as a result of people ageing.

This is where L-Arginine comes into the picture. It can undo this natural course to maintain your good health.

Now, what to make of the entire formulation? For one, the ingredients are varied yet balanced. It has natural components and some chemically-manufactured elements as well. What matters the most is that the greater part of these components are well-known in the business for their potency. The question is – is Humovox harmless?

How Safe Is Humovox?

Most HGH supplements commonly receive decent rating in terms of its safety. This is because such products don’t really have synthetic HGH in their formulas. Humovox, just like the highly recognized brands out there right now, is developed to facilitate the production of HGH by rousing the pituitary gland since it is where HGH is mainly produced. It’s basically the central hub for HGH secretion. So, it is guaranteed that Humovox is harmless. Since Humovox also has natural components, it means that they’re also safe.

While there are components in Humovox that are synthetically generated, we believe that there shouldn’t be any serious adverse effects to take place from the use of some of its chemically-made ingredients. The manifestations could be just minor, should there be any side effects.

Humovox Satisfaction Guarantee

One feature this supplement has is its money-back guarantee. This means you can try Humovox risk-free because you have an option to return the item and get a refund, should you find the supplement’s performance unsatisfactory. This, of course, is convenient for all customers. It doesn’t give them pressure when it comes to trying the supplement first.

What’s the Bottom Line?

We see Humovox as a decent HGH-boosting supplement that can deliver muscle-building and weight loss benefits. Of course, Humovox can also improve the user’s general health. These are the claims made by the company behind the supplement, but these assertions are substantiated by the ingredients in the product that are clinically proven to work. Nevertheless, you can choose to try Humovox without any pressure because there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee provided.

What Are the Benefits of Cardio Exercise?

Workout may seem like a chore to you, but you also can’t deny the fact that people are becoming more conscious of how they spend their lives health-wise. Some do it to look better, some to feel stronger and happier, and some just want to stay healthier. Whatever your main reason is for working out, it’s good that you do.

However, with fitness programs consistently expanding, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Why can’t we just exercise plain and simple? What’s with the new fitness jargons everyone at the gym is talking about? Fitness nowadays is such a thing to many people that it’s never been this complicated.

However, most fitness programs you hear are just trends or fads, like pop culture. They don’t have any scientific information to back them up. Good thing there’s still the good old cardio. It may be all basics, but it doesn’t fail to deliver, and there’s science to prove it works.

Here are 6 reasons why you should incorporate some cardio exercise to your fitness regimen:

It is good for the brain

Studies have shown that performing cardio exercises can enhance brain functions, such as giving you better memory. It’s also been found that cardio helps inactive individuals to improve their physical fitness. The outcome hints that even your brief exercises can bring about long-term results.

It is good for the heart

Basically, your heart is a muscle and being so, it needs to be used and worked to sustain its health. Failure to do so, including your heart, makes the muscles eventually weaker. This increases your risks for getting sick. By now you should know that cardio workout is a great way to get your heart pumping at an accelerated rate to sustain its functions. In addition, cardio is effective in reducing your LDL cholesterol, which is the bad kind of cholesterol.

It boosts your metabolism

Aside from increasing your heart rate, cardio also heightens the rate of several other processes in the body; these numerous processes being metabolism itself. When you’re performing intense cardio exercises, you will notice the remarkable boost in your metabolic rate as well.

It address depression and exhaustion

Not only does cardio helps improve your physical health, it also positively impacts your mental health, too. Performing cardio workouts paves for the secretion of hormones that aid in alleviating signs of exhaustion and depression. What’s more is that doing cardio also secretes hormones that reduce your appetite.

It controls diabetes

When you undergo cardio exercises, you’re also boosting your muscles capacity to use glucose. When you work out on regular basis, you also sustain the stability of your blood sugar levels as well. This means that you avoid blood sugar swings that people who don’t work out experience. Plus, cardio is specifically ideal for people suffering from diabetes because they’re usually severely sensitive to changes in blood sugar levels.

It brings about physical gains, too

Cardio helps burn calories, which then helps you lose weight. It’s even ideal for toning muscles and developing your posture. As you regularly perform cardio, your energy and endurance are naturally improved, strengthening your overall physical functions.

When you integrate cardio with your fitness routine on a regular basis, both your physical and mental health will encounter notable improvements, alongside better sleeping patterns and overall efficiency in your daily tasks.

Is BADDASS Ignite Efficient?

About BADDASS Ignite

BADDASS Ignite is a fitness supplement that claims to provide amazing physical and health gains to those are devoted in their trainings. It is purported to have ingredients that are potent enough to cause testosterone production increase, as well as ingredients that can improve protein fusion. The said compounds are capable of boosting muscle growth, enabling you to achieve the physique you’ve always wanted.

With the integration of BADDASS Ignite to your resistance training, its manufacturer says you can expect boosted muscle gains in terms of mass and force. Furthermore, BADDASS Ignite’s company says that their supplement contains all the necessary ingredients that are ideal for those who perform strength training and weight lifting.

Generally though, most testosterone boosting products claim the same claims. Such supplements typically promise to generate significant benefits by accelerating one’s metabolism and augmenting the body’s mechanism for muscle restoration, which leads to the prominent decrease of fat. Each component in BADDASS Ignite is claimed to have undergone clinical studies, proving their efficacy.

How Does It Work?

The ingredients are what make any supplements function and do its purpose. As for BADDASS Ignite, it says it contains Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root, Velvet Deer Antler, and Tribulus Terrestris.

Let’s start with Horny Goat Weed, which is a common ingredient in many testosterone boosters. It is claimed to have been clinically substantiated with regards its potency to act as a vasodilator, meaning it’s able to improve your blood flow. With greater blood flow, you can expect your sexual functions and overall performance to improve a great deal like feeling an increase in your sexual endurance and sex drive, too.

Next is Maca Root, which has been used in ancient Peruvian culture for centuries now. It is widely believed to improve the native warriors’ physical condition and health during the ancient period, even up to now. It is also reported to maintain a healthy immunity and significantly boost endurance that helps you fulfill your tasks without the usual issue of fatigue.

Velvet Deer Antler, meanwhile, restores and heightens one’s sex drive, improves immunity, solidifies stamina, initiates muscle recuperation, and support the manufacturing of growth hormones.

Finally there’s Tribulus Terrestris, which is also known as Goat’s Head. It’s been utilized traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine for many centuries since it is widely believed to be potent in bringing testosterone levels up.

BADDASS Ignite Product Features

Fortunately, the ingredients present in BADDASS Ignite are supported by clinical studies, which are cited on its official site. Plus, there are also posts commending the potency and efficacy of BADDASS Ignite. It’s also helpful that the manufacturer behind this supplement is a well-known one. Lastly, the company also offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that lasts for 30 days. With this, you can always return the item and ask for a refund in the case that you find BADDASS Ignite’s performance in your body unsatisfactory.

On the other hand, finding customer reviews for BADDASS Ignite, we didn’t find a lot. Hence, it’s a bit of a challenge to read other people’s feedbacks to help you decide whether to proceed with the purchase or not. For some customers, it’s also an issue that BADDASS Ignite is not widely available among online retailers. So, finding this supplement can prove to be more laborious. BADDASS Ignite is also a bit expensive, so it’s not ideal for those customers who are budget-conscious. However, some attribute its high cost to it being efficient. Finally, it would be more helpful if BADDASS Ignite had more information available. The details we reviewed were quite limited.

BADDASS Ignite Cost

If you’re interested in trying this supplement, you can purchase it for $40. That’s for a bottle containing 60 capsules. Recommended dosage is twice a day, so one bottle can last for a month. Its original price was $70, but it was later decreased to $40, which is a huge price reduction. You can order BADDASS Ignite directly from its site only. As of this writing, it’s not available on other online retailers yet.

Final Recommendation

When it comes to selecting the right brain to help you gain an edge in your training for ultimate fitness, it’s important that you get to know a supplement well, from its ingredients, clinical evidence, to its manufacturer. As for BADDASS Ignite, the information available on this product is limited. You can’t also find it in third-party vendors. If you want to purchase it, you’d have to get it from its manufacturer. Good thing is that BADDASS Ignite still provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. The company seems to stand by its offer, so you can still try BADDASS Ignite and if it doesn’t work, you can always request for a refund.

Is Viatropin Effectual?

Viatropin Overview

Viatropin is basically a fitness supplement that helps increase muscle mass by improving your energy, endurance, your body’s mechanism to torch fat, and even your sex drive.

This is obtained with the use of clinically proven components that Viatropin’s company says are truly potent in deliver significant benefits with regards to fitness and building your desired physique. To experience its gains, take one Viatropin in the morning and another one before your training.

Viatropin Price

If you purchase Viatropin directly from its manufacturer, it’s only available via free trial where you only need to pay for the shipping cost of $5.95. However, the company behind the supplement failed to inform us the exact duration of the trial, how much the customer has to pay after this trial expires, and whether there’s a subsequent autoship enrollment or not. Nevertheless, we learned through their Terms & Conditions page that we’re required to pay $7.99 for shipping and handling. But then again no further details are given.

Moreover, Viatropin has a 45-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling, plus a 15% restocking charge. You can ask for a refund if you contact their customer support at (480) 378-3182.

We called their customer service to verify some info that’s missing that we were told that Viatropin is available via a 15-day free trial and that after it expires you will be billed for the whole cost, which is $69.99. Afterwards, you will be registered into their recurring shipment plan, for which you will also be automatically charged $69.99 for every delivery.

What Are the Components Involved?

There’s no list of ingredients available on their website. But generally, testosterone-boosting supplements usually contain deer antler velvet, DHEA, fenugreek, horny goat weed, l-arginine, saw palmetto, and tribulus terrestris, among others.

Among these, l-arginine shows the potential to work as it becomes transformed into nitric oxide in the body. This results to the dilation of blood vessels, which improves blood flow. This can potentially help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The enhanced blood flow is also capable of momentarily giving you muscle pumps after training.

Beyond that, there’s insufficient clinical proof that most of the components in testosterone boosters can really bring massive changes. Another factor is that Viatropin lacks product label, so not only are we unaware of the components, we also don’t know the dosages of these ingredients. Even if Viatropin has l-arginine, we’re not sure if the product contains enough of it to make a difference.

About Testosterone-Boosting Products

Testosterone levels in the body naturally decline as people age. As time goes by, the results become more noticeable, which is why a lot of men go for supplements like this in the hopes of regaining their T levels back. Symptoms of low testosterone are reduced libido, exhaustion, loose muscles, mood changes, and weight gain, especially with men in their 40s.

Even as we can exercise, eat healthy, and manage stress as means of naturally increasing our T levels, the effects are not significant. That’s why a lot of men also go for testosterone replacement therapy.

Customer Feedbacks

The legit feedbacks we found on Viatropin were posted on Amazon. On the site, 6 users left Viatropin an average score of 1.8 stars. The criticisms were mostly about ineffectiveness. Generally, products like this contain components that lack scientific proof to substantiate the claims made on their efficacy.

Some components usually contained in testosterone-boosting products such as Viatropin may only be helpful in addressing erectile dysfunction. This is in contrast to the variety of benefits purported by the company.

Moreover, Viatropin is produced by ENUTRA, which is mainly headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. The company also produces other kinds of products for health and beauty purposes. As of this writing, they have an F rating at the Better Business Bureau. This is according to 14 complaints, which the manufacturer kind of ignored.

Is Viatropin the Real Fitness Deal?

As mentioned, the company behind Viatropin makes a lot of claims about their supplement’s potency. However, it’s impossible to gauge its effectiveness, and even its side effects, when there’s no list of ingredients included on their website. Aside from this, there’s no product label, either. As for customers, it’s only natural if they prefer to go for a product that has a product label because people would want to know that exactly they’re putting in their bodies.

Basing on the customer reviews, there were only a few online and most of these feedbacks aren’t very good. To be fair, effectiveness varies and depends on the person taking it. It would be wise to see your doctor first if you suspect that your testosterone level is declining.