Does SomaFlex Work Effectually?

About SomaFlex

SomaFlex is a dietary supplement that claims to offer alleviation of joint pains and overall shielding of the joints as well. It is said to be effective in offering joint health and wellness thanks to its components that have been clinically tested for their potency. It is also claimed that using SomaFlex doesn’t trigger any severe adverse effects.

On the other hand, this supplement appears to be more costly compared with similar joint-health products out there. But since less expensive joint supplements utilize shellfish extract, SomaFlex is a more ideal choice if you have an allergy to shellfish.

It is only normal for the joints to deteriorate when it comes to suppleness. This is part of the aging process. Unfortunately, this leads to achiness and rigidity in the joints, which of course, can be seriously uncomfortable, hindering us from getting our daily tasks done. This is where supplements like SomaFlex come into the picture. They promise to delay the corrosion of joints, so that you’ll be free of pain and discomfort. But can it live up to its promise?

What’s the Formulation?

The ingredient profile is what makes any supplement effectual. If the components are of poor quality, the product itself wouldn’t work. So, what are the ingredients present in SomaFlex’s formula? Here they are:

Regenasure Glucosamine – this is the vegetarian version of glucosamine, which has a GRAS standing. It is generated in the US, which makes it safer. It is believed that glucosamine can help in promoting joint health by helping with lubrication.

While many glucosamine found in the market are made with shellfish, this one is vegetarian, which means there’s no fishy scent. However, it’s more expensive than other types of glucosamine.

Univestin – this is another patented substance that’s claimed to reduce joint pains, as well as rigidity. Apart from this, this ingredient is also claimed to enhance the mobility of the joints.

Chondroitin sulfate – this chemical naturally occurs in cartilage around joints and is frequently utilized in products for curing osteoarthritis since it’s been found to decrease joint achiness and delays the corrosion of joints.

Hyaluronic Acid – this is a natural compound that frequently situates in the fluids enveloping the eyes and joints. It aids in the lubrication and cushioning of joints. A lot of individuals also utilize this component to cure many joint problems.

Turmeric Root Extract – this component has robust anti-inflammatory features, which helps in alleviating joint pains and ensuring joint health. Latest studies have also revealed that this ingredient can substantially slow down swelling of the joints and delay the weakening of the joints as well.

White Willow Bark – this component has been traditionally utilized for hundreds of years as a solution for alleviating pains and lessening fevers. Its potency is credited to its primary element, which is called salicin.

Proper Use of the Product

It is recommended to begin taking 2 tablets alongside meals every day. As you’ve built on your tolerance, you can increase your dosage to 4 tablets every day, taking 2 tablets in each meal. As you’re taking SomaFlex, it is important to get yourself hydrated 


by drinking lots of water.

What about Adverse Reactions?

Most users of the supplement don’t encounter any adverse reactions. But there are some components in SomaFlex that can potentially bring out adverse effects. For instance, chondroitin sulfate may lead to gastrointestinal problems.

Purchasing SomaFlex

You can acquire the supplement from many online retailers. You can buy the supplement directly from the product site. You can also find SomaFlex in Discounts are available for bulk orders. Moreover, SomaFlex is offered with a 6-month refund policy, which means you can return the item and ask for a refund if you find the supplement unsatisfactory. The amount to be refunded will be deducted to cover for the shipping and handling fees. For refund queries, you can send the company an email and they promise to give you your money back after they’ve gotten the returned item.

What’s the Bottom Line?

SomaFlex is a dietary supplement that claims to offer alleviation of joint pains and overall shielding of the joints as well. It is said to be effective in offering joint health and wellness thanks to its components that have been clinically tested for their potency. It is also claimed that using SomaFlex doesn’t trigger any severe adverse effects.

On the other hand, this supplement appears to be more costly compared with similar joint-health products out there. But since less expensive joint supplements utilize shellfish extract, SomaFlex is a more ideal choice if you have an allergy to shellfish.

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Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Lumiday

Lumiday is a mood enhancer that claims to provide positive results without any adverse health manifestations typically caused by harmful ingredients. The company behind the supplement claims that it functions by working with the body’s natural courses and mechanisms in order to enhance your frame of mind and lessen stress. The components present in the supplement also facilitate mental clarity, sense of comfort, and greater overall health.

Moreover, Lumiday’s product label contains list of components with their respective dosages, which is great since customers can see if the clinically substantiated amounts are followed.

We all know how stress and anxiety can negatively affect not only your mental wellness, but also disrupt your physical functions leading to health problems. You can choose to move forward, but stress continues to linger without you even noticing. This takes a toll on your overall wellness. With this, mood boosters like Lumiday come in the picture.

Apart from boosting your mood, this natural supplement is also claimed to harmonize your serotonin levels, repress your food cravings, and decrease stress and anxiety. As long as the components are fitting, mood boosters can help you surpass tough days brought by stress.

What are the Components?

In order to know whether a supplement stands a chance in terms of potency, the one thing to look at is the ingredient profile. As for Lumiday, it has the following components:

St. John’s Wort (300mg) – usually utilized to address minor cases of depression among teens and adults.

Vitamin B Complex (960mg) – the said complex is composed of B vitamin such as B-6 and B-12. These portray crucial arts in manufacturing brain chemicals that have something to do with your mood. Declined levels of these vitamins can result to depression.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract (100mg) – believed to prevent exhaustion in order to boost one’s mental functions and prevents stress.

Ashwagandha Root (50mg) – it’s been traditionally used for centuries for curing mood disorders triggered by stress and anxiety.

5-HTP (100mg) – it is a naturally-occurring amino acid that is believed to soothe mood problems.

L-Theanine (200mg) – it is an amino acid that is said to decrease mental and physical stress, as well as enhance one’s brain functions.

Secondary components in this supplement are Vitamin D-3, Thiamin, Niacin, and Salidrosides.

Does Lumiday Work?

Given that most components are promising, there’s a chance for Lumiday to bring out positive results. Components such as St. John’s wort are known for its ability to help alleviate symptoms of depression. Generally, Lumiday appears to be a decent product to help people address mild symptoms of depression.

About the Company

The company behind the supplement is mainly headquartered in Murray, Utah. It is listed with Better Business Bureau where it has A- rating.

Price & Satisfaction Guarantee

A bottle of this supplement has a price of $69.99. In the case that you’re unhappy with its performance, there’s a 30-day refund policy you can use. You can purchase Lumiday directly from its manufacturer. You can also find it in Amazon for a cheaper price of $59.87.

Lumiday Consumers

It is important to note that while Lumiday could help addressing symptoms of mild depression, it’s not to be treated as an alternative to medications prescribed by doctors. If you think your condition is more serious, you need to consult with a physician before exploring over-the-counter supplements. With proper diagnosis, you can be treated more effectively.

It is also worth mentioning that true depression is not just a feeling of loneliness. It also includes lack of motivation, indifference to things once valued and cared about, and this sense of despair without hope. If these are your symptoms, you need to take medications as prescribed by your doctor.

Is Lumiday Worth a Shot?

As mentioned, Lumiday is not a prescription drug for depression. It doesn’t change the chemistry in your brain. It is simply a natural mood booster that provides a more relaxed brain for better mental health. But the components in Lumiday have proven to be promising in naturally enhancing your mood.

Another good thing about Lumiday is that it has a product label where you can see the complete list of component with their respective quantities.

Moreover, Lumiday does not trigger adverse physical or medical manifestations. It also doesn’t change your brain’s chemistry, so it’s only for mild symptoms of depression. It functions by working with the body’s natural mechanisms to enhance mood and lessen stress. The ingredients in it have also been proven to have the potential to improve your mood. If you have no problem with its cost, Lumiday is definitely something you have to check yourself.

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Houseplants That Can Improve Your Air Quality-How Much Time Do You Spend Indoors?

Many of us spend most of our days inside, usually involving some type of work that we do. Many of us don’t realize this, but the air quality of the air we breathe inside all day is worse than that which is outside; and this is even the case for people who live in big congested cities as well.

Between the paint on our walls, the finish on our desks, the plastic our chairs are made out of and almost every other surface inside we are inhaling a tremendous amount of toxins. All of these things we find in our homes emit some kind of toxic fumes, which we are exposed to day in and day out.

Luckily however besides expensive air ventilation and filtration, there are natural ways we can use to go about cleaning our air and making it safer to breathe.

Many of these house plants you have seen thousands of times, either outside, in someone else’s house or just in a nursery that you simply haven’t noticed before. Here are the house plants everyone should own because of the contaminants they remove from the air:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is at the top of the list and for numerous reasons. First of all it is extremely easy to grow as it requires just some direct sunlight and needs to be watered very infrequently. If you are the type of person who worries about their plants dying because you forget to take care of them, the Aloe Vera plant is the perfect choice.

Aloe Vera is great at cleaning formaldehyde and benzene out of the air, both of which are well known carcinogens. These chemicals are emitted through smoke either from cigarettes, the stove or other combustion.

On top of its ability to clean out the air we breathe, Aloe Vera is effective in treating minor cuts and burns, accelerating the healing process.

Aloe Vera can be found at pretty much any local nursery.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is another great houseplant you want to buy to purify your air at home, and remove pretty much every indoor air contaminate that we want to eliminate here. These include benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

Spider plants are easily identifiable, and is probably something you would recognize by sight rather by name. They have long spider like leaves that typically have green edges and a white center.

Spider plants are best grown in indirect bright sunlight, and are very hardy plants which are easy to grow and maintain.

Golden Pothos

The golden pothos is another plant that is extremely effective in removing formaldehyde from the air. It is a fast growing vine that can be used for decorative purposes as well, as it is a very versatile plant in that regard.

Golden pothos is another plant that is also difficult to kill, in that it only needs a little bit of indirect sunlight and very little water to grow. The only thing you have to worry about when growing this plant is that it is prone to root rot so be careful not to over water.

Another thing to consider is that the plant can be potentially poisonous to small children and pets, so make sure to keep the plant out of their reach.

Jade Plant

The jade plant is another beautiful indoor house plant that is not only effective in cleaning the air, but can be an attractive center piece as well. It can be trimmed and hedged similar to a bonsai tree can, which makes it aesthetically pleasing.

On top of that, the Jade plant was arguably the best in removing carcinogenic aromatic structures from the air, most notably the toluenes, and xylenes.

Another thing to consider here is to use clay pots when possible, considering the chemicals that the plastic pots emit.

How Effective Are These Plants in Removing Toxins from the Air?

This process of removing toxins from the environment by use of natural means by biological processes is referred to either bioremediation or phytoremediation depending on the source. Either way this concept has been around for decades, and has been effective in reducing contaminants in the air.

If you are someone that regularly suffers from indoor allergies, asthma, headaches, dry or itchy eyes, reduced productivity among other things, you may be exposing yourself to too many of these indoor pollutants.

These symptoms sound common because they are, and many people suffer from them on a daily basis. By spending only a few dollars and buying these plants for your home, you can really improve your air quality and quality of life in return.

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Can Active Charcoal Benefit Your Health? How Safe Is It to Use?

Like many other new health fads, it seems that activated charcoal is popping up all over the place. From facial scrubs, to toothpaste, to food additives, is it safe and effective? What exactly is it?

You may have heard about how charcoal, the stuff you sued to and still may use for your outdoor barbeques may be cancer causing. There is some truth to that, however luckily activated charcoal is completely different than the stuff you pickup at the hardware store.

The way this stuff works is that the way in which this activated charcoal is treated makes harmful toxins bind to it through attraction. It is so effective in doing so that many emergency rooms and medical professionals use it in cases of alcohol poisoning and other forms of toxication.

What Are the Best Uses for Activated Charcoal?

Teeth Whitener

One of the best uses for activated charcoal is as a teeth whitener. If you are one of the many people who spends money each week buying either whitening strips or some other whitening product, you should try activated charcoal which is a less costly and more effective option.

Activated charcoal is effective in removing the all too common coffee stained teeth, and also helps to prevent cavities by maintaining a proper pH in the mouth itself. Bacterial growth which is the root of cavities, gum disease and other oral problems are related to pH which activated charcoal will regulate.

When using activated charcoal as a teeth whitener, it is important to know that it can stain your clothing and furniture, so make sure you are doing so carefully. Activated charcoal is best used just like you would toothpaste, by applying it to a toothbrush and brushing accordingly.

Can Treat Alcohol Poisoning

As mentioned prior, activated charcoal is extremely effective in treating alcohol poisoning because of its ability to remove certain toxins from the system. Activated charcoal is not just effective after the fact, but can help if taken beforehand too, as it has shown to reduce the blood alcohol concentration after consumption.

Treats and Prevents Various Problems Related to the Skin

Activated charcoal is great in treating many problems involving the largest organ on our bodies, otherwise known as the skin. Because the skin is so huge and covers so much area, it is susceptible to a whole host of damage, both physical and chemical.

Whether it be a bee sting, a bug bite, skin rash, protection from the sun and even a deodorant, activated charcoal has you covered. Activated charcoal will help to reduce the inflammation as a result of these issues, and can help to prevent further infection as a result of these injuries as well.

To apply activated charcoal to the skin, it is best combined with some kind of oil or aloe vera to make a paste which can then be used on the skin.

Can Be Used to Improve Digestive Health

The health of our digestive system is a good indicator of our overall health, and when it is disrupted usually it comes along with some negative symptoms. The foods themselves along with potential toxins they carry can wreck havoc on our digestive tract.

Activated charcoal can help to remove these toxins from our system, and may help to improve our overall health as a result.

A digestive cleanse using activated charcoal can be used to help flush the body of these toxins from the digestive tract, essentially hitting the reset button. Not only does it get rid of the bad toxins but the harmful bacteria which were inhabiting the gut, and the most likely causes of bloating, gas, diarrhea and other digestive problems.

Protects Cells and Prevents Their Early Aging

Many things affect the rate at which we age, many of which are toxins found within our environment which we encounter and accumulate through various means. These toxins do damage to our cells along with the organs in our body which help to remove these harmful aged cells from the body, compounding the issue.

Eliminating our exposure to all of these toxins is an effort in futility, however we can take steps like consuming activated charcoal to help reduce these toxins from the body and minimizing their effects.

For this type of treatment you are going to want to take activated charcoal in a capsulated form, which should be done at least once daily. This will help you maintain your health more effectively.

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What Is Kinesio Tape? Can It Help to Speed up Recovery Time?

Kinesio tape is not just a tape, but a technique used which is used to help stabilize joints and muscles around and injured area of the body. This is done to help speed up recovery time, while reducing the range of motion of the injured area as little as possible.

This is especially effective in professional sports, where you can still perform at a high level with a slight injury with the help of this technique. It can be used pretty much in any trouble area of the body including knees, shoulders, wrists, elbows and other areas of the body that are commonly injured.

This tape and technique is not just for athletes though, it can be effective in helping reestablish some form of mobility in older patients who suffer from aches and pains as well. They can be used for every day injury as well, making this technique useful for not just professional athletes, but the population as a whole.

What Are the Benefits to Using Kinesio Tape?

Doesn’t Reduce Your Range of Motion


One of the biggest problems when it comes to joint or muscle rehabilitation is restricted range of motion. Restricting the range of motion restricts the blood flow to the area as well, which can increase pain and swelling while increasing recovery time.

Many people don’t think of stretching or working the muscle when it comes to recovery, but loosening up the muscle area by stretching it and doing exercise can help to facilitate blood flow to the area which helps improve recovery time.

The tape also helps to keep swelling down in between exercises via the support it provides to the problem area.

Helps to Treat and Avoid Running Injuries


If you are a runner, it is not a matter of if you will sustain an injury, it is a matter of when. This is because we are performing the same movements on our body which causes impact, a tremendous amount if done on a hard surface over an extended period of time.

This leads people to sustain ankle injury, knee injury, shin splints, muscle pulls, sprains and other associated injuries.

Kinesio tape can help to heal or avoid an injury in the first place because it provides extra stability to the joints and muscles as well. Many of the injuries we suffer from running is due to improper form because of underdeveloped muscles supporting our joints, which the tape can help correct also.

Can Help Reduce Pain Associated With Injury

Kinesio tape can help reduce pain associated with injury because it helps to inactivate pain sensors, and helps to drain fluids which result from inflammation and are a source of pain themselves.

The tape pulls on the skin, slightly separating the layers which helps to drain the fluids which reside within. It also helps to stimulate and facilitate blood flow which provides the area with the necessary nutrients to accelerate recovery time too.

What Should I Be Aware of When Using Kinesio Tape?

It is important to keep in mind that Kinesio tape should only be used a preventative measure, or to treat very minor injuries. This is why it is essential to identify the degree or type of injury you sustained so that you can treat it adequately.

Some injuries are minor to the point where Kinesio tape can be an effective tool in helping to reduce pain and speed up recovery time, but in some cases it simply won’t be good enough.

If you aren’t sure of the extent of your injury, it is always best to seek treatment to properly identify a problem. You don’t want to be trying to heal a fracture in your leg that you may mistake for a severe shin splint with Kinesio tape as it won’t be adequate.

If you sustain an injury and don’t know what the extent of the injury is, make sure you seek treatment before you just slap on some tape and get back to work. You could potentially end up doing a lot more harm than good to your health in the long run.

Also when using Kinesio tape there are multiple ways in which you can apply it, which you should become familiar with as well. There are specific designs or formations used to treat specific areas, so make sure you are familiar with them before you start applying these techniques.

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Why You Should Be Using Coconut Oil-How It Can Benefit You



Coconut oil has become very popular in just the last few years, and has been hyped up by celebrities and health experts alike. Is coconut oil actually good for you, or is all the attention just hype?

It is true that coconut oil has only gained popularity in the west recently, however it has been used for thousands of years not only as a food staple by many island peoples, but for its many health benefits as well.

We know this to be true today because there have been literally thousands of scientific articles published that supports these theories, and the great benefit that these oils can bring.

Coconut oil is also very versatile in that it can be used in a variety of foods, cooking oils or taken in supplement form.

So What Health Benefits Does Coconut Oil Provide?

This is probably the reason why you are here, and rightfully so the health benefits are the most important part of taking the supplement. Coconut oil provides many benefits, but here these are at the top of the list:

1- Can Help to Burn Fat and Keep It Off

preview-full-shutterstock_216984226Coconut oil is loaded with fats, so it isn’t something that will obviously stand out as a fat burner, but it has proven to be effective in doing so. This just goes to show that not all fats are bad, and that eating the correct types can actually help us in losing weight.

Coconut oil is effective in burning fat because it contains specific fats called medium chain triglycerides, which is a preferred fuel by the brain. This type of fatty chain more often than not gets used by our bodies as energy, and is not stored away like other fats.

2- Helps Reduce Your Chances of Getting Diabetes

Another benefit to taking coconut oil is that it helps regulate the pancreas, which controls secretion of insulin. Insulin is responsible for regulating sugar levels within the blood, and its function is important in keeping diabetes at bay.

Medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil are believed to not only help reduce the chance of diabetes, but reduces the risks of become obese as well. Obesity is a major problem in the western world, with more than one third of adults being obese in the United States alone.

3- Will Lower Your Risk of Developing Cardiovascular Disease

For years is was believed that all foods high in saturated fats including coconut oil was bad for our health, especially when it came to our hearts and cardiovascular system. New research however shows otherwise, that some of these fats like the ones found in coconut oil are actually good for our heart health.

The fats in coconut oil also help to fight high levels of LDL cholesterol, that is attributed to heart attack, stroke and other disease. This oil promotes HDL cholesterol in the blood, promoting better circulatory health.

4- Hormonal Balance Within the Body

preview-full-shutterstock_276729863Our hormones control pretty much everything that goes on in our bodies, so when they are out of balance it can cause many different issues that can result in a wide range of problems.

One of the major problems behind weight gain is hormonal imbalance in the overproduction of the hormone cortisol, which itself promotes weight gain. Coconut oil contains certain fatty acids that help to improve the function of the glands that secrete these hormones like the adrenal gland which secretes cortisol.

5- Good for Overall Health of the Digestive System

Coconut oil is good for the health of the digestive system for two reasons. First it is easily digestible by our digestive tract, which helps reduce inflammation.

Second, coconut oil contains certain chemical compounds that have antibacterial aspects to them. These are effective in killing off the “bad” bacteria in our guts, or the ones that cause gas, bloating indigestion and diarrhea.

Killing off this bad bacteria isn’t only beneficial for people whose bowels are moving too quickly, but those suffering from constipation as well. Coconut oil tends to keep you regular no matter what your issue is.

Based on all the scientific data and evidence we have gathered on coconut oil, it is arguably one of the best foods you could possibly eat. Coconut oil is really accessible today as well, as they are very commonly sold by most e-commerce supplement companies.

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Could Your Air Freshener Be Killing You? Why You Should Avoid Synthetic Fragrances



Many of us use scented candles, air fresheners, deodorant, body spray or some other type of product that contains synthetic fragrances. Most people are unaware that these products are carcinogenic, or cancer causing which are derived from crude oil.

Many of the compounds found in crude oil is not only causes cancer but can cause problems with the nervous system, allergic reactions, and birth defects. On top of that they are believed to disrupt our hormones as well, which control virtually every bodily process and function we do, affecting every aspect of our lives.

With that being said some natural fragrances not only smell good, but some have been used for centuries to promote good health and are generally healthy and beneficial. Knowing the difference between the two can really help you when it comes to your overall health, so get educated.

What Are Synthetic Scents and Why Do We Want to Avoid Them?

The definition of a synthetic fragrance is a very broad one which includes a wide variety of chemical compounds and what some manufactures call a “fragrance” can vary greatly.

preview-full-shutterstock_322444868Basically when you see fragrance on whatever product you are buying, it means that it can consist of a wide variety of things and is usually a cocktail of nasty carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and irritants.

These scents are found in many products that we use daily like out shampoos, detergents, air fresheners, deodorant, soap, cleaners etc. These chemical fragrances come in contact with us daily from multiple sources so it is important to recognize where they come from.

Unfortunately, the best thing to do here is to take the cynical route and just expect that whatever is in that fragrance is bad stuff. There are over 3,000 chemicals that can be considered to be a fragrance, many things fall in to this category which encourages companies to use fragrances as a chemical dumping ground.

Since cosmetics and fragrances aren’t considered food products, they aren’t regulated by the FDA and thus companies don’t have to disclose what ingredients are in their products. These synthetic fragrances are easier and more cheaply produced than their natural counterparts, so nothing looks like it will change from that standpoint anytime soon.

Fake Fragrances Make You Feel Horrible and Sick

Studies have shown that not people get sick from these synthetic fragrances and that most people would prefer not to have them in the workplace as well.

preview-full-shutterstock_635192522We all know someone who is allergic or just can’t be around someone who goes to heavy on the cologne or body spray. Most of us chalk it up to the person being too sensitive or uppity but the science says that these fragrances do irritate the sinus passages of some people to the point where they have difficulty breathing.

The most common thing people experience from too much exposure to these chemicals is trouble breathing, or coughing and sneezing. These are the first signs that your body sends you telling you that you should probably remove yourself from the area.

Many people even experience prolonged headaches as a result of exposure to these fragrances especially those found in laundry products in the case of drier exhaust.

Are There Any Safe Alternatives to Synthetic Scents?

There are plenty of products on the market that are made without synthetic fragrances, the best place to look is a local health food or grocery store if they’re available. If not many stores carry products without scents as well.

Avoid products that have DEP, DEB, DEHP or any similar acronyms which are a family of phthalates that are linked to hormonal disruption and is viewed as toxic. The same thing goes for any product that contains an ingredient like limonene or any other word that is similar to lemons, as these are synthetic forms developed to smell like, but are not lemons.

There are products on the market that do smell good and are fine to use, those products contain essential oils derived from the plant themselves and not the laboratory. These products are usually more expensive but it is worth it considering what the alternatives can do to your health.

If you are ever uncertain about whether or not a product is ok to use because it is scented, try to find an unscented version to be safe.

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Avoid These Headache Causing Foods If You Suffer From Migraines


shutterstock_507818071Unfortunately one of the most popular drugs that many people use on a daily basis is at the top of this list. Caffeine can cause migraines for two major reasons.

First, caffeine acts as a ligand on certain receptors in the brain which are linked with migraines. THis means that caffeine can directly cause migraines themselves.

In addition to that, caffeine itself is a diuretic. Diuretics are bad when it comes to headaches because it signals for the additional excretion of urine, which in turn dehydrates us. It also causes the constriction of blood vessels, reducing blood flow and causing pain to the affected area.

Caffeine is ok if you are drinking 1 maybe 2 cups of coffee or tea daily but anything more than that you want to avoid if you are prone to migraines.

2-Processed Meats or Cured Meats

Seeing processed meats on this list shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as they are associated with other negative health effects as well.

Those same nitrites which are bad for your heart are also linked to changes in brain chemistry that are believed to be one cause of migraines.

Hotdogs, deli meats, sausages and other food items that contain processed or cured meats should not only be avoided to prevent migraines but because they are bad for your overall health as well.


Alcohol, like caffeine can cause migraines for two major reasons. One of these reason is dehydration, which alcohol is known to cause. Dehydration thickens the blood, which makes it more difficult to flow. In response the heart increases its pressure and force to push the blood where it is destined to go.

This extra pressure and stress on the blood vessels, many of which reside in the brain are one cause of migraines.

A second cause of migraines through the use of alcohol is due to certain compounds found in wine which actually provide positive health benefits as well. The same group of heart healthy antioxidants are believed to be the cause behind migraines as well.

Red wine in particular is beneficial to our health so you don’t need to completely eliminate alcohol from your diet. Just don’t drink it in excess and especially be aware on days where you are drinking both alcohol and caffeinated drinks.

4-Citrus Fruits

The science isn’t definitive one way or another when it comes to citrus and migraines however it is a potential culprit when it comes to causing migraines. Citrus fruits contain a chemical compound known as furanocoumarins which are known to alter the effects of certain medications.

These compounds are so strong that they can completely neglect or conversely amplify the effects of certain medications, and is why many people are advised to avoid these foods.

It is believed that these furanocoumarins could be interfering with some of the chemistry in the brain that is responsible for migraine headaches.


Aspartame is a compound that has been under a lot of scrutiny as of late. Aspartame was developed in the lab by scientists as a low calorie sweetener that could be used as an alternative to sugar.

Aspartame’s role in migraines is more of an observational one than a proven one found in clinical studies. Even so many experts believe that it can play a role in the development of a migraine.

Aspartame is a food additive found in many foods in the supermarket today that you would otherwise not realize. It is in everything from diet soda, to baked goods, cereals and more.


Chocolate has been long associated with migraines however researchers do not know definitively if i does cause migraines. Chocolate contains a large variety of chemicals which can interact with our own body chemistry, that including caffeine as well.

Many people have reported cravings for chocolate before the onset of a migraine attack, but it is still unknown if chocolate cravings are a symptom or a cause of the problem.


MSG is a preservative that is well known because of its prevalence in certain foods, especially Chinese takeout.

MSG is another type of salt, and can act similar to other salts in that it promotes dehydration. Dehydration as we know constricts blood vessels, which can cause headaches such as migraines.

MSG is an additive that is easily avoidable and isn’t naturally found in most foods. MSG is found mainly in processed foods.

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10 Health Notions that Are Misleading


Growing up, we were told health ‘facts’, so that we become more cautious of what we eat and what we do in general. As we get older, we’ve adopted these health myths as facts, allowing them to control our actions and decisions. But for the sake of health and its truth, it’s time we set the record straight about these misleading health notions we have embraced since childhood.

1. You can still eat your dropped food within 5 seconds

shutterstock_395652052It has been widely spread that you can still eat your food after being dropped as long as it’s still within 5 seconds. In truth, it depends on the cleanliness of the surface of where you drop your food. Once your food hits a dirty surface, it would be contaminated instantly. The 5-second rule cannot do anything about that.

2. Using the microwave can give you cancer

You’ve certainly heard, especially from the elderly that using the microwave can prove to be lethal as it gives you cancer. However, Cancer Research UK does not agree. According to them, microwaves heat food and that’s it. You have also heard that using microwaves for heating food can destroy its nutritional value, but so does boiling, baking, and grilling.

3. Milk is healthy for you

Milk can make your bones and teeth healthy, but it has been found out that high consumption of milk is linked to higher mortality rate both in men and women. It is also linked to higher fracture instances in women.

4. Eating chocolate makes you acne prone

shutterstock_504612517Chocolate has long been pointed as the culprit for making the skin acne prone. However, a research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrated that chocolate has nothing to do with the zits on your face. Candy bars with high content of chocolate were given to a group of participants and the other group was given fake chocolate bars. The outcome revealed that there was no increase in acne in the group that was provided real chocolates as measured up to the other group.

5. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Unless there’s already bacteria or virus in your system, which, in this case, an apple can’t really do anything. A flu shot has a greater chance of giving you protection from these invaders. Apples are rich in vitamin C and fiber, though.

6. Jumping after a meal gives you appendicitis

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix, which for many, was contributed by jumping after eating. However, research determines there’s no veracity in this. Appendicitis happens when a hard piece of stool blocks the small opening of the appendix, which causes inflammation, swelling, and infection. The notion that jumping after a meal causes this medical problem simply does not fit.

7. Sugar is as habit-forming as cocaine

Many people believe that sugar can result to addiction just like cocaine. On the other hand, research indicates that sugar is not as habit-forming as cocaine, even though it ignites parts of the brain in the same way as when having sex or taking drugs. In fact, scientists have no idea what it is like for addiction to settle in the brain.

8. Diabetes is caused by high consumption of sugar

Diabetes is an intricate medical problem and high intake of sugar is absolutely not its primary trigger. Weight gain and consumption of drinks high in sugar contribute to increasing the risk of diabetes, but not necessarily cause it. Thus, if you’re consuming sugar moderately, there’s no need to feel guilty or anxious because there’s no straightforward proof suggesting that diabetes is the repercussion of sugar intake.

9. Your blood turns blue as a result of oxygen inadequacy

The fact is that blood will never turn blue. It however becomes darker red when it’s not transporting sufficient oxygen. The color red could become filtered to become blue due to the several layers of underneath the skin.

10. Cracking your knuckles can lead to arthritis

A study published in Journal of the American Board of Medicine reveals that there’s no link between knuckle cracking to arthritis. Participants in the study who crack their knuckles and the ones who don’t still had arthritis.


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A Product Review of BrainSense


Introducing BrainSense

A kind of a nootropic product, BrainSense touts to increase your cognitive capacities, improve your memory, heighten your problem-solving abilities and augment your aptitude for learning.

The company behind BrainSense purports that this particular brain booster can unleash your brain’s hidden capacities in order to perform better in class or at work. Its formulation consists of Vitamin B12, acetyl-l-carnitine, Panax ginseng, blueberry extract and phosphatidyl serine, which work in synergy to achieve better memory, focus, and the capability to function even during stressful situations. What’s more is that BrainSense also claims to make you performer better in your athletic endeavors.

Knowing there are dozens of nootropic supplements out there that promise the very same things, can you expect BrainSense to be genuine and fulfill its promises? Will this product be a value for money or will it become exactly the opposite? Let’s find out below:

Defining Nootropics

Basically nootropics are brain boosting supplements that are designed for augmenting focus and increasing memory. Such products are frequently utilized for boosting attention spans, helping people concentrate on their studies and other tasks. Some manufacturers like that of BrainSense’s even tout that their supplements also boost intelligence, categorizing them as smart drugs.

Is there a hint of truthfulness to any of these? At first these promises of increased intelligence sounds like it’s gotten straight out of a fiction story, but such products do exist for real. Scientifically though, these brain boosters lack the clinical evidence that they really work. Some may have positive effects, but not as groundbreaking as the companies make it seem.

Is this actually the real deal with BrainSense’s components?

preview-full-shutterstock_288950780How Efficient Are the Components?
Let’s start with acetyl-l-carnitine. This one here has been shown to have the potential for curing symptoms of Alzheimer’s, boosting memory in older individuals, and heightening memory of individuals who are excessive alcohol drinkers.

Likewise, Panax ginseng has also been shown to have the potential for curing Alzheimer’s and boosting mental capacities among healthy individuals. Meanwhile, phosphatidyl serine has been shown to help address mental deterioration caused by aging.

Beyond this, there is inadequate scientific proof that Vitamin B12 or blueberry extract can generate any advantages beneficial for the brain as said by the supplement’s company.

Given there is not enough scientific evidence as to the efficiency of all the components, but are they safe for human consumption?

What are the Adverse Reactions?

The good news is that no major side effects are associated with the use of BrainSense. There could be a case of a minor stomach discomfort, but consumers should find the components in the supplement generally tolerable.

In some scenarios, carnitine can trigger agitation and a fishy breath or urine. Panax ginseng is also considered to be harmful when consumed for over six months.

Lastly, phosphatidyl serine can lead to experiencing sleep issues and digestive discomfort, specifically if consumed at more than 300mg.

Remember that there is not a product label available on BrainSense’s official site. With this, we cannot know the exact dose of each component. For this reason, we also cannot know whether the quantities of the ingredients are sufficient to make any difference. We cannot also draw some realistic expectations of what the adverse effects will be.

What about its cost and the general customer reception?

BrainSense Cost and Consumer Feedbacks
The following are BrainSense’s pricing selections:

1-Month Supply (60 capsules): $69.99
3-Month Supply: $149.99
5-Month Supply: $179.99

You have to cover the shipping expense regardless of the supply you opt. USPS Ground shipping costs $12.99 while there is an additional charge for faster shipments.

Moreover, BrainSense provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees, but this only is applicable for purchase of two or more bottles.

To ask for a refund, you have to call customer support at 866-621-6886.

BrainSense is created by Leading Edge Health. It is mainly headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. However, it seems that they have an office in the United States in Johnson City, Tennessee. The said manufacturer creates an assortment of natural products with the use of untested components like Alteril.

Leading Edge Health is not registered the Better Business Bureau during our research. Outside their site, we were not able to uncover any useful information about the company.

Arbitration Agreement

Purchasing the supplement immediately binds you to their arbitration agreement. This means that you’re waiving most of your rights as a customer. So, when a problem occurs, medical or financial, as a result of BrainSense use, you won’t be allowed to become part of a class action lawsuit or jury by trial. This is something that prospective customers must consider before proceeding with the purchase of BrainSense.

Is BrainSense Effective?

preview-full-shutterstock_534464629We have evaluated several cognitive enhancers here with the inclusion of well-known brands, such as Neuroflexyn, Addium and Brain Storm Elite, among others.

Generally, though some of the ingredients in these products have the potential to deliver brain benefits, these benefits are not as significant as companies make it appear. Nootropic supplements are often expensive, which is, of course, an issue.

Inefficient customer service continues to be a problem with most of these products and the companies that make them. Several consumers purported to have encountered bad customer support when trying to get a refund. However, these are just the usual criticisms directed at brain supplements in general. It doesn’t mean that you will experience the same with BrainSense.

If BrainSense’s prices are too steep for you, you also have the option to acquire Panax ginseng, phosphatidyl serine, and/or acetyl-l-carnitine individually from the pharmacy since these are the components that can potentially generate positive results beneficial for the brain. With this you will be able to be aware of the precise dosage, since BrainSense does not have a product label. But if you’re fine with the pricing options, you can try this supplement since the ingredients are generally harmless.

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