The Pros and Cons of Coolsculpting

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a way to lose weight that works for you. There are always experts claiming to have new and improved products like dieting shakes, supplements, and awkward looking exercise machines. While for some people these new and enhanced methods might work, but for others, they don’t.

For some people, losing weight can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. Coolsculpting is a great way to lose those few extra pounds. But what is it? Coolsculpting is a cosmetic procedure that freezes away fat cells to give a flatten and fit appearance to the body. Coolsculpting doesn’t require surgery to be performed and, therefore, can be done to the stomach, waist, and buttock areas. But if coolsculpting does work then why isn’t everyone doing it?


Here are the pros and cons of coolsculpting:


It’s accessible  

To have this procedure done is super easy. You don’t have to jump through hoop after hoop or worry about your schedule. All you must do is make an appointment with your dermatologist and receive a consult. After you plan out what you want you can either set it up the produce for that day or whenever you’re available. Since the procedure only takes an hour, you can even come in when you take your lunch at work or on your way home from work.

No pain

Unlike other procedures, patients experience no pain. However, you might experience a sucking feeling which is normal for the procedure. Since there will be an applicator that acts as a vacuum sucking the fat cells while simultaneously cooling the problem area. If you do experience pain or pain where you would like to get this technique, it’s advised you tell a doctor.

No need to take the day off

Unlike other procedures, your condition shouldn’t change from when you walked in. Therefore, if you need to get back to work, go on a date, or be with family, you can do all three. Coolsculpting is the perfect procedure for people who have busy schedules since you don’t have to stop your day to try and lose some weight. If you feel like you can’t do your daily activities after a coolsculpting procedure, then it’s best to talk to a doctor.

It’s a natural way of losing weight

Some weight loss products are unhealthy for the body. However, coolsculpting is just the opposite. Coolsculpting uses the body’s natural waste process to rid the body of fat cells. Since fat cannot perform its duty when cooled the body then identifies it as waste and transfers it through the channels until it exits the body. Therefore, no chemicals, toxins, or medications are involved.

You’ll see results

Due to the natural progression of this procedure, you’ll see results. However, it might not be in the time frame you would like. Most patients see a difference after the second or third treatment. In fact, most patients who saw results kept a daily exercise routine and maintained a healthy diet. Exercising daily and eating a healthy diet will ensure that you lose the weight that you want with coolsculpting.



You don’t lose weight at a quick speed

While coolsculpting might seem like an ingenious idea, it does have its drawbacks that many people don’t realize. Some people think once you have the procedure done the weight will disappear; however, that’s not the case. Since coolsculpting is based on the body’s natural waste processes, it takes time actually to lose weight. Most people won’t see a difference for a couple of weeks after the procedure. In fact, many people get upset since they don’t think coolsculpting is working. But it just takes time. Coolsculpting is not about fast results but instead about natural processes.

Doesn’t work with large fat deposits

Coolsculpting may not work for everyone. Coolsculpting is best used to treat problem areas of the body that have little weight. Obese patients may not find coolsculpting as useful due to the service it provides. While coolsculpting is meant to freeze fat cells, it’s not meant to handle a lot of weight at once. If you want to try coolsculpting to see if the procedure works for you, then call your local dermatologist and schedule an appointment today.

There are side effects

Just as every procedure has there are side effects to consider. Some side effects include redness, swelling, bruising, and numbness in the area where the procedure occurred. These side effects might occur after the procedure; however, they should not last long. If you have questions about the side effects of coolsculpting you can ask a doctor or visit websites containing material about coolsculpting.

It’s not that well known

Most procedures have either been blasted on the internet or praised about in scholarly journals. However, coolsculpting has taken a backseat to these public judgments about its services. While it’s proven to work but at a limiting scale, this weight loss opportunity isn’t a household name. If talked about, you’ll find you’ll have to describe your experiences instead of saying, “I’m doing coolsculpting now.” Some people enjoy the fact that coolsculpting is a hidden secret, while others that just got the tip feel left out.

Doesn’t help maintain weight  

While coolsculpting does help lose weight it doesn’t help you learn healthy ways to maintain weight. If you want to maintain weight, it is suggested that you exercise and eat a healthy diet. If you don’t have a regular exercise routine or eat a healthy diet, you run the risk of gaining weight. Just because you lost the weight with coolsculpting doesn’t mean you should put the weight right back on.


Coolsculpting is a weight loss alternative if you have problem areas you want to get rid of. It’s easy, painless, and natural to your body systems. However, you need to have a good exercise regiment and eat a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight. Do want to schedule a procedure? Contact a dermatologist and receive a consult today!

How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

Weight loss is not an easy journey, but it needs to be taken nonetheless not just to fit in the standard perception of beauty, but to actually be healthy. In fact, the purpose of health behind the whole act of weight loss should be the priority. The beautiful physique that comes along with losing weight is just bonus. But since saying goodbye to the habits you’ve grown accustomed to, as bad and unhealthy as they are, can be so hard, how can one really motivate himself to put on remarkable physical and mental efforts to get started? Here are 9 ways you can motivate yourself to start shedding pounds now:

1. What’s your Why?

Weight loss often begins with that ultimate reason of why you want to change your physical self in the first place. Why you want to do it can be for increased energy, to be better-looking and boost your self-esteem, to reduce your cholesterol, or just to augment your lifespan by being generally healthy. You have to find out WHY you want to lose weight so that you can motivate yourself to start acting. The clearer your goals and intentions are, the greater your motivation will be.

2. Take note of your particular objectives

Studies demonstrate that putting your goals into writing increases the possibility of you accomplishing them. You can start with how much weight you want to lose and how you can make it happen. From this, you can plan to do cardio exercises three times every week and perform resistance training twice per week. You can also decide to eliminate soda and other sugary drinks from your diet. When you have tangible objectives, they’re more likely to be achieved.

3. Find a support system

Making lifestyle changes can be tougher when the people around you are too insensitive about the efforts you need to bring out. If your friends spend their free time on buffets and parties, you’d find it more difficult to enact the changes you want to impose into your life. So, seek a support system that can understand the process you need to go through. You can join a gym, enlist a workout partner, hire a trainer, or you can even participate in an online fitness community. When you hear other people’s journeys, it’ll motivate you further to lose weight and make positive changes in your life.

4. Love yourself

Concentrating on your weight loss goals is incredible, but only appreciating yourself when there are visible results isn’t a good idea. You need to be happy with your own body regardless of the number on the scale. Achieving the physique you’ve always wanted is amazing, but it doesn’t mean you should only love yourself because you’re slimmer.

5. Make a positive assertion everyday

It’s true that weight loss isn’t only a physical struggle, but also a mental one. In fact, the whole motivation scenario comes from your mind. Hence, it can be helpful to start each day with a positive declaration to help boost your motivation. It can be as simple as telling yourself that to make healthy choices is to make a happy life. You can choose your own mantra, something that resonates within you and something that you find inspiring. When you find one, repeat it to yourself daily. This helps you become more resolved in your weight loss goals and makes you more confident that you can achieve your objectives.

6. Create a reward system

It’s in our nature to work harder when there’s positive reinforcement involved, so creating a reward system can help in your weight loss management plan. Of course, your rewards should have nothing to do with binge eating. Instead, you can pamper yourself with a soothing foot spa or a new book to read on the weekends. You can also opt to buy a new outfit for work because you survived a week of not eating French fries and drinking sodas. You don’t need to exhaust your credit card to reward yourself, just place little rewards for yourself to encourage you to work harder.

7. No more excuses

Every time you’re catching yourself making an excuse, just stop right there. This applies when you keep on delaying things like “I’ll do it next week” and so on. Making changes for your health isn’t just for trivial purposes, it’s for your physical and mental well-being, which makes it important. The time to start is now, not next week or not next month.

8. Progress but not perfection

You can’t just expect to have abs after a month of dieting and exercising. It’s not ideal to anticipate for total physical overhauls. Doing so backfires when you see that the perfect image you’re expecting to see isn’t there. This can disappoint you and feeling disappointment can lead you to feel less motivated like all your efforts have been done for nothing. Be realistic about. Surely, you won’t see remarkable results at first, but you’ll see progress. It doesn’t matter how little the progress is as long as there’s one.

9. Make it part of your routine

Adhering to healthy choices becomes less difficult when they’re part of your daily routine. All of a sudden, working out is no longer a chore because you’ve accustomed yourself to exercising everyday. Eating healthy isn’t hard for you anymore because you’ve grown to like vegetables and fruits that you now see processed foods a bit disgusting considering the sugar and sodium they’re most likely packed in. In other words, when you make these healthy options as part of your daily life, you get to enjoy them even more.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite in All the Problem Areas- for Good

If you are someone who suffers from cellulite you are far from being alone-an estimated 85% of all women will experience some form of cellulite or another at some point during their lifetime.

While cellulite removal surgeries and other forms of cosmetic surgery are becoming more and more popular among women, these procedures still come with risks and are usually not covered by insurance. This is because they are not considered to be a necessary surgery, leaving the patient picking up the bill.

Cosmetic surgery for this reason isn’t a viable option for many people out there, however with that being said there are other ways to go about getting rid of cellulite. Here are the most effective ways in which you can do so.

1-Modify Your Diet

No one really wants to hear that they have to change their diet when it comes to any health benefits, however doing so here doesn’t require too much effort on your part. One of the biggest factors here is hydration, which many of us aren’t getting enough of.

Drinking more water is great when it comes to hydration, but eating foods with more water content can be more beneficial. Dehydration leads to bloating and dry skin, both causes of cellulite.

The best foods you want to eat to keep you hydrated are mainly in the fruit family, with a few vegetables as well. Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and cucumbers are all excellent hydrating foods.

Another thing to consider is eating foods high in collagen, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and many other foods which are orange or red in color. Collagen is what gives the skin its elasticity, and eating foods high in collagen can help repair the skin damage done by the cellulite.

Also you want to be eating more sources of lean protein. Protein is not only going to help satiate you but is going to help you put on more muscle mass and improve your metabolism. This will help you to burn fat faster, and thus to lose cellulite quickly.

2-Take Supplements to Lose Cellulite

Along with your dietary changes you should consider taking a supplement to help boost your metabolism, and thus improve your weight loss. The most effective way to do this is to take a supplement which contains some minor stimulants which will boost your resting metabolic rate, making you burn more calories without even having to put any additional effort in.

A supplement like Lipogenix Elite by Men’s Healthy Lifestyle is one that contains stimulants such as caffeine derivatives, along with other enzymatic agents which help to further increase metabolism and the fat burning process.

3-Regular Exercise

Modifying your diet through dietary changes and supplementation are the two biggest factors when it comes to weight loss and cellulite reduction, however exercise is another excellent tool you have at your disposal.

Many people avoid doing exercise because they already have a crowded schedule, and believe that they don’t have the time to do so. You don’t need to dedicate hours of your day to exercise in order to get the fat burning benefits however, as it can be done in a fraction of the time.

When it comes to your exercise routine and how much fat your burn, it mainly comes down to one thing-the intensity or effort you are putting forth. Many people believe that duration of the exercise is important as well, however it really isn’t that big of a factor.

Doing high intensity exercise for 30minutes can be an ample amount of time to see significant weight loss if you are putting in the proper amount of effort. It really doesn’t require that much of a time investment to do so.

Does Tummy Tuck Cream Work?

General Idea

Surely, obesity is a huge health predicament these days. With fast foods everywhere, it can be hard to restraint people’s love to eat. And with internet at the comfort of our homes, it also makes it harder for people to engage in physical activities. When one eats a lot and moves less every day of his life, the result can be obesity. Because being overweight and obese is a huge issue nowadays, supplement companies take advantage of the need for weight loss solutions.

Unfortunately, most of these said weight loss products are not efficient. Some are even harmful because of some toxic ingredients involved. In this article, we’ll evaluate one of these weight loss products – the Tummy Tuck Cream – whether it’s something that can make a notable difference or is just one of those products that are a waste of time.

About Tummy Tuck Cream

Tummy Tuck Cream touts to be a slimming cream that has efficient mixture of components, which are said to re-define body shape without the need to change your diet or workout regularly. Tummy Tuck Cream also touts to decrease body fat in the stomach area, arms, buttocks, or thighs, or wherever you apply the cream into. In its official webpage, it is said that Tummy Tuck Cream can work best for people who have a high body mass index (BMI). This particular slimming product is manufactured by Lynk Biotech, a pharmaceutical company that’s mainly headquartered in Singapore. Its official site says that an initial study and test proved that Tummy Tuck Cream can help decrease waist circumference by up to 9 cm in just an 8-week period.

Ingredient Profile

The components present in Tummy Tuck Cream are as follows:


L-carnitine and Coenzyme

BupleurumFalcatum Root Extract


How Harmless is Tummy Tuck Cream?

Fortunately, there are no reported severe adverse reactions associated with Tummy Tuck Cream use. Some customers, however, have reported experiencing skin irritation from its use. For this reason, it is important to test Tummy Tuck Cream on the skin’s tiny area first to see if there’s an allergy. This is especially more crucial for people who have sensitive skin. In the case of any pre-existing skin problems or you’re taking other prescription drugs, it is best to speak with your doctor first before using the product. The official webpage also states that Tummy Tuck Cream is not recommended for women who are expecting.

Product Features

Use of Tummy Tuck Cream is pretty simple

Some components here have gone through clinical studies, proving their efficiency

There are some researches cited on the official site

It only costs $7 per container

You can order Tummy Tuck Cream via Amazon and other online retailers

Bottom Line

While it’s nice to think that there’s an easy way to lose weight, the truth is that there isn’t. Weight loss takes paramount efforts on your part, which means you need to modify your diet into a healthier one and become more active physically. This means working out on a more regular basis. Even if such weight loss solutions generate any effects, this outcome would be temporary. Whatever fat shed will be gained again if one doesn’t eat healthy and doesn’t exercise. Weight loss is not just about shedding excess fat, it’s also about changing your lifestyle in order to maintain a much healthier body. There’s no shortcut to weight loss and that’s a fact.

Does NOW Carbo Gain Work?

NOW Carbo Gain Introduction

NOW Carbo Gain is a nutritional product that is said to be developed with potent ingredients to help sustain your overall health. According to its manufacturer, using NOW Carbo Gain can lead to immediate positive effects in your body. This supplement comes from corn and is said to be efficiently assimilated into the blood stream.

It is produced and sold by the company NOW, which is mainly headquartered in the US. The supplement is touted to be wholesome and contains glucose polymers, which makes it undergo a more efficient process of metabolism in its moderate pacing crucial for physical training. NOW Carbo Gain mostly contains energy that delivers carbohydrates, though it doesn’t have any proteins, fat, and fiber. On Amazon, this product has a price of $23.69 for eight pounds of it.

Product Mechanism

Carbo Gain is delivered into the blood stream. There, nutrients that are easy to absorb are distributed, though the content is only carbohydrates. The extra benefit of Carbo Gain is that there’s not much energy required to disintegrate the carbohydrate molecules because they can be readily and straightforwardly assimilated into the body. When the quantity of carbs has been augmented in the body, the quantity of energy that you can have also heightens. With this, you’re able to be more productive in your training and even improve your sports functions.

Ingredient Profile

Basically, 100 percent of maltodextrin is acquired from corn. This is the component that makes up the biggest percentage in Carbo Gain’s formula. It is the primary source of energy to boost the user’s endurance.

Per serving of Carbo Gain contains 190 grams calories, 50 grams of carbohydrate powder, 47 grams of total carbs, and 2 grams of sugar. There’s no protein included in the supplement’s formulation.

Visibility of Results

It is claimed that Carbo Gain produces results within 3-5 minutes. As it takes effect, the body is loaded with an energy boost to go through intense training.

Product Features

Carbo Gain can increase one’s energy levels, which allows him/her to be more productive during training. It’s also claimed that the supplement can help augment one’s endurance and overall performance, too, especially when doing resistance training.

Carbo Gain is reasonably priced, ideal for customers with tight budget.

The nonappearance of proteins in this supplement makes it unnecessary to exhaust energy for processing proteins.

Carbo Gain is thoroughly presented on its official site, which gives customers comprehensive information about the supplement. This helps make the prospective buyers an informed decision before making a purchase.

On the other hand, its lack of proteins is a concern for some since nonexistent proteins in the formula means there’s not much muscle enlargement to be expected. As mentioned earlier, its main content is carbohydrates. There have also been some reports of adverse reactions.

Safety Precautions

Carbo Gain is not ideal for pregnant and breastfeeding women. To be sure, consult your doctor before using the supplement. It is vital that this item is kept in a cool and dry place, and more importantly, away from the kids. For apparent reasons, you should double check the expiration date before buying it.

Adverse Effects

Thus far, there have only been a few adverse reactions to be reported, including being nauseous as reported by a few consumers. Given this, Carbo Gain is generally considered as safe.

Clinical Evidence

According to information available, there are studies performed on Carbo Gain, particularly studies discovering the greatest formulations for supplements sans protein, fat, and fiber.

Proper Dose & Price

Prepare one half cup of Carbo Gain combined with 16 ounces of water or juice, or any beverage of your choosing. Your intake of the supplement must be before, during, and after your training to maximize effects. On Amazon, Carbo Gain costs $23.69 for eight pounds of it.

User Feedbacks

There are many customer feedbacks stating that Carbo Gain is appreciated by several users. Most of the good reviews cite decent quality of the product (as well as other supplements made by the company) and reasonable pricing.

Bottom Line

With Carbo Gain, users have the option to maximize their workout efforts without proteins, fats, and fiber. This particular supplement mainly relies on carbohydrates to help users improve physical functions and performance. Moreover, Carbo Gain promises to provide the greatest development of carbs, which are provided as calories. As long as used properly, Carbo Gain is expected to generate positive physical results. Just remember that you need to consult your doctor first if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding before using the supplement. You should also be 18 years and older, unless you’re cleared by your physician. Since Carbo Gain is pure, there aren’t any serious adverse reactions associated with its use.

Why Exercise Alone Isn’t Going to Help You Lose Weight-How to Go About Doing So

Weight loss is a major concern for many of us out there, which really isn’t too much of a surprise when you take a step back and look at the whole picture. Being overweight or obese is not just a problem unique to adults in the United States, it is now a global problem affecting many millions of people.

Many of us are so concerned about our weight that it has become an obsession, which we revolve our lives around. Doing things like taking a walk during our lunch break, counting your steps and of course going to the gym more often are things we all do in an effort to lose weight. Many of us are too focused on burning off all of these calories instead of focusing on the real problem, which is with what we put in our bodies.

You Don’t Burn That Many Calories Through Exercise

The first thing many of us need to accept is that we aren’t burning as many calories through exercise as we think we are. This is not bad in and of itself, however many people tend to reward themselves afterwards which can end up in a caloric gain instead of a deficit.

Exercise can be a tool that you can use to help you lose weight, however you shouldn’t fool yourself in to thinking that you are just going to burn off those four slices of pizza you ate the next time you workout.

Your diet should be the number one priority as far as controlling your weight is concerned, with exercise helping to compliment it through increased energy and mood.

You Eat More Than You Probably Think You Do

Another common thing many people suffer from is the idea that they are eating more calories than they think they are. This coupled with the idea that their exercise program is burning more calories than are common traps that many people fall in to.

It comes down to simply counting calories, which can be really tedious but will really help you get a better idea of what you are eating. The best place to start is your beverages, as it is not difficult to down many of them which are also high in sugar and calories.

Soda, fruit juice and sport drinks are a great place to start, and you should remove them all from your diet. Even if you are someone who exercises regularly, there is no need for a sports drink. You can easily drink one of these and consume more calories than you have during the entire workout itself, defeating your whole purpose.

Exercise Smarter, Not Harder

Many of us dread exercise, and because of this we really give a minimal effort during our routine. We are also still of the belief that low intensity exercise over a long time is the way to go when it comes to fat loss, which makes for a much more boring and mundane routine that no one looks forward to.

Instead of always going for a long bike ride, run or walk, you should switch up your routine. This is not just for your own sanity, but doing so can help you lose weight as well.

Weight training routines are also excellent in helping to lose weight and fat also. Putting on more muscle helps you lose weight because the muscle tissue itself requires more energy to function.

This means that you will be burning more calories through weight training because of the after effects of the muscles needing a constant supply of energy all the time, allowing you to burn fat around the clock.

Be Aware of When You Eat

Being aware of what we eat is rather obvious, however when we eat can affect weight gain too. Eating late at night before we go to bed is known to be bad as our metabolism slows down as we sleep.

Eating at times when we are stressed is bad as well as it has a compounding effect. When we are stressed we release a hormone called cortisol, which also is involved in the retention of fat cells and adipose tissue. More stress means more eating and more fat gain, so try to be mindful of when you are just eating for comfort and not for need.

Is GymVixen Sexy Ripped Effective?

About GymVixen Sexy Ripped

GymVixen’s Sexy Ripped is a fat burning supplement that promises to give your body at its leanest shape by getting rid of fat. This supplement is also particularly developed for women. The company behind this product boasts its simple formulation with no unnecessary components, just the right ones that count.

Sexy Ripped, as mentioned, is from the company GymVixen. It is intended to be one of the great weight loss products out there to help women achieve their desired physiques.

The company has created whey protein, pre and post-training products before, but Sexy Ripped is their first ever supplement to be focused on burning fat.

In order to know whether Sexy Ripped is the real or not, let’s get to know more about his supplement, starting with its components.

Sexy Ripped Formula

The ingredient profile of any supplement is its most important factor. Without high-quality components that work, nothing can ever stand a chance. As for Sexy Ripped, what is it made of?

According to its manufacturer, Sexy Ripped has nine components, but below are the active ones:

B-vitamins: They’re also considered as “energy vitamins” since they play a major part in the body’s metabolism. Moreover, this supplement has vitamins B6 and B12. These can enhance the absorption of protein and carbohydrate. With these elements being taken in by the body, you’re bound to have greater energy. Your body’s mechanism to get rid of fat also increases.

Caffeine Anhydrous: This stimulant is largely utilized as a component that can increase one’s energy levels. It’s basically everywhere, from energy drinks, coffee, soda, and pre-workout fitness products. We also know that by taking caffeine, we’re instantly given a significant surge of energy. Aside from this, caffeine also has numerous fat-torching gains.

The excess energy apparently boosts the quantity of calories torched. This of course means greater fat is lost, which helps weight management overall.

Furthermore, caffeine serves as a mild diuretic, which helps the body eliminate surplus water weight. Thus, it works in making you lose weight, albeit only momentarily.

Advantra Z: It is developed version of bitter orange extract, which is a prominent component used in many weight loss pills. It is chosen by many manufacturers because of the fact that it possesses synephrine.

Basically, synephrine is a natural alkaloid that promotes quicker metabolism without bad manifestations on your blood pressure or heart rate. Hence, it is a more harmless substitute than detrimental components that are bad for the cardiovascular health.

Garcinia Cambogia: This is an herbal extract that’s been traditionally used for long years. It is considered useful due to its hydroxycitric acid or HCA.

This HCA functions in two different means to decrease fat. First, it works by repressing your desire to eat, which reduces your consumption of calories. When this happens, the body torches any preserved fats for energy to be consumed. Second, HCA avoids the generation of new fat, which speeds up the process of losing weight. Some researches have also determined that this compound has the potential to boost short and long-term fat elimination.

ThermoDiamine: This component is a distinctive version of the herbal extract evodiamine, which heightens the production of catecholamine, something that is required for oxidation of fat.

Interestingly, Sexy Ripped doesn’t have any exclusive blends, something that many manufacturers are guilty of. This is great since this means the company is transparent about the ingredients used in their product.

About the Company

The manufacturer of Sexy Ripped GymVixen as mentioned earlier. Technically, the company is a newbie in the industry. It particularly formulates supplements that are devoted to fit women’s needs. Thus far, the manufacturer has received good feedbacks for their creations.

Place of Purchase

This particular fat-burning supplement can be purchased from these two online retailers – with a price of $49.95 and XPI where it costs $59.95. Both these sites provide satisfaction guarantees. The former has a 45-day refund policy, while the later has a 90-day money-back guarantee.

What’s the Final Verdict?

Sexy Ripped is a fat burning supplement that promises to give your body at its leanest shape by getting rid of fat. This supplement is also particularly developed for women. The company behind this product boasts its simple formulation with no unnecessary components, just the right ones that count. There are positive reviews both for the supplement and the company. If you’re looking for a fat-burning supplement that works safely, you can give Sexy Ripped a try. On the other hand, it is important to note that lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet and working out regularly are also essential factors to maximize the supplement’s potency.

Best Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism to Help You Lose Weight

The first thing you need to realize in regards to your metabolism is that it involves much more than just burning fat, in that your metabolism controls virtually every process that your body carries out. This process is where our body takes the food we consume daily and converts it in to energy our cells can use, called ATP.

Maintaining a good metabolism is not just important in staying thin, it is important in keeping us happy, our brains functioning properly, heart, lungs and other body systems as well. In essence it affects our entire health which makes it that much more important to get under control which is easier said than done.

Our metabolism naturally declines as we age, which means that we need to take additional steps as we get older to keep our bodies in good shape, and to live longer healthier lives.

Slow Metabolism Signs to Look out For

Arguably the most important factor when it comes to our metabolism is our diet, and being on a diet that revolves around a restricted amount of calories can do us more harm than good. As a matter of fact, diets are a huge cause of a slow metabolism in many people.

If you are someone who regularly feels tired, moody, or is prone to getting sick easily,  your metabolism might be to blame.

A very common issue many people experience is that while dieting they also try to exercise as well, burning the candle at both ends so to speak. If you are already dieting and are functioning on a reduced amount of calories, exercising is only going to increase that deficit.

While you may see weight loss in the short term, eventually that huge calorie deficit is going to catch up to you, and you will end up putting on more weight as a result.

To avoid this, you need to make sure you are eating enough calories throughout the day to the point where your body can actually function at an optimal level. Depriving yourself of calories will increase your craving for these unhealthy foods, leaving you more prone to breaking your diet and gorging on unhealthy food anyway.

A good rule to follow if you are having problems maintaining your energy levels due to a new diet is to not skip out on meals throughout the day, providing yourself with a steady supply of good calories that come from healthy whole foods will help elevate that metabolism.

Eat Foods That Will Help Speed up Your Metabolism

You can best help yourself by choosing the proper foods which will not only speed up your metabolism, but will keep you satiated and satisfied in the process. There are a few things you will want to keep in mind when it comes to your diet and boosting metabolism.

First off the most important thing is to get more protein in your diet as a diet high in protein itself is linked to a higher metabolism. On top of that you need protein to build and synthesize muscle along with many other things, and this additional muscle tissue requires more energy and calories burned in the process.

Two other food items you are going to want to include in your diet are either coffee or tea for the caffeine and spicy foods for their capsaicin. Both of these compounds are well known metabolism boosters.

 Incorporate Strength Training Exercises in to Your Routine

Exercise is important when trying to speed up your metabolism, but what many people don’t know is that weight training can be much more effective in doing so than endurance training like running or jogging.

Strength training has the added benefit of adding more muscle tissue as a result, and this tissue requires more energy to maintain, even at rest. This means that just by adding more muscle alone you are burning more calories and have a higher metabolism without even having to do any additional work.

Muscle tissue is more active than fat and other tissues, so your body needs to do more metabolic work on a daily basis to provide the muscle with the nutrients it needs to function.

As far as what exercises you need to do to put on this muscle, you can train in any way you wish as long as you are putting on muscle. This means that if you want to use free weights to do so you can, resistance exercises or bodyweight exercises if you prefer.

How to Properly Build Salads When on a Diet


Salads can be a very effective tool when it comes to losing weight, however it is also very easy to take a healthy salad and turn it in to something completely unhealthy by only adding a few ingredients.

Most people look to salads to help them control their weight and reach their weight loss goals, but it is easy to get half of your caloric needs for the entire day from just one salad, so make you know how to approach this meal to make it work best in your favor.

Here are some simple rules to abide by when trying to incorporate a healthy salad regularly in to your meal plan:

1- Make Sure Your Salad Is Full of Color


Generally speaking, when it comes to foods the more rich the color, the more nutrient dense the food is. Things like iceberg lettuce, cucumbers and other foods light in color are generally foods you want to stay away from.

There are some exceptions to this rule such as cauliflower, onions, and turnips, which are all potential ingredients you can add to a healthy salad.

Iceberg lettuce certainly isn’t going to hurt you and is full of healthy fiber, but outside of fiber and water it doesn’t bring much to the table.

Another thing you want to keep in mind is to get a lot of variation as far as food diversity is concerned in your salads. Most people think of salads as being predominantly green, but you want to make it as colorful as possible to have the best nutritional balance.

For example, spinach is a healthy vegetable that should frankly be a part of every salad, however the salad should consist of just spinach itself. Spinach does lack some nutrients like vitamin C, so make sure to add plenty of red or yellow bell peppers to round the salad off.

2- Limit Your Toppings to Two or Fewer  Non-Vegetables

preview-full-shutterstock_372226354One of the main benefits of a salad when it comes to weight loss is that it contains all the nutrients you need but contains little calories as well. This is mainly because of the high presence of vegetables in salads, which are nutrient dense yet light in calories. The fiber within these vegetables help to fill you up while not weighing you down.

Most of the calories from salads come from seeds, nuts and berries, so try to limit how much of these you add to your salads. The same thing goes for extra cheese topping or meats, you want to limit yourself on these as well.

Stick to foods like walnuts, cranberries, raisins, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, apple slices and the like. Try to limit yourself here, as the more you add, the more calories you will be consuming.

3- Make Sure You Are Not Choosing an Unhealthy Dressing

If there is one ingredient that can kill a salad, it is the dressing. Many dressings have hundreds of calories alone which can turn this healthy meal in to one you would be better off avoiding.

Avoid dressings loaded with cheese or fat, steer clear of blue cheese dressing, french dressing and similar types. Ideally you want to choose oil and vinegar, or other oil based dressings to keep the calories low.

Watch out for additional sugars as well which are common in many dressings.

4- Eat Your Salad with a Protein to Fill You Up

If there’s one thing your salad is lacking its calories in the form of protein. Protein is proven to keep you feeling full and satiated, so if you are struggling to keep full when eating salads, throw a protein in the mix.

Make sure when doing so that you are choosing lean healthy proteins as to maintain a proper diet. Grilled chicken, turkey, salmon, lean beef are all good options when considering adding a protein to your salad. Hard boiled eggs are another common choice, and are typically found in chef’s salads.

Ideally you want to first eat the salad to make sure you are first and foremost filling up on these low calories foods, and if you still feel hungry, finish it off with a piece of steak, chicken or other lean protein.

Pretty much anyone can abide by these guidelines to maintain a healthy diet, by including salads to their meal plan. Just make sure to keep the calories low and the nutrient levels high by sticking mainly to low calorie, nutrient dense vegetables with the occasional nut and berry thrown in here and there.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Without Resorting to Surgery



People who are concerned about their weight usually look to surgery as an option for one major reason. It is the quickest way that they can get rid of that unsightly fat with the least amount of effort necessary. It is no wonder that liposuction surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States as there is a massive problem with obesity among its population.

The problem with surgery is that although it does remove the fat, it doesn’t do anything for the extra skin, dimples, and other noticeable conditions related to the skin. Surgery is not effective when it comes to these issues including that of cellulite, so you should try to get rid of it through lifestyle changes.

What is Cellulite and is it Dangerous?

Cellulite is the appearance of divots or lumps on the skin that develops in many people as the result of age. As we age some of our connective tissue deteriorates, which causes this uneven distribution of fat deposits under the skin, giving it this distinctive appearance.

Outside of looking unattractive, there are no health problems with having cellulite in itself so if you have some there is no cause for alarm. However if you are still interested in getting rid of it there are a few ways you can go about doing so without having to resort to surgery.

Change Your Diet to Reduce Cellulite

preview-full-shutterstock_530316775Like with many other issues involving our adipose, or fatty tissues throughout the body, diet is key to controlling cellulite. Losing weight, especially reducing body fat will help with the appearance of cellulite, in reducing fat overall.

Seeds like flaxseeds and chia seeds are great for reducing cellulite because they contain compounds that help to increase the production of collagen, which gives the skin that smooth, younger look and feel. Seeds are great foods to add to your diet in that they are very versatile. Use them in a snack, salad, or smoothie to get the benefit from these seeds.

Another way people can modify their diet to reduce cellulite is to eat leaner proteins. In the case of most people, especially if you try to eat somewhat healthy, the majority of these bad fats in our diet come from animal protein.

These bad fats not only cause us to gain weight, but also cause our blood vessels to clog up and harden which leads to strokes and heart disease. Make sure to eat lean proteins like chicken, turkey, beans, and fish like tuna and salmon.

You want to be eating about 4 ounces of protein in each meal which will help you stay full and lose more weight. A four ounce piece of chicken is about the size of the average adult’s fist to give you an idea of how much to include in your meals.

Another trick to reducing cellulite is to drink more water. Water not only helps in keeping you hydrated, but also fills you up as well. Keeping yourself hydrated will help with the elasticity of your skin, reducing the crater-like look of cellulite.

Stay Away from These Foods Which May Cause Cellulite


Just like there are foods that will help you avoid getting cellulite, certain foods will cause it as well. If you haven’t caught on yet, the key here is maintaining proper balance of water in your body. When your cells have too much water in them, you end up looking bloated and overweight. Too little water, well that’s what causes those craters in the cellulite.

Foods high in salt and sugar are ones we want to stay away from first and foremost, because they will upset this delicate balance in your body. If you eat foods high in sugar and salt, your body will retain more water to compensate, lowering blood sugar levels. In turn, this extra water weight leaves you looking and feeling bloated.

Foods that consist of refined grains or high in other simple sugars are foods you want to avoid as well. These foods are processed by the body in a similar manner as sugar, because of how fast they are broken down.

These refined foods cause our blood sugar levels to skyrocket, causing our body to secrete insulin to compensate which promotes the accumulation of fat.

Stick to whole foods like whole oats, what and barely when it comes to getting your carbohydrates.