Controversial Weight Loss Tips You Must Know About Today


When reading and catching about on how you can lose weight, you may run across some weight loss tips that are quite controversial. You are bound to run into some of this information but you need to know that some of it can harm you rather than help you. Read more about some of the most controversial weight loss tips here today!

You Should Eat Breakfast Even When You Aren’t Feeling Hungry

preview-full-shutterstock_287558735There are many people who believe that you need to eat breakfast even when you aren’t feeling hungry. It is true that eating a healthy breakfast will help to raise your metabolism. However, if you want to lose weight, you don’t always have to eat breakfast. Most breakfast meals will average you at around 300 to 500 calories. Studies show that those who skip out on breakfast will eat around 150 calories extra during their lunch. However, when doing that math, you are still down calories when you finish out your day. Everyone is going to be different. If you find that eating breakfast helps you with your weight loss go right ahead. If you find that you truly aren’t hungry in the morning, forcing yourself to eat isn’t going to help you lose weight.

Taking Your Weight Each Day

There are also people who believe that they should take their weight each day. The main problem with that is your weight is going to be fluctuating every day. This could be because of bloating, what time you ate and some other things. If you weigh yourself each day, you won’t get an accurate reading on your weight. When you weigh yourself every day, you may use that as a basis on what you should be eating and if you should reduce your intake of food. This won’t be healthy for you in general and won’t help you with losing weight either.

Juice Cleansing

Many people think that juice cleansing is an excellent way to lose weight. While these are extremely popular, the believe that they can help you drop 10 pounds in only a week, is not accurate. There isn’t much research to determine the effectiveness or safety of juice cleansing. When doing juice cleansing, you might lose some weight but you will lose some muscle as well. Additionally, you can do a juice cleanse every day of your life so this is not an effective or long-term solution for losing weight.

Cardio Helps with Weight Loss

Many people believe that cardio is the best exercise to do for losing weight. While this type of exercise is excellent for reducing stress, improving overall health and benefiting your health, don’t rely on just this exercise alone to help you lose weight. Each individual is different and the way cardio affects that person will vary from the next person. The best course for exercising when trying to lose weight is to combine cardio with strength training.

Calorie Intake Focus

preview-full-Best-Time-To-Perform-CardioThere are many people who think that in order to lose weight they need to focus solely on their intake of calories. While your intake of calories does have to do with losing weight, it should not be your only focus. The foods you put into your body will affect your appetite, hormones that are controlling weight and your hunger regardless of how many calories are in them. The other problem with focusing solely on your calorie intake is that with processed foods, the calorie count is generally off a bit. Yes, you should pay some attention to how many calories you are taking in every day but you shouldn’t depend solely on calorie intake so you can lose weight.

As mentioned a couple of times above, everyone’s body is different. You will need to work on different weight loss tips and stick with them to see what works for you. The controversial weight loss tips above are a guideline as to what some people do to lose weight. While they are controversial, you may still find that some of them work for you. When you are working on losing weight, trial and error may be more at play to achieve your end goal weight.