How Drinking Plenty of Water Makes Your Brain Works Better

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We’ve all heard about it. We need to drink lots of water to stay healthy. It can just be a bit of a challenge for many. Being hydrated boosts our energy levels, strengthens our immunity, and makes the skin radiantly looking. But that’s not all. Presently, there have been numerous studies suggesting that water also improves brain functions. This isn’t surprising at all since the balance between water and other compounds are essential for the brain cells to work at its best.

This equilibrium becomes disturbed when you’re not sufficiently hydrated, leading to your mental function to decline. Dehydration can also result in your neural passageway shutting down. Thus, the region of the brain in-charge for planning and coming up with solutions begins to struggle. Clearly, there’s a relationship between your brain functions and staying hydrated. The more you understand it, the better. This can help you motivate into drinking water more often than what you’re used to.

Drinking water improves lucidity

man drinking glass of water and taking ProgentraWhen you’re dehydrated, your skin starts to dry, your eyes are hollow, and your heartbeat is pacing. Aside from these physical manifestations, dehydration also negatively affects the brain tissues. When you forget to drink water because you’re too busy with a task, your brain is compelled to work laboriously, which makes it harder for you to think clearly. The result is that you fail to finish said task because your brain is not just in it or you can manage to complete the work but not efficiently.

It improves your focus

Based on latest studies, drinking water adequately helps to maintain a high level of concentration and alertness. In one particular study involving two participants playing virtual table tennis using their minds rather than hand controllers, the player who didn’t drink enough water prior the game lost due to exhaustion and a drop in concentration.

For better problem-solving skills

It was demonstrated in another research that drinking lots of water was vital for those attempting to resolve predicaments or straighten issues out. As mentioned earlier, staying hydrated helps improve clarity and boosts one’s focus, which is important factors when you’re trying to solve a problem or coming up with a crucial decision.

Staying hydrated boosts memory

Have you had one of those moments where you struggle to remember things that are not supposedly hard to recall like latest happenings? If this is the case, you should incorporate more brain-boosting foods into your diet, such as fish and green vegetables. Drinking water abundantly can also help.

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Even if you’re not that dehydrated, it’ll still have a negative impact on your brain, specifically when it comes to the homeostatic stability. This definitely can have an effect on your mental faculty, making it tough for you to commit basic stuff to memory, remember information, and even produce long-term memories.

It enhances reaction time

Researchers have also found that drinking plenty of water helps your brain to work at a quicker pace. It was demonstrated in a study that those who consume a pint of water before taking on mental activities were quicker by 14 percent than those who didn’t have any water intake. So, every time you feel like you’re losing your energy and concentration, don’t overthink it. If you always forget to drink enough water, maybe that’s what’s causing your mental functions to slow down.

For improving your frame of mind

Do you always find yourself fighting with the people around you because of your bad temper? Do you feel this nagging petulance that won’t just go away? If you’re asking yourself why you’ve been so cranky, think about the last time you had enough water consumed. Even the littlest dehydration can get your mood to plummet. And think about it. What makes one feel great? By having the energy and the motivation, something that you can’t have if you only drink three glasses of water a day. Sometimes, feeling great isn’t that complicated, maybe you just need to drink more.

It alleviates anxiety

Anxiety can make your life considerably hard. If you’re always anxious about things, overthinking about every little detail, you may find yourself having a tough time doing your job properly or doing well in your studies. In order to accomplish your tasks with efficiency, you need to be calm and relaxed and staying hydrated is one of the things you can do to achieve this. In fact, there’s been a solid link between being hydrated and decreased anxiety. One of the reasons is that enough water in your system can help reduce cortisone levels.

It helps with headaches

If you’re struggling with a throbbing pain in the head, chances are you’re not going to accomplish anything of quality. It’ll make any work highly challenging and you wouldn’t want that if you’re striving to succeed in your career or in your studies. Several studies suggest that staying hydrated can help prevent headaches. As a matter of fact, having a headache could be an indication that you’re just dehydrated. That’s a relief because it means the solution is quite easy.

Moreover, you don’t need to feel thirsty to drink water. At least don’t wait for the sensation of thirst before gulping down H20. By that time, health professionals said you’ll have already lost about two percent water volume in your system. When it comes to your body’s hydration, it is important to be proactive. Drink constantly throughout the day and you’ll notice positive improvements in how you feel, both physically and mentally.