Easy Exercises to Do at Home

Fitness routine with exercise ball to maintain the abs

        When it comes to getting back in shape, we can’t all make it to the gym every day of the week. By working out at home, you will be better able to juggle your life and your health. As we get older we tend to add more things to our plates, like a career, marriage, children, etc. By adding these things, we sometimes forget to stay up on our health and to get that “killer summer bod” by getting rid of the “dad bod.” Working out at home is an easy way to stay in shape, and to make sure that you are not taking away from any of your other priorities.

Here are a few easy exercises to try to at home.


        We all know how to do push-ups, but we don’t always get them done. Push-ups are easy things to do at home because as long as you have a flat surface, you can do it. Whether you do them when you wake up in the morning or at night before you go to bed, this is an easy exercise that you can incorporate into your life.

        If you have children, they are an easy way to add extra weight while you do push-ups, they may even want to get in on the fun! If you are performing these in your office, it could become a competition, making you do more reps. Push-ups are easy to incorporate into your daily life.

        Push-ups help to move multiple muscle groups at once. They can help strengthen shoulder joints too! These can also help you stay fit between gym visits.fit woman doing push up and plank at home

Standing Shoulder Press

        These should be done standing up. They will only cost you a small amount of money as you go buy dumbbells. Think about it this way, dumbbells will be used with many different exercises, so why not get some of your own? By using dumbbells, you will be able to make more progress than if you were not using them. Plus, they are not huge, and you will be able to store them easily.

        This workout helps out beginner weight lifters. It is much safer than lifting a weight bar behind your neck. It is also an awesome workout for the home, as you will not have to buy a whole weight system, just to get similar results. Make sure that you are making all of your sessions or you will not see the results you want from this workout.


        Ah, squats. The most popular form of workout to date. We all want that perfect rump and lucky for you, squats are crazy easy to do just about anywhere. You can do them while you wait for your food to cook, in your office, in your room after you wake up, they’re so easy, anyone can do them!

        Just think about it, this workout strengthens more than just your legs. It strengthens your core and many other muscle groups. Squats are an easy workout that you can do at home so that you do not have to go to the gym. Try adding dumbbells to your squat routine so that you will see more results. By using barbells, you can build overall strength too. They also help you to perfect your technique.

Farmer’s Walk

        This is just one name for this exercise. It is where you take two dumbbells, hold them to your sides, and walk forward. This exercise is super simple and you can do it literally anywhere. This exercise works on your shoulders, traps, and deltoids. It can also help with grip strength.

        Make sure that you are using barbells that are almost half your weight. You should also be walking with your shoulders back. Walk quickly with short steps to maximize this exercise.

Lateral Raise

muscular man doing lateral arm raise with dumbbells        This exercise also uses dumbbells. It is where you must hold a light dumbbell in each hand, then lift the dumbbells up to shoulder height, and then back down to your sides slowly. Make sure that you are doing this slowly so that you build muscles and don’t just bang your dumbbells together. This is a simple exercise that will help to work your shoulders.

        If you do not have dumbbells, but you have children, pile them onto your arms and do this exercise. You’ll love the dad time and so will they. Plus, they probably weigh more than your dumbbells do.

Calf Raise

        Another exercise that uses dumbbells. You will hold dumbbells in each hand and you will lift your heels, while keeping the balls of your feet on the floor, up. This is a way to ensure that you are exercising your calves. It is a part of leg day that many people skip and can cause “chicken legs.”


        Bicep curls are an easy way to tone and build muscles in your arms. Make sure that you are keeping your elbows still while you do this exercise. This is also a great exercise to incorporate your family. Whether it be your dog or your kid, they can help you to work out at home. The coolest part about bicep curls is that you get to do a workout that builds multiple muscles in your arms.


        Do you remember when planking was an internet sensation? Well now it is a regular exercise that is incorporated into many routines. A plank works many muscles throughout your body and is easy to do. Planking helps to build that flat six pack that you want. Just like with a push-up, as long as you have a flat surface you can do a plank. You can do them virtually anywhere, I wouldn’t suggest the middle of the street, but you could do it there too!

        Look for as many ways as possible to incorporate your family, pets, whatever, in your at home workout. It will make it much easier to work out at home as they will also start to look forward to spending time with you, even if you are working out.