Effective No Equipment Workout

man doing push ups has been taking Progentra

        Not everyone has time to go to the gym and not everyone has the money to buy expensive equipment for home. This leaves many men feeling helpless when it comes to their fitness. What most men do not know, is that you don’t need all the fancy equipment to get a killer workout. You can do workouts at home, or even in the gym, without using any equipment. Here is an example of a killer, effective, no equipment workout.

        Whether you travel frequently, or you just have too much going on to make it to the gym regularly, a no equipment workout is the best way to stay in shape. After you make this work out a part of your routine, you may even want to do a version of it when you go to the gym. This workout will work your lower body and help build your endurance.


A warning: this workout is long. If you are a beginner, you can do a shorter version of the workout listed below. You may want to quit halfway through this workout. Make sure to adjust it to what you will be able to do and then work up from there. Do not be discouraged if you cannot finish this workout the first time you try it.

The good news: this workout will make you fitter, leaner, and stronger. Once you get the hang of it, you will begin to interpret it into any other sort of exercise that you do. Since this workout is not easy, it will test your mental toughness. If you can complete this workout, you will also be improving your mental strength.


        This workout is useful for endurance and strength athletes. This workout works your lower body. By doing repeated exercises, like lunges, you will strengthen your lower body while making yourself leaner. By working your lower body you will also reap the benefits of longer runs, bike rides, and anything in between. It will also strengthen your body so that you are less likely to be sore or have any aches and pains after a workout.

        Many times strength athletes, or just men who want to work on their fitness, get stuck in a rut. This is usually because they do not do enough reps in their regular workouts. Doing just a few rounds of this workout, you will work out harder than you have in your whole life.

        Remember, this workout is designed to work on your body toughness and your mental toughness. This workout will help you to get shredded and change your mind about the way that you work out.


The Workout:

man who takes Progentra doing lungesAlternating Lunges

Start with 40 alternating lunges. Lunges are great for your lower body and they also help shed fat around the belly area. The areas that are worked are especially helpful for running, bike riding, and anything else that involves massive leg work.

Wall Sit

Your wall sit should last 30 seconds. This gives you a sort of break between lunges without you cooling down. A wall sit works your legs and your abs, again a workout that not only works your lower body, but also your belly area. A wall sit also works some of your back muscles only helping to get you leaner quicker.

Alternating Lunges

This set of lunges should only be 38. This is less than before but it will help you to see a stopping point in your workout. Lunges target your glutes, which are located in your hips and butt. They also target your hamstrings and quadriceps in your thighs. This helps build muscle in these legs without causing damage. There is a reason why lunges are some of the most popular exercises done today.

Wall Sit

Another 30 second wall sit. A wall sit helps build your isometric strength. This type of strength is found in your glutes, calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and adductor muscles. A wall sit works the same muscles as lunges, but are less intense. This is another reason why this workout is considered hard. Your “break” continues to work the muscles that are being targeted in the main workout. Your muscles never truly take a break during this workout.

Alternating Lunges

This set of lunges should be 36. You can probably see where this workout is going by now and you can see why it is considered a hard workout. When doing lunges, your calf muscles acts as stabilizers which helps work all aspects of your legs. Your abdominal and back muscles also act as stabilizers. Which is why this workout helps you to become leaner as well as stronger and fitter.

Wall Sit

no equipment workout woman doing wall sits30 second wall sit. Wall sits help work your quadriceps. One of the most important muscles that are part of quadriceps is the rectus femoris. This muscles help move your thigh towards, or away, from your torso. Wall sits help increase the strength and endurance of this important muscle.

If you are a beginner, try to start with only 20 lunges, so it is an even number, and then work down by two from there. Keep your wall sits at 15 seconds with a 15 second break before you begin lunges again. This will help you to start building muscle so that you can work up from there. Do this beginner workout for two weeks and then jump to 30 lunges with 30 second wall sits, and so on as you get stronger and more confident.   


        When doing any version of this workout, keep reducing each lunge workout by two until you reach the end. Once you have reached zero, you are done with your workout. You can see how this workout helps build muscle and strengthen your mind if you are able to make it through. Do not be discouraged on your first try if you cannot make it all the way through. If you can make it through this no equipment workout, you can make it through anything!