Are Group Workouts More Effective Than Hitting the Gym? Which Are the Best Ones to Do?

If you’re someone who has been exercising for a while, you already know what exercises you prefer, and which ones are going to give you the best results. While establishing a routine, and sticking to it is one of the most important things to do when you first start exercising, it can also hinder you down the line.

Doing the same types of exercises at the same frequency, and with relatively the same weight is going to stunt your progression, if not halt it altogether.

Once we get to this point where we hit a plateau getting the desire to get back in the gym can be difficult. For this reason it can be a great idea to join a fitness class or two to switch things up and get motivated.

Studies have shown that incorporating variation into our workouts is a very effective way to confuse our muscles so to speak, which can really aid us in our progression. Here are some of the most fun group classes which you can look into to vary up your routine.

Pool Bootcamp/Swimming

One of the most underutilized types of exercises involve swimming or some type of aquatic fitness. Exercising in a pool comes with multiple benefits, and is definitely something that you should at least try to incorporate into your routine.

This is because one of the best aspects to swimming is that it requires the recruitment of many different muscle groups just to perform your average stroke. Propelling in the body through the water requires muscles in the legs, in the back, core muscles, the arms, shoulders, the chest and virtually the whole body.

Along with getting a full body workout, swimming has the added benefit of being very easy on the joints. This because of the natural properties of water and how buoyancy helps to a eliminate much of the force exerted on our joints through exercise.

Swimming helps to reduce long-term damage on our joints as opposed to other very common and beneficial forms of exercise such as running jogging or even walking.


Boxing is another great activity that you can use to a really give yourself an intense workout. Due to all of the recent studies conducted in regards to brain damage and hits to the head, many people understandably have avoided partaking in the sport.

Without being said many of these types of classes which are offered at gyms revolve more so around the cardiovascular elements of the sport more so than learning how to connect with a punch. This means that you shouldn’t be concerned at all about taking a punch to the face or getting hit during this type of exercise as if that was the case these classes wouldn’t be so popular.

We tend to forget that boxing is more than just an arm work out throwing our hands, but also requires a lot of core strength and labor intensive footwork, which can provide us with a full body workout.

Indoor Rowing

One of the saddest aspects to any gym is that people don’t utilize rowing machines, if they exist at the gym at all. This and because many people are under the false impression that the rowing machine is only beneficial for the arms, when in fact it can provide one of the best full body workouts out there.

Not only does it work the entire body but due to the nature of the movements to and little impact of the exercise itself, is also a great exercise to do if you’re looking to reduce the amount of strain and damage done to your joints as a result.

If you can’t find an indoor rowing class you should definitely look to join a gym at least has a few of these machines lying around. Chances are they’ll be housed in the back corner somewhere, as again this machine definitely isn’t a favorite among many people.


Last and certainly not least we have cycling classes, which tend to be looked down upon by many people. This is especially the case for weightlifters another self proclaimed serious gym rats as cycling is perceived as a joke of an exercise.

The thing is if you’re someone who actually take cycling classes or rides a bike regularly, you know that the opposite is in fact true. Like the other exercises mention here cycling is a good way to get an almost full body exercise.
While many people believe that cycling only works the legs due to all the constant moving throughout the exercise it also works the core, arms and even back to an extent as well. This definitely makes it an exercise worth trying in something that you should look to add to your routine from time to time.