Hitting a Peak In Your Gains? Try These Supplements to Get You Over the Hump



The first thing we try to do when it comes to making our fitness goals is making sure that we are training properly and eating right. Our diet alone can easily make or break us to the point where our exercise routine can’t keep up. Many of us are well aware of this and struggle with it daily.

For some people they will simply get to a point where they can’t progress no matter what they do. Changing their diet doesn’t work, whether it comes to portion sizes or the nutrition itself there is no change. It could be the same case for their routine as well, in that all of the variations they are making are doing nothing. Changing intensity levels, frequency of exercise and the routine itself even may not be enough.

If you have tried everything when it comes to your exercise program, you should experiment with these well known tried and true supplements to give you that extra boost you need.

1- Caffeine

preview-full-shutterstock_261745823Caffeine is an interesting topic of conversation because of all of the conflicting information and controversy surrounding it. What some experts consider to be a safe or health amount of caffeine to consume in a day is considered to be a dangerous amount by others, making choosing one way or the other difficult.

Next time you go to the health food store or supermarket, pick up the nearest weight loss or performance enhancing supplement. One ingredient many of them have in common is caffeine. If there is one thing we are certain about when it comes to caffeine, it is that caffeine is a very strong stimulant.

Drinking a cup of coffee before your workout can not only help you burn off more fat because of the effect that caffeine has in boosting your metabolism, but can help you in your workout overall as well. That extra boost of energy that caffeine provides can give you the extra edge in performance you need.

2-Green Tea


Green tea contains not only caffeine which we know is a powerful stimulant, but also contains powerful antioxidants as well. The caffeine found in green tea gives us an extra boost in energy, increasing our alertness and improving our ability to perform said exercise.

The antioxidants are important when considering your workout because of the effect is has on your muscles after working out. When we exercise especially in strength training programs, we release toxic harmful chemicals in to our body as a result.

These harmful particles called free radicals cause havoc in our bodies by binding up with anything they come in contact with, which can disrupt our biological processes. Antioxidants are useful in that they bind up with these free radicals forming a harmless substance that doesn’t negatively affect our bodies.


Protein is great for fighting weight loss, which may sound counterintuitive. In theory by consuming more protein you will be putting on more muscle, and hence more weight, defeating the purpose. What we are not considering here is the differences between fat tissue and muscle tissue, and are only looking that the weight as a whole.

The benefit of putting on muscle is that unlike fat tissue, muscle tissue requires a tremendous amount of energy to maintain. Building more of this muscle tissue requires more energy, and the energy required to maintain the muscle come first from glucose, then from our fat restores.

In essence the muscle you put on is burning fat and calories around the clock whether or not you are exercising. You want to be eating enough protein so that your muscles are adequately supplied and have maximum growth.

Eating protein not only helps to maintain and grow muscle tissue but can also curb hunger as well. Out of the three macro nutrients, carbohydrates, fats and proteins; proteins are the macro nutrient most people are deficient in.

This means that if you are hungry and don’t eat enough protein, you are still going to crave food. This causes us to over eat, packing on additional calories by eating foods we don’t need to.  Make sure you aren’t falling victim to this by getting enough protein, supplement your meals with a whey protein powder if need be.