How to Get a Six Pack without the Gym

ripped guy who takes Progentra shirtless and showing six pack abs

It is not always easy to get to the gym and you can’t always afford the expensive equipment for home. You do not need these things to get a great core, all you really need a space to workout. These exercises will help you to work every muscle in your core.


Crunches are one of the most classic exercises out there. Crunches can replace many of the fancy machines out there because they work the same muscles. The crunch can activate a variety of muscles.

Spiderman Push Up

This exercise has you mimicking Spiderman crawling up a building. This is a compound move that engages your core. It targets your arms and chest like a push up, but the added move of bringing your leg up works your core. Since you only have three contact points with the ground, your core muscles will have to work hard to keep your balance.

Leg Raises (Hanging)

ripped guy with six pack doing hanging leg raise and has been using ProgentraThis is a very hard ab exercise and surprisingly, you can do it in your home. This exercise is extremely effective because it focuses on all your core muscles. You may need a pull up bar to do this exercise properly, but if you have something that works in your home, use it.

Extended Arm Plank

Planks work your core muscles like crazy. If you do an extended arm plank, it will put even more responsibility on your core muscles. Not only will they flexed to hold you up, they will also be working to keep you balanced. Your core holds your body in place during this exercise, making it killer.

Side Plank

This exercise works your side core muscles. These can be some of the hardest to work out properly. This exercise can also work your lower back and can help to prevent pain. It will also help to work your hip muscles which will help you as you age.


Just a good, old plank will also get the job done. A plank, no matter how it is done, is one of the best exercises to work out your core muscles because it works out all your core muscles. The best part is that it also works out multiple other muscles in your body as well.

Russian Twists

Your core will also be keeping balanced during this exercise. The twists help to work out both sides of your body. If you want to amp this one up, add a medicine ball for more weight.


V-sits are where you do a sit-up, but hold a v position at the top of it. This helps to test your control over your core muscles. They will be holding you up, keeping you balanced, and controlling the rest of your body.

Rise Ups

These are partial sit-ups where you keep your arms straight up in the arm. This exercise will help you to build your ab muscles and create the six pack that you want.

Ball Crunch

You will need an exercise ball for this one. They are relatively cheap and can be used for various exercises. You are lying back on the ball and doing half sit-ups. This is a good way to keep your balance and work your leg and core muscles.

Dip/Leg Raise

If you were able to do the hanging leg raises, you will be able to do this exercise at home. You can set up two items that you will be able to lift yourself up on. After you raise yourself up between both items, you raise your legs. This is another exercise that helps with balance, but it also works your arms and core.

Flutter Kick

This exercise works our lower core muscles. You will have to keep them tight as you raise your legs and kick slightly. This workout can be killer if you are doing as many reps as possible within 30 seconds.

Leg Raise

Much like the flutter kick this exercise works on your lower abs. As you lift your legs into the air, your lower abs will be working hard to keep them in the air. Make sure to never have your legs touch the floor while you’re doing reps for a maximum core workout.

fit Progentra user doing mountain climbers exercise at homeMountain Climbers

This exercise can help you to get your heart pumping while working your core. It is important to get your heart going when you are exercising if you want to get the best results.

Superman’s (With Ball)

You can also do this exercise without an exercise ball, but an exercise ball will help you to put in maximum effort. If you are using the ball, you will be in a push up position and roll the ball until your torso is vertical. If you are doing it without the ball, you will be lying face down on the floor and raise your arms and legs and hold them. Either way works out your core muscles very well.

Reverse Crunch

If you use a resistance band, or something similar, this will even more resistance for your core muscles. When doing a reverse crunch you bring your hips and knees up to your chest. Your torso will be raised off the floor. This is another way to help exercise your core muscles.

Swiss Rollout (With Ball)

If you put your forearms on the ball and then extend your legs behind you, you will be able to work out your core muscles and your back muscles. This is an easy exercise that will help you get in some serious workout time.

Seated Knee Tuck

You will be able to sit on any chair in your home to do this exercise. Extend your legs in front of you and your torso back so that you are in a straight line. By holding this position, your core muscles will need to be tightened, working them out greatly.


If you want to get a six pack, there are many exercises out there that you can do from home.