Is Viatropin Effectual?

Viatropin Overview

Viatropin is basically a fitness supplement that helps increase muscle mass by improving your energy, endurance, your body’s mechanism to torch fat, and even your sex drive.

This is obtained with the use of clinically proven components that Viatropin’s company says are truly potent in deliver significant benefits with regards to fitness and building your desired physique. To experience its gains, take one Viatropin in the morning and another one before your training.

Viatropin Price

If you purchase Viatropin directly from its manufacturer, it’s only available via free trial where you only need to pay for the shipping cost of $5.95. However, the company behind the supplement failed to inform us the exact duration of the trial, how much the customer has to pay after this trial expires, and whether there’s a subsequent autoship enrollment or not. Nevertheless, we learned through their Terms & Conditions page that we’re required to pay $7.99 for shipping and handling. But then again no further details are given.

Moreover, Viatropin has a 45-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling, plus a 15% restocking charge. You can ask for a refund if you contact their customer support at (480) 378-3182.

We called their customer service to verify some info that’s missing that we were told that Viatropin is available via a 15-day free trial and that after it expires you will be billed for the whole cost, which is $69.99. Afterwards, you will be registered into their recurring shipment plan, for which you will also be automatically charged $69.99 for every delivery.

What Are the Components Involved?

There’s no list of ingredients available on their website. But generally, testosterone-boosting supplements usually contain deer antler velvet, DHEA, fenugreek, horny goat weed, l-arginine, saw palmetto, and tribulus terrestris, among others.

Among these, l-arginine shows the potential to work as it becomes transformed into nitric oxide in the body. This results to the dilation of blood vessels, which improves blood flow. This can potentially help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The enhanced blood flow is also capable of momentarily giving you muscle pumps after training.

Beyond that, there’s insufficient clinical proof that most of the components in testosterone boosters can really bring massive changes. Another factor is that Viatropin lacks product label, so not only are we unaware of the components, we also don’t know the dosages of these ingredients. Even if Viatropin has l-arginine, we’re not sure if the product contains enough of it to make a difference.

About Testosterone-Boosting Products

Testosterone levels in the body naturally decline as people age. As time goes by, the results become more noticeable, which is why a lot of men go for supplements like this in the hopes of regaining their T levels back. Symptoms of low testosterone are reduced libido, exhaustion, loose muscles, mood changes, and weight gain, especially with men in their 40s.

Even as we can exercise, eat healthy, and manage stress as means of naturally increasing our T levels, the effects are not significant. That’s why a lot of men also go for testosterone replacement therapy.

Customer Feedbacks

The legit feedbacks we found on Viatropin were posted on Amazon. On the site, 6 users left Viatropin an average score of 1.8 stars. The criticisms were mostly about ineffectiveness. Generally, products like this contain components that lack scientific proof to substantiate the claims made on their efficacy.

Some components usually contained in testosterone-boosting products such as Viatropin may only be helpful in addressing erectile dysfunction. This is in contrast to the variety of benefits purported by the company.

Moreover, Viatropin is produced by ENUTRA, which is mainly headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. The company also produces other kinds of products for health and beauty purposes. As of this writing, they have an F rating at the Better Business Bureau. This is according to 14 complaints, which the manufacturer kind of ignored.

Is Viatropin the Real Fitness Deal?

As mentioned, the company behind Viatropin makes a lot of claims about their supplement’s potency. However, it’s impossible to gauge its effectiveness, and even its side effects, when there’s no list of ingredients included on their website. Aside from this, there’s no product label, either. As for customers, it’s only natural if they prefer to go for a product that has a product label because people would want to know that exactly they’re putting in their bodies.

Basing on the customer reviews, there were only a few online and most of these feedbacks aren’t very good. To be fair, effectiveness varies and depends on the person taking it. It would be wise to see your doctor first if you suspect that your testosterone level is declining.