What Is Kinesio Tape? Can It Help to Speed up Recovery Time?

Kinesio tape is not just a tape, but a technique used which is used to help stabilize joints and muscles around and injured area of the body. This is done to help speed up recovery time, while reducing the range of motion of the injured area as little as possible.

This is especially effective in professional sports, where you can still perform at a high level with a slight injury with the help of this technique. It can be used pretty much in any trouble area of the body including knees, shoulders, wrists, elbows and other areas of the body that are commonly injured.

This tape and technique is not just for athletes though, it can be effective in helping reestablish some form of mobility in older patients who suffer from aches and pains as well. They can be used for every day injury as well, making this technique useful for not just professional athletes, but the population as a whole.

What Are the Benefits to Using Kinesio Tape?

Doesn’t Reduce Your Range of Motion

One of the biggest problems when it comes to joint or muscle rehabilitation is restricted range of motion. Restricting the range of motion restricts the blood flow to the area as well, which can increase pain and swelling while increasing recovery time.

Many people don’t think of stretching or working the muscle when it comes to recovery, but loosening up the muscle area by stretching it and doing exercise can help to facilitate blood flow to the area which helps improve recovery time.

The tape also helps to keep swelling down in between exercises via the support it provides to the problem area.

Helps to Treat and Avoid Running Injuries

If you are a runner, it is not a matter of if you will sustain an injury, it is a matter of when. This is because we are performing the same movements on our body which causes impact, a tremendous amount if done on a hard surface over an extended period of time.

This leads people to sustain ankle injury, knee injury, shin splints, muscle pulls, sprains and other associated injuries.

Kinesio tape can help to heal or avoid an injury in the first place because it provides extra stability to the joints and muscles as well. Many of the injuries we suffer from running is due to improper form because of underdeveloped muscles supporting our joints, which the tape can help correct also.

Can Help Reduce Pain Associated With Injury

Kinesio tape can help reduce pain associated with injury because it helps to inactivate pain sensors, and helps to drain fluids which result from inflammation and are a source of pain themselves.

The tape pulls on the skin, slightly separating the layers which helps to drain the fluids which reside within. It also helps to stimulate and facilitate blood flow which provides the area with the necessary nutrients to accelerate recovery time too.

What Should I Be Aware of When Using Kinesio Tape?

It is important to keep in mind that Kinesio tape should only be used a preventative measure, or to treat very minor injuries. This is why it is essential to identify the degree or type of injury you sustained so that you can treat it adequately.

Some injuries are minor to the point where Kinesio tape can be an effective tool in helping to reduce pain and speed up recovery time, but in some cases it simply won’t be good enough.

If you aren’t sure of the extent of your injury, it is always best to seek treatment to properly identify a problem. You don’t want to be trying to heal a fracture in your leg that you may mistake for a severe shin splint with Kinesio tape as it won’t be adequate.

If you sustain an injury and don’t know what the extent of the injury is, make sure you seek treatment before you just slap on some tape and get back to work. You could potentially end up doing a lot more harm than good to your health in the long run.

Also when using Kinesio tape there are multiple ways in which you can apply it, which you should become familiar with as well. There are specific designs or formations used to treat specific areas, so make sure you are familiar with them before you start applying these techniques.