Male Enhancement

for Penis Length and Girth

Penis size affects men’s self-esteem, the quality of their sex lives, and the satisfaction of their partners. While it would be nice if size didn’t matter, it is no secret that to many people, size matters a lot. According to a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, a third of women who have vaginal orgasms during sex claim it happens more often if their man has a large penis. It’s not just a matter of status or attractiveness – it may literally improve physical sexual satisfaction.

According to the latest scientific research and surveying, the average erect penis size is just over 5 inches long. The average girth of an erect penis is 4 and a half inches. Micropenises, or penises that are generally considered legitimately too small, are measured differently. Doctors consider the SPL or stretched penis length, which is found when the flaccid penis is stretched out and measured from the pubic bone at the base of the penis to the tip. A micropenis measures at

3 and two-thirds inches or less. Even if you don’t have a micropenis, though, it’s still easy to feel too small if you’re below average in size. Typically, small penises are caused by genetic or hormonal issues, such as decreased male sex hormone production during fetal development.

Men who don’t measure up often feel sexually inadequate, and they’re looking for options. There’s a term for this: small penis syndrome, or the belief you aren’t a real man because you don’t have a large penis. One way of dealing with a small penis is male enhancement. Almost all doctors agree that surgery is risky and low on positive results. Penile exercises tend to prove unhelpful and time-consuming. Male enhancement supplements are a more common way of helping men with penis size and other reasons for insecurity like erectile dysfunction and low libido. They’re also a lot easier and more affordable.

While many reputable websites and other sources will tell you male enhancement supplements don’t work, there are supplements that contain legitimately effective ingredients that have been used for their sex-enhancing properties for centuries.

Here are a few examples of how they work:

  • In order to improve sex drive, most supplements are packed with various aphrodisiacs that get your blood pumping to your brain and groin alike, turning you on fast.
  • PDE-5 inhibitors and free calcium inhibitors work to increase sexual endurance by continuously potentiating erections.
  • Numerous natural remedies work to increase libido and energy for better, more exciting sex
  • The overall increase in blood flow to the penis fills the penile chambers which adapt and expand, resulting in a larger penis over time.

Of course, these are only a few examples of how numerous substances work inside the body to increase penis size and sexual performance and pleasure. Supplements are filled with numerous ingredients, all of which have their own unique, scientifically backed mechanisms of action. The key to true penis growth in length and girth is doing your research on male enhancement products and choosing the right one for you.