A Men’s Guide to Flirting without Speaking


Picture this. You are standing in a packed bar or nightclub and the girl of your dreams appears on the other side of the bar. You want to show her you are interested, but she won’t hear you shout over the crowd. If you lock eyes, you have a chance of drawing her over, but how do you entice her when you can’t say a thing? Here is how to flirt with a lady without saying any words:

 1. Open and spread

preview-full-Young-couple-talking-and-drinking-coffeeBody language is the key to understanding how to flirt without speaking. You need to open your posture as this shows that you are willing to accept others, and opening your posture toward her will show that you are inviting her in. By spreading out, you show that you assert your dominance within your space, which is scientifically attractive to women. Do this by placing one arm on the bar but opening your body to the woman.

 2. Copy her

This may seem like a strange piece of advice but by mirroring her movements, her periphery and subconscious will notice that you are there. If your posture mimics hers, it will also make her feel more relaxed and comfortable, as though she is doing the right thing. In relation to you, it will trick her mind into thinking you match.

 3. Touch your face

Touch the more masculine areas of your face, such as rubbing your jaw or running your fingers through your hair. This will draw attention to the more chiseled masculine features of your face, which send sexual signals to the woman.

 4. Gain eye contact

When you look at her in the eyes, make sure that your face is relaxed and inviting; otherwise, you give off the serial killer vibes. She will inevitably look away, but make sure that when she looks back, you are still looking. The second glance is the reason she will know that you are interested in her. Try sweeping your eyes across the room every now and again, catching her eye as you go but without looking too aggressively intense.

 5. Watch for her signal

If she is interested in you, she will be sending signals of her own so watch for these. She will be showing her neck more, touching her hair, and periodically looking down or away after catching your eye. She will also be slightly smiling and will open her body language to you. If she is doing these things, you’ll find that she is giving you signals to approach.

 6. Close the distance


The next step is to show her that you are interested and to do this, you need to close the distance. Try to catch her eye as you come toward her, but also recognize signs if she is trying to escape. Don’t come toward her in an aggressively, domineering way. Start to walk slowly over as more of a question, and try to see her response to your action. The approach is the last silent move, so make sure you coordinate it with style and grace.

 When you are trying to flirt with a woman from afar, it can be complicated. Equally, running after her can be a surefire way to lose your cool. Instead try to maintain a low level of eye contact to induce the moment, while fixing your body language to make her feel uncomfortable. If you get nervous or anxious when flirting, you can always try taking a supplement like ‘Relax (Holy Basil)’, as this will relax the body and calm the nerves, which will help you feel at ease.