MetaBiotic Review

MetaBiotic Review

MetaBiotic Review

Probiotic supplement MetaBiotic was created by the company behind Metamucil. This product was publicly approved by former NFL player and now co-host of the morning talk show LIVE with Kelly and Michael Michael Strahan. Basically, MetaBiotic presents itself as a 2-in1 probiotic that contains Bio-Active 12, which sustains a great immune system and proper digestive condition.

MetaBiotic promises to provide your body of 6mg of Bifidobacterium animalis, sufficient amount of bacteria that can help in the boost of your digestive health.

Price and Refund

MetaBiotic is pretty accessible. It is available in a couple of third party reseller such as Target and Walmart. It costs around $9.99 – $23.49 at Target depending on the number of capsules. Basically it is available at 14, 30, 45, and 70 capsules per package. At Walmart, on the other hand, it can only be purchased for a 15-capsule package at $9.96. You can also avail this product on and

Since it is being sold in different retailers, the rules for refund rely on the general policies of the retailer.

MetaBiotic in Digestive Health and Immune System

When it boils down to the question of its safety and effectiveness, you only need to consider the following:

Does it work?

Digestive health

In the whole of medical community, probiotics are considered effective in delivering beneficial results to one’s health. Its efficiency has been tested and proven in a wide range of studies, research, and trials. Probiotics can actually provide you with better digestion, immune system, and even help you with inflammation and allergic reaction in other scenarios.

It is also important to note that like with other products, what works so effectively to one user does not mean that it will be the same to the other. People have different symptoms, requirements, and other specific health needs.

Bio-Active 12 Bacteria Strain

MetaBiotic claims its effectiveness to be brought by the Bio-Active 12. It is a fact that this strain is actually a trademarked one of the Bifidobacterium animalis. The owner of this strain is a Denmark-based company called Chr.Hansen A/S. Bifidobacterium is known to deliver ideal results when it comes to digestive health. It can be mostly found in probiotic supplements because of its potency. Generally it is helpful in the prevention of diarrhea and curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. In some cases, it can even be useful in the treatments of some forms of eczema and lung infections.


Because customer reviews were found on, it seems that MetaBiotic is a freshly released product from Procter & Gamble. In these reviews, claims of allergic reactions were made saying that these negative reactions only subsided upon halting their intake of the supplement.

By and large, however, many users are quite happy with the results of using not only MetaBiotic specifically, but also of using other probiotics. There are complaints, of course, and most stem on its lack of potency and some side effects, which include bloating and gas. Nonetheless, several consumers state that these adverse reactions are not permanent and only last a few days.


Healthy immune system

It is known that probiotics are generally good particularly for one’s digestive health. Integration of good bacteria in the stomach has been found and proven to help people achieve a variety of health benefits. So, you might find these benefits by using MetaBiotic, but since it’s a new supplement, it’s hard to say for now.

There’s also a chance that it would work on you because every one’s system is unique. It is possible that you may find this product more effective because its strains of probiotics work well on you. Luckily, MetaBiotic has a money-back guarantee just in case it doesn’t work.