How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

Weight loss is not an easy journey, but it needs to be taken nonetheless not just to fit in the standard perception of beauty, but to actually be healthy. In fact, the purpose of health behind the whole act of weight loss should be the priority. The beautiful physique that comes along with losing weight is just bonus. But since saying goodbye to the habits you’ve grown accustomed to, as bad and unhealthy as they are, can be so hard, how can one really motivate himself to put on remarkable physical and mental efforts to get started? Here are 9 ways you can motivate yourself to start shedding pounds now:

1. What’s your Why?

Weight loss often begins with that ultimate reason of why you want to change your physical self in the first place. Why you want to do it can be for increased energy, to be better-looking and boost your self-esteem, to reduce your cholesterol, or just to augment your lifespan by being generally healthy. You have to find out WHY you want to lose weight so that you can motivate yourself to start acting. The clearer your goals and intentions are, the greater your motivation will be.

2. Take note of your particular objectives

Studies demonstrate that putting your goals into writing increases the possibility of you accomplishing them. You can start with how much weight you want to lose and how you can make it happen. From this, you can plan to do cardio exercises three times every week and perform resistance training twice per week. You can also decide to eliminate soda and other sugary drinks from your diet. When you have tangible objectives, they’re more likely to be achieved.

3. Find a support system

Making lifestyle changes can be tougher when the people around you are too insensitive about the efforts you need to bring out. If your friends spend their free time on buffets and parties, you’d find it more difficult to enact the changes you want to impose into your life. So, seek a support system that can understand the process you need to go through. You can join a gym, enlist a workout partner, hire a trainer, or you can even participate in an online fitness community. When you hear other people’s journeys, it’ll motivate you further to lose weight and make positive changes in your life.

4. Love yourself

Concentrating on your weight loss goals is incredible, but only appreciating yourself when there are visible results isn’t a good idea. You need to be happy with your own body regardless of the number on the scale. Achieving the physique you’ve always wanted is amazing, but it doesn’t mean you should only love yourself because you’re slimmer.

5. Make a positive assertion everyday

It’s true that weight loss isn’t only a physical struggle, but also a mental one. In fact, the whole motivation scenario comes from your mind. Hence, it can be helpful to start each day with a positive declaration to help boost your motivation. It can be as simple as telling yourself that to make healthy choices is to make a happy life. You can choose your own mantra, something that resonates within you and something that you find inspiring. When you find one, repeat it to yourself daily. This helps you become more resolved in your weight loss goals and makes you more confident that you can achieve your objectives.

6. Create a reward system

It’s in our nature to work harder when there’s positive reinforcement involved, so creating a reward system can help in your weight loss management plan. Of course, your rewards should have nothing to do with binge eating. Instead, you can pamper yourself with a soothing foot spa or a new book to read on the weekends. You can also opt to buy a new outfit for work because you survived a week of not eating French fries and drinking sodas. You don’t need to exhaust your credit card to reward yourself, just place little rewards for yourself to encourage you to work harder.

7. No more excuses

Every time you’re catching yourself making an excuse, just stop right there. This applies when you keep on delaying things like “I’ll do it next week” and so on. Making changes for your health isn’t just for trivial purposes, it’s for your physical and mental well-being, which makes it important. The time to start is now, not next week or not next month.

8. Progress but not perfection

You can’t just expect to have abs after a month of dieting and exercising. It’s not ideal to anticipate for total physical overhauls. Doing so backfires when you see that the perfect image you’re expecting to see isn’t there. This can disappoint you and feeling disappointment can lead you to feel less motivated like all your efforts have been done for nothing. Be realistic about. Surely, you won’t see remarkable results at first, but you’ll see progress. It doesn’t matter how little the progress is as long as there’s one.

9. Make it part of your routine

Adhering to healthy choices becomes less difficult when they’re part of your daily routine. All of a sudden, working out is no longer a chore because you’ve accustomed yourself to exercising everyday. Eating healthy isn’t hard for you anymore because you’ve grown to like vegetables and fruits that you now see processed foods a bit disgusting considering the sugar and sodium they’re most likely packed in. In other words, when you make these healthy options as part of your daily life, you get to enjoy them even more.