Is MusclePharm Gainz the Real Deal?

About the Product

Gainz is a muscle-building supplement from the company MusclePharm. It belongs to its HardCore product series. Gainz, which is a post-fitness solution, is one of the three products that belong to this new product line.

This particular supplement is claimed to be developed using the greatest components in the industry. It’s touted as the greatest because there aren’t any unnecessary or harmful substances involved. The ingredients in Gainz are contained in an exclusive blend. While these kinds of blends are typically unappreciated, this doesn’t mean that the components in Gainz don’t have any potential.

To know whether Gainz is a value for money or not, let’s get to know this supplement further by dissecting its ingredients and other important factors.

The Ingredient Profile

Checking the formulation of the product, we learn that its components are just the standard ones typically used in post-exercise products. We didn’t see any innovative components that can change the way we see at fitness, just the basic ones. Here they are:

BCAA 4:1:1 (6 grams): Branched-chain amino acids are researched for their capacity to improve workout recuperation. Leucine, in particular, has been demonstrated to increase protein fusion that can facilitate further muscle development.

The BCAAs contained in Gainz seem to be sufficient for the purpose of slowing down symptoms of muscle pains, so that users are able to recuperate faster after training.

L-Glutamine (3 grams): This amino acid is frequently promoted as a muscle-growth component. Studies demonstrate that it’s been substantiated to increase protein fusion. We don’t know how much L-Glutamine is precisely needed for maximized results.

CarnoSy Beta-Alanine (2 grams): This component is utilized to boost physical functions. Health experts hint that the efficient amount for enhancement of performance goes from 3.2-6.4 grams each day. The quantity of this ingredient in Gainz is a bit lower compared with the scientifically proven amount. Given this, we’re unsure if this ingredient can bring significant contribution to Gainz’s overall formula.

Creatine Hydrochoride (2 grams): Creatine is one of the most recognized components in fitness and sports products. It’s also one of the widely researched ingredients. As such, creatine is claimed to generate notable results even in lower quantities. However, clinical information supporting this assertion is lacking.

BioPerine (5 mg): This component is essentially utilized for its possession of piperine. This is a substance used for boosting the bioavailability of the components. As of this writing, there’s no information on how much the dosage should be in order for this ingredient to work.

Proper Use of the Product

Gainz is intended to be consumed after your training. To do so, combine one scoop with 10-12 ounces of water. Drink after exercising. Talking about timing, it’s not crucial to take it instantly right after finishing your training. The thing that matters is consistency. This has to be consumed regularly every after workout.

Customers who have tried Gainz for some days reported improvement in terms of alleviating their muscle pains. Of course, if the pain were more intense due to a more vigorous training, it would still be noticed. But at least it could be lessened with Gainz.

In general, customers thought Gainz is a decent post-workout supplement. The Fruit Punch flavor is also appreciated by many and the results of muscle soreness alleviation were noticed by many users of the supplement.

Are there Side Effects?

There are no reports that Gainz can trigger serious side effects. As far as we’re aware, the ingredients in Gainz are generally harmless and should not generate any negative physical manifestations.

Gainz Accessibility and Cost

As of this writing, Gainz is still being exclusively offered by A bottle of this supplement delivers 30 servings and has a price of around $35. If you calculate, this means you’re paying about $1.16 for every serving. Based on the components present in Gainz’s formula, we can say that its cost resembles to that other similar products.

Bottom Line

Gainz is pretty good as a post-workout product despite having just the basic components. It would have been better if it contains something more revolutionary, to help it stand out from the rest. But right now, that’s all we can get. As for the cost, it’s quite reasonable. Overall, Gainz is worth considering. If you want something else that has a more distinctive formula, you can look for other options. But these are more likely to be costly, too. Considering there are some positive reviews testifying to the efficacy of the supplement from customers themselves; that should be enough especially if you’re tight on your budget.