How to Prepare Yourself to Stay Healthy This Winter

couple outdoors in snow more energy from Progentra

When considering how the change in temperature during the winter months affects our health, we first think of the impact on our psyche. The shorter days mean less exposure to light and in turn west production of vitamin D which can make us more prone to depression and other psychological issues.

While you should definitely be concerned about the effect of the shorter days on your mental health, our heart and cardiovascular system are more stressed as well. This is why either tends to be more heart attacks and other hot related illnesses in the cold.

Being able to gain a good understanding of why called can have such a huge impact on our health is key to living along and healthy life. There are some reasons why your health is more risk during the cold winter months.

1. Shorter Days, Less Sun Exposure

couple running during winter increased stamina with ProgentraThe first thing we have to consider during the winter months is that the days are shorter and in turn we get less exposure to sunlight. This is why it is even more so important in the winter months to get some exposure as much as you can so that your body can produce the vitamin D it needs.

Alternatively if you can’t get some exposure or feel like you’re not getting enough you can take vitamin D supplements, or are data and ultraviolet light which can emit similar white to the sun.

2. Holiday Heart Attack

Unrelated to the cold weather itself, it tends to be a spike in heart attacks during the holidays. This is because not only to people tend to eat more during the holidays, they eat more food in each sitting.

Studies have shown that eating too much food and one meal in greatly increase in individual’s risk of experiencing a heart attack within 24 hours of eating the meal. Not only does the amount of food matter here but type of food as well.

Beating foods high in fat and high in sugar have shown to be more problematic as well as these types of foods are known to clog blood vessels and increase blood pressure.

To avoid experiencing a heart attack during the holidays don’t have to avoid eating your favorite holiday foods, however you should watch your portion sizes. This is especially true for people who are overweight or obese as they are already at higher risk for a heart attack.

3. Colder Temperatures

Colder temperatures are also another cause of more heart attacks during the winter months, as a cold itself stresses out the cardiovascular system. This is due to the physiology of our body and how it protects itself against the cold.
When the body experiences a change in temperature to wear the body is too cold, the body constricts our blood vessels as a defense mechanism. This is to reduce the surface area within the blood vessels which in turn reduces the amount of blood which is exposed to the cold, keeping us warm.

woman playing in the snowThis is important to know because people who not only are overweight or obese but people who have preexisting heart conditions. If you’re someone that falls into one of the affirmation categories you should refrain from doing any type of exercise or heavy physical activity outside.

Another thing to remember here is that as the temperature drops it’s more difficult for you to breathe as well. Your body has to warm up this error before it enters the lungs otherwise it results in pain and discomfort. This is why if you have to be outside in cold temperatures doing some type of physical activity it is recommended that you breathe through your nose, as it contains plenty of blood vessels which can help warm up the air before it continues on through the rest of your respiratory tract.

Even if it means a few extra dollars out of your pocket to pay someone to show whole your sidewalk or to change are flat in the snow will be well worth it as their risk to your health here is extremely high.