A Product Review of Biotherm Biosource Cleanser


Biotherm Biosource Cleanser Overview

This skin cleanser asserts to cleanse and clear your skin from impurities by foaming on its own. Biotherm Biosource Cleanser’s formula is free from soap and froths into cream for moisturizing and refreshing effects. The product’s formulation is said to also give the skin a radiant glow making it healthier. Thus, this skincare product not only cleanses the skin, it also makes it more vibrant.

About the Company

Biotherm Biosource Cleanser is developed and manufactured by Biotherm. The company was built in 1952. Its name originates from the terms ‘biology’ and ‘thermal’. It is also recognized as the first company to ever make use of plankton extracts in their products’ formulations.

Getting to Know the Components

preview-full-33a-1Thermal Plankton Cellular Water – the essential component that the company exclusively uses, thermal plankton cellular water originates from plankton extract. The company hasn’t specified how this ingredient works in creating positive results, though. Other components in Biotherm Biosource Cleanser are zinc, glycol, cocoate, chloride, and usual ingredients that are normally found in skin cleansers. Furthermore, sodium laureth sulfate or SLS has been shown to trigger breakouts in people who already have acne problems.

What Does the Product Do?

Essentially, Biotherm Biosource Cleanser functions to make your skin cleaner and achieve better wellness using an exclusive component that no other companies use, which is the plankton extract. The product, when applied to the skin goes from foamy to creamy that moisturizes and nourishes the skin as well.

Product Features

According to Biotherm, the following are the benefits that can be taken from using Biotherm Biosource Cleanser:

There’s no presence of parabens.

The product converts into a creamy lather.

It can be conveniently purchased directly from Biotherm or from various websites.

Most feedbacks from customers are good.

Biotherm Biosource Cleanser is apt for all skin types.

It makes the skin looks more radiant and invigorated.

It has a fragrant scent with a mixture of sea water and lilies.

Proper Use of Biotherm Biosource Cleanser

Just like other facial cleansers, Biotherm Biosource Cleanser is applied by putting in into your face. As the lather forms it shortly becomes creamy. After massaging your face with its rich, creamy foam, rinse with water and avoid contact with your eyes to not cause irritation.

Adverse Reactions

There are no known certain side effects directly associated with the use of Biotherm Biosource Cleanser. Though there are claims that the presence of Sodium Laureth Sulfate in the formula may cause irritation and breakouts to people who already have acne problems. If you’re acne-prone, you might want to ask your dermatologist first about this.

What Users Have to Say?

Basically, Biotherm Biosource Cleanser does not have many feedbacks. It could be because the product is not still prominent, but it’s strange that even on Amazon there was nothing about it. The only places Biotherm Biosource Cleanser has reviews on were on independent sites and the feedbacks seem to be optimistic. On the other hand, these feedbacks came from affiliate sites and users who were given the product for samples only, not customers. Thus, it makes it challenging to determine whether Biotherm Biosource Cleanser is really a good skin cleanser or not.

Bottom Line

preview-full-_1c5ce73e-e787-11e6-aaaa-0e8ad0958364Generally Biotherm Biosource Cleanser appears to be a good skin cleanser that can clean and moisturize your skin at the same time. The company that developed this product includes an exclusive component in the form of plankton extracts, which they claim is their primary active ingredient. However, it can be hard for prospective buyers to make a conscious decision because there aren’t customer feedbacks online to hear what actual buyers think about the product. It’s great that it becomes foamy and then creamy as this has a nice touch on the skin. As for the cost, it seems a bit pricey though it’s not considered as a luxury item. Also, it is important to note that people who already have acne should be cautious when using Biotherm Biosource Cleanser as this includes a component that can trigger breakouts.