A Product Review of BrainSense


Introducing BrainSense

A kind of a nootropic product, BrainSense touts to increase your cognitive capacities, improve your memory, heighten your problem-solving abilities and augment your aptitude for learning.

The company behind BrainSense purports that this particular brain booster can unleash your brain’s hidden capacities in order to perform better in class or at work. Its formulation consists of Vitamin B12, acetyl-l-carnitine, Panax ginseng, blueberry extract and phosphatidyl serine, which work in synergy to achieve better memory, focus, and the capability to function even during stressful situations. What’s more is that BrainSense also claims to make you performer better in your athletic endeavors.

Knowing there are dozens of nootropic supplements out there that promise the very same things, can you expect BrainSense to be genuine and fulfill its promises? Will this product be a value for money or will it become exactly the opposite? Let’s find out below:

Defining Nootropics

Basically nootropics are brain boosting supplements that are designed for augmenting focus and increasing memory. Such products are frequently utilized for boosting attention spans, helping people concentrate on their studies and other tasks. Some manufacturers like that of BrainSense’s even tout that their supplements also boost intelligence, categorizing them as smart drugs.

Is there a hint of truthfulness to any of these? At first these promises of increased intelligence sounds like it’s gotten straight out of a fiction story, but such products do exist for real. Scientifically though, these brain boosters lack the clinical evidence that they really work. Some may have positive effects, but not as groundbreaking as the companies make it seem.

Is this actually the real deal with BrainSense’s components?

preview-full-shutterstock_288950780How Efficient Are the Components?
Let’s start with acetyl-l-carnitine. This one here has been shown to have the potential for curing symptoms of Alzheimer’s, boosting memory in older individuals, and heightening memory of individuals who are excessive alcohol drinkers.

Likewise, Panax ginseng has also been shown to have the potential for curing Alzheimer’s and boosting mental capacities among healthy individuals. Meanwhile, phosphatidyl serine has been shown to help address mental deterioration caused by aging.

Beyond this, there is inadequate scientific proof that Vitamin B12 or blueberry extract can generate any advantages beneficial for the brain as said by the supplement’s company.

Given there is not enough scientific evidence as to the efficiency of all the components, but are they safe for human consumption?

What are the Adverse Reactions?

The good news is that no major side effects are associated with the use of BrainSense. There could be a case of a minor stomach discomfort, but consumers should find the components in the supplement generally tolerable.

In some scenarios, carnitine can trigger agitation and a fishy breath or urine. Panax ginseng is also considered to be harmful when consumed for over six months.

Lastly, phosphatidyl serine can lead to experiencing sleep issues and digestive discomfort, specifically if consumed at more than 300mg.

Remember that there is not a product label available on BrainSense’s official site. With this, we cannot know the exact dose of each component. For this reason, we also cannot know whether the quantities of the ingredients are sufficient to make any difference. We cannot also draw some realistic expectations of what the adverse effects will be.

What about its cost and the general customer reception?

BrainSense Cost and Consumer Feedbacks
The following are BrainSense’s pricing selections:

1-Month Supply (60 capsules): $69.99
3-Month Supply: $149.99
5-Month Supply: $179.99

You have to cover the shipping expense regardless of the supply you opt. USPS Ground shipping costs $12.99 while there is an additional charge for faster shipments.

Moreover, BrainSense provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees, but this only is applicable for purchase of two or more bottles.

To ask for a refund, you have to call customer support at 866-621-6886.

BrainSense is created by Leading Edge Health. It is mainly headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. However, it seems that they have an office in the United States in Johnson City, Tennessee. The said manufacturer creates an assortment of natural products with the use of untested components like Alteril.

Leading Edge Health is not registered the Better Business Bureau during our research. Outside their site, we were not able to uncover any useful information about the company.

Arbitration Agreement

Purchasing the supplement immediately binds you to their arbitration agreement. This means that you’re waiving most of your rights as a customer. So, when a problem occurs, medical or financial, as a result of BrainSense use, you won’t be allowed to become part of a class action lawsuit or jury by trial. This is something that prospective customers must consider before proceeding with the purchase of BrainSense.

Is BrainSense Effective?

preview-full-shutterstock_534464629We have evaluated several cognitive enhancers here with the inclusion of well-known brands, such as Neuroflexyn, Addium and Brain Storm Elite, among others.

Generally, though some of the ingredients in these products have the potential to deliver brain benefits, these benefits are not as significant as companies make it appear. Nootropic supplements are often expensive, which is, of course, an issue.

Inefficient customer service continues to be a problem with most of these products and the companies that make them. Several consumers purported to have encountered bad customer support when trying to get a refund. However, these are just the usual criticisms directed at brain supplements in general. It doesn’t mean that you will experience the same with BrainSense.

If BrainSense’s prices are too steep for you, you also have the option to acquire Panax ginseng, phosphatidyl serine, and/or acetyl-l-carnitine individually from the pharmacy since these are the components that can potentially generate positive results beneficial for the brain. With this you will be able to be aware of the precise dosage, since BrainSense does not have a product label. But if you’re fine with the pricing options, you can try this supplement since the ingredients are generally harmless.