A Product Review of GC180 XT

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GC180 XT Overview

If you’ve lately watched an ad featuring GC180 XT, you might be asking yourself if this product can really be useful in terms of weight loss, especially since you’re having a difficulty in keeping up with your workout routine and diet plans. It’s only natural that everyone wants to shed pounds without struggling much. We always prefer the easy way, don’t we?

But all things considered, you have to be realistic at the end of the day and be critical about this weight loss product. Can it really do what it says it can? We did some comprehensive researches and we’ve learned some interesting revelations.

More on GC180 XT

preview-full-download (4)GC180 XT is a supplement that primarily contains Garcinia Cambogia, which is a trend in the weight loss department. Just like similar products, GC180 XT’s key component is the hydroxycitric acid or the HCA in Garcinia Cambogia. This compound is believed to aid in the prevention of carbohydrates from turning into fat. Simply put, HCA is said to stop citrate lyase from transforming glucose into fat, so that you shed weight. If you want to know more about how products containing Garcinia Cambogia completely function, you can rely to what scientific studies have found.

Moreover, GC180 XT says it uses 50 percent HCA for these four main advantages:

Fat-Burning: As previously stated, the HCA in the product is asserted to aid in the torching of existing fat.

Metabolism Enhancer: It is also being claimed that HCA could aid in the conversion of new fat into serviceable energy, which also boosts your metabolism.

Appetite Control: This particular supplement is asserted to increase the generation of serotonin. With this, your desire for food is lessened and your emotional urge to eat more is also decreased.

Mood Regulator: Aside from producing serotonin, the supplement also triggers the decrease of cortisol, which could be helpful in balancing your mood.

What’s more is that this specific weight loss supplement says that with GC180 XT, your body is able to undergo radical change by means of fat torching without requiring you to undergo any dieting or sticking to any fitness routine. In other words, you don’t need to exert any efforts in order to lose weight. All you need to do is take GC180 XT. Based on what’s written on the official site, GC180 XT helps in weight loss through the following:

Ingest a capsule of GC180 XT twice to thrice a day.

Notice an increased metabolism.

Get a smaller, slimmer stomach, a leaner buttocks and legs.

It is also purported that every capsule of this product has no synthetic components, flavors, any substance for preserving, binders or fillers, just these components below:

Garcinia Cambogia Extract 1,000mg

Calcium 50mg

Chromium 200mcg

Potassium 50mg

Product Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

GC180 XT can be availed through a 14-day trial. This starts on the date your order is made. At first, you’ll have to shell out $5.95 for S&H fees. But as soon as the 14-day trial expires, you will be charged for the whole price of the single bottle, which costs $69.95. One bottle of GC180 XT can last for 30 days. You will then be registered in the manufacturer’s autoship plan. This arrangement is meant so you can replenish your supply every 30 days and each time you will be charged $69.95, plus $5.95 for shipping and handling. You can discontinue your enrolment by reaching the customer service at 877-503-8663 or 877-806-8961.

What’s the Verdict for GC180 XT?

It is true that GC180 XT’s premise and promise of weight loss without requiring you to diet or exercise can be appealing. But as said before, you have to be realistic and critical about it.

preview-full-main-6-illegal-exercsies-at-the-squat-rack-stationFirst, just consider the numerous studies performed on HCA and weight loss. Most of these studies found that HCA cannot really help in promoting weight loss in a significant way (it was found that it could shed 1-2 lbs at most). Furthermore, if in any way it is efficient for losing weight, it was revealed that it could only generate minimal results on the belly area only and not on the buttocks or thighs, contrary to what GC180 XT is saying.

There’s also the issue that calcium has been revealed in some studies to decrease the potency of HCA; and if you’ve read the ingredient section you’ll notice that GC180 XT has calcium.

Plus, free trials and autoship plans aren’t very good signs. They’re not present to provide you convenience. They’re more likely just schemes to get you paying for something that you may not even like. This arrangement also strongly indicates how the products don’t really have substantial nutritional value. It is wise if you stay away from products or manufacturers that use such method.

It should also be a concern that there aren’t user feedbacks for GC180 XT. What we saw were multiple testimonials posted on affiliate sites, which are often created to trick customers into assuming that the reviews are real and that they’re creating a decision based on facts. If you go to a legitimate review site, you’ll see that reviews on several Garcinia Cambogia supplements don’t have high ratings, and GC180 XT is a Garcinia Cambogia product.

As for its manufacturer, we also know very little about it. We only know that GC180 XT is created by a United Kingdom-based company called Belmont Corporation LP. Still, we’re not sure where the product is being produced and whether this takes place in a facility that’s both GMP and FDA-sanctioned. This kind of information is vital because as a consumer you’d want to know whether something that you’re ingesting is manufactured with the best conditions.

Lastly, GC180 XT is expensive and its high price cannot be justified.

So, our final recommendation is that GC180 XT is not an investment worth considering. The fact that it markets itself as a weight loss supplement that can work ‘magically’ is a strong indication that it’s misleading customers. Weight loss can only be achieved through hard work. Proper nutrition and regular exercise will always be vital parts of the process and supplements are just, well, supplements.