A Product Review of Gluco-Secure


Gluco-Secure Overview

Gluco-Secure is developed by Dr. Alan Pressman and produced by Wellformative. This particular product is a supplement that intends to regulate your body’s sugar levels by making use of components that can imitate insulin in the body. This is achieved with the utilization of seven greatly potent blood sugar stabilizers that act to control the blood’s glucose levels.

Its manufacturer is registered with the Better Business Bureau and has a C+ rating. This grade is based on two closed grievances in the past three years. The product itself seems to be part of an affiliate scheme. It also hasn’t spent much time in the market, so it’s quite new. This may be the reason why it doesn’t have a lot of customer feedbacks online. There were a few reviews on the web, which served no purpose to convince other prospective buyers to buy the supplement since these reviews were mostly about its inefficient customer service.

How the Product Function

preview-full-getty_rf_photo_of_person_checking_blood_sugarBased on the explanation written on the official site, anomalous glucose levels in the blood can prompt medical issues. This includes the commencement of diabetes. But with the help of Gluco-Secure, the glucose in the blood is cleared and your body is also provided with the sufficient natural energy for that day. Its creator and its manufacturer also assert that the regulation of blood sugar should be the topmost medical concern one must have. According to the site, this is because many degenerative illnesses are directly associated with unregulated blood sugar. Thus, Gluco-Secure is developed to serve this purpose and to also help people prevent from contracting diseases. The formulation of Gluco-Secure involves 7 potent blood sugar regulators. They are:

Chromium (200 mcg): This component is crucial for the metabolism of fat, developing muscles and transforming sugar into energy.

Gymnema sylvestre Leaf Extract (200 mg): This is an herb that serves as blockage for the glucose. This means that with this ingredient, only a certain quantity of glucose is permitted to go inside the bloodstream, thus controlling glucose levels. Yielding: Gymnemic acid – 50 mg

Cinnulin PF or cinnamon extract (125 mg): This one is for increasing the metabolism of glucose.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (100 mg)

Bitter Melon (Momordica Charantia) Extract (80 mg). Yielding: Charantin – 0.4 mg

Lagestroemia speciosa L. (Banaba) Leaf Extract (50 mg). Yielding: Corosolic acid – 0.5 mg

Vanadyl Sulfate (5 mg): This mineral imitates insulin, takes away glucose from the blood and places it in the muscles instead.


These components are claimed to generate numerous health gains, including:

Regulating levels of blood sugar over the course of a day, so that the levels of energy are increased.

Helping you eliminate your urge to eat foods that are high in carbs, as well as helping you eliminate brain fog or mental confusion and restlessness.

Regulating your weight and many other health benefits.

Furthermore, this supplement is purported to have undergone clinical studies and trials and have been proven to be harmless for use since there aren’t adverse reactions associated with its use. A bottle of Gluco-Secure has 60 capsules which make for a 30-day supply. This means the supplement needs to be taken twice a day, once after breakfast and another after dinner.

What’s the Cost & Is there Money-Back Guarantee?

Person holding a sugar cube

Gluco-Secure can be availed through a ‘free’ trial. You just have to pay $9.95 for S&H to get a 60-day supply of the supplement. This means you also set yourself up to join the 30-day trial. This will also get you registered in the autoship plan. Your membership will then allow you to replenish your 60-day supply once every two months where you will automatically be charged $79.95 each time. As your autoship program begins, you’re free to discontinue your enrollment.

Aside from getting the product itself, you will also be provided two freebies. These are the Blood Sugar Red Alert Report and the 4-Part Video Series tackling about blood sugar levels, conducted by Dr. Pressman.

In the case that you ask for a refund, just call the customer service at 866-595-9435 in order to get a Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA number. You should then send the package to the company. The package must contain your name, address, email and phone number. Your payment will be returned to you within 45 days of receiving the product.


Final Verdict: Is Gluco-Secure Genuine?

Gluco-Secure seems to be for real as a supplement that’s designed to regular your blood sugar levels in order to maintain your overall health, there are still some things to be considered.

For one, this supplement has not undergone any Food and Drug Administration assessments and tests. This only means that Gluco-Secure has not undergone any official researches and trials that can substantiate the product’s claims. Thus, it is wise to see your healthcare provider especially if you suffer from diabetes.

Consider the fact that Gluco-Secure is also pricey compared to other supplements. There’s also the autoship membership that makes it more of a complication rather than a convenience because you have to remind yourself about it before the period finishes. Otherwise, you will pay $79.95.

Lastly, even if you realize that Gluco-Secure is not fit for you, you still need to pay $9.95 to cover the S&H fees. You also have to cover the expenses in case you decide to return the product to the company. It’s like shelling out around $20 just to try Gluco-Secure. And when you decide not to continue using it, it’s like you spent the mentioned amount for nothing. With this arrangement, this doesn’t really favor the customers. Surely, you can find something else that offers less trouble in trying out their products. Besides, there is no clinical research to back the product’s claims. There’s also no way to get to know more about Gluco-Secure because the customer reviews online are limited.