A Product Review of MuscleTech’s Creactor


MuscleTech’s Creactor – At a Glance

MuscleTech is a manufacturer that doesn’t run out of ideas when it comes to developing new products that customers need. Not only that, the company also always finds interesting names to label their products, which makes it easier to catch the users’ attention. MuscleTech is the company responsible for the likes of CreaCore, Phase 8, and Anarchy. Being an established company, MuscleTech doesn’t stop with its product development and continues to add new products in its credit.

One new supplement under the company’s product line is Creactor, a new brand of the Creatine supplement. Creactor is not the same with MuscleTech’s other product, CreaCore, which also has Creatine as its main ingredient. The notable distinction between the two is the extra ingredients – Creactor has 750mg of Free Acid, while CreaCore has 450mg of Fenugreek extract for every dose.

More Info on Creactor

preview-full-shutterstock_324439355Basically, creatine is crucial when the purpose is muscle growth that is why it is considered an essential in bodybuilding. It serves two primary functions in the supplementation of muscles. One is that is increases muscle force and second is that is boosts muscle stamina. Moreover, creatine is intended to be consumed as a post-workout product in order to restock depleted nutrients during an exercise session. Like MuscleTech’s other supplement CreaCore, Creactor is also promoted as a creatine blend that’s twice as potent as other similar products thanks to its prolific concentration of ingredients. For this reason, Creactor is touted to be the kind of supplement that can meet your body’s everyday creatine requirements.

Who are the Consumers of Creactor?

Supplements which are developed and promoted by reputable companies in the business are typically offered in bulks. Customers of Creactor are presumably the same individuals who have already tried MuscleTech’s other supplements. They must have like the performance of the company’s supplements that they’re now trying Creactor as well. Actually there are several creatine supplements in the industry for bodybuilding purposes, but these products don’t offer any assortments .They’re usually the standard kind of products with pure creatine in it.

Is Creactor Effectual?


We evaluated samples of this particular supplement to identify if it is really efficient or not. The backbone of our assessment is based on these criteria:

Content quality
When it comes to creatine products, there’s really nothing to do except assess the quantity of the creatine in a specific formulation. That’s it, really, for most creatine supplements out there. On the other hand, Creactor stands distinct among the rest. For one, it presents “free acid” creatine in the picture and nearly all individuals acquiring the said supplement have no idea what it means. Hence, it’s a new term that most people are not familiar of.

Moreover, free acid creatine is said to be the purest type of creatine. Consuming free acid creatine guarantees that you take in most part of the creatine you’re getting. Meanwhile, Creactor’s formulation has about 50 percent free acid creatine. The remaining is creatine HCL. Based on information released by the company MuscleTeach, this combination of 750mg Creatine Hydrochloride and 750mg Free Acid Creatine is the most excellent creatine blend used in muscle building supplements. As for us, we don’t think so. Beyond everything, creatine is creatine. You’re okay as long as consume 3-5 grams of this component daily. The cheaper kind of creatine, the creatine monohydrate is also good (as long as the 3-5 grams dose is followed). You won’t miss anything significant. They’re basically the same. The creatine in Creactor, however, is more costly per gram, even though it is asserting that it has a higher quantity per tub.

Is Creactor the Real Deal?

If you think about it, Creactor is more expensive than other creatine supplements. The question is if the variation in the cost justified enough. Free Acid Creatine may be greater, but we’re not sure if that difference in the quality of creatine is worth the additional money you have to spend. But if you’re one of those consumers who like MuscleTech products, then you can go for it.