A Product Review of Neophase for Men


Are you thinking of purchasing a male enhancement supplement. If so, how comprehensive are you when it comes to doing your research before buying such product? In the present industry of male enhancement products, it would be unreasonable and imprudent to buy a pill without knowing more about its history and features. This is why the male enhancement industry garners doubts among consumers because of the fact that there are some brands that rip people off instead of providing positive results.

Is this the case with the supplement called Neophase for Men? It has been reported that this product was included in FDA’s list of male enhancement pills containing banned ingredient resembling to Sildenafil, which is a potent component of Viagra. Whether or not this makes you want to purchase Neophase for Men more is a different story. We’ll take a closer look at this product, Neophase for Men, in order to know if this is a good buy or whether the side effects are too serious to manage.

How Efficient Is Neophase for Men?


Every male enhancement pill contains a great set of components. As for Neophase for Men, it contains components that you can typically hear in the male enhancement industry. These components are recognized for their capacity to increase one’s testosterone levels. With this, one’s sex drive is also significantly increased. Moreover, we didn’t see a lot of consumer feedbacks discussing Neophase for Men online. The feedbacks available, however, don’t clearly or evidently give us an idea of what to anticipate from using this supplement.

Apart from the fact that consumers can anticipate to see a little enhancement in terms of their erectile capacities, it does not essentially mean that customers can expect Neophase for Men to function like Viagra does. This is because the dose of the “concealed component” was not completely elaborated in the report presented by FDA. To anticipate that Neophase for Men has a full dosage as much as Viagra would mean that the price of the former should also be the same as that of the latter. If Neophase for Men would cost as much as Viagra costs, then it wouldn’t be reasonable to spend on such amount for only a supplement.

Technically, this male enhancement product has components that can increase one’s libido, which copies the effects of prescriptions for treating erectile dysfunction. One component, Epimedium, is also recognized for containing PDE-5 inhibitor qualities with higher extracts. Neophase for Men is also composed of such ingredients as Ginseng to boost stamina and cordyceps sinensis to enhance the production of testosterone in order to heighten libido.

It is also important to note that Neophase does not have any vasodilating-components like L-Arginine, L-Citrulline or Yohimbine. This implies that Neophase for Men may have pro-erectile qualities, but none that would impact blood flow, which is an important aspect when it comes to erectile capacities.

Bottom Line


If you’re seeking for a product other than Viagra, then Neophase for Men may be something worth considering since it has testosterone-boosting properties that could help you with your sex drive issues. You just have to remember that this supplement may not be as effectual as Viagra since it is only supplementation and Viagra is a prescription drug that treats erectile dysfunction. You can also opt for herbal substitutes to Viagra and the best options are such products as Biomanix or Formula 41 Extreme.