Progentra Review – Does it Give Good Results?

bottlesEvery year, new and exciting products are introduced to the male enhancement market. Typically, we see the regular rebranded pills with the same old ingredients, but once in a while, we encounter a completely new product that completely changes the game.

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Nowadays, it’s uncommon for review websites that do not have their take on Progentra. As popular as Progentra is, it’s surprisingly new to the market – with only a couple of months in. Progentra has gained a cult-like following among users who have followed Progentra since it was offered on a free trial basis. As expected, Progentra got rave reviews from users who first tried the product, which further intensified the desire of users to get their hands on the brand new product.

At first glance, there’s nothing too special about Progentra. It has a nifty box, bottle design, and like most male enhancement supplements, it is shipped with discreet packaging. The real factor that sets Progentra apart is its formula. Progentra appears to be the only male enhancement that proved that penis enlargement is possible with just the power of oral supplements. Claiming that the formula can create results that no other pill has ever done before is a tall order for any brand, but if we are to judge the product based on the reviews alone, it would be safe to call Progentra legit. However, just like we always do on our reviews, we dismantle the formula down to the science to reveal if the product can really do what it says on the label.

What are the Benefits of Using Progentra?

Penis size increaseUp to 5 inches in growth
Sex-Drive Increase
Semen Volume Increase
Energy Level Increase

Progentra ingredients

There’s always so much to say about Progentra’s ingredients. We believe it has one of the most ingenious ingredients in the market, and to have everything combined in just one formula is simply amazing. See what Progentra has to offer by checking out its ingredients:


L-Arginine is primarily responsible for the penis enlargement effect of Progentra. It starts off as a nitric oxide booster. After combining with GMP to create cyclic guanosine monophosphate, it dilates blood vessels by allowing the smooth muscles lining the arteries to relax. As a result more blood flows through the blood vessels, and into the cavernous spaces in the penis. Over time, the increase in blood flow forces the cavernous spaces to expand, creating a much bigger erection.


Tongkat Ali is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs you could ever find in the market. In fact, back in the day it was called the Asian Viagra because of its pro-erectile properties. Back then, it was not understood how Tongkat Ali was able to produce its effects. Now, with advanced scientific research, it was known that Tongkat Ali has PDE-5 inhibitor properties, similar to Viagra, and it also has aphrodisiac properties that help maximize libido.


Horny Goat Weed isn’t a special ingredient by any means since we see it all the time in male enhancement supplements, but having a good, solid male enhancement ingredient makes Progentra even more reliable. Nothing beats Horny Goat Weed when it comes to improving libido and endurance. Best of all, Progentra comes with a 60% Icariin concentrate, which is by far the most potent extract of Icariin in the market. Icariin is the core component that is responsible for the male enhancement effects of Horny Goat Weed.


Tribulus Terrestris is one of the main components of Progentra. It  is the core ingredient that helps prolong the effects of the formula for the rest of the day. With all the testosterone-boosting capabilities of Progentra, it needs a balancing agent that would prolong the effects of testosterone, and Tribulus Terrestris does just that – it helps prevent the reduction of testosterone levels by preventing its conversion to estradiol. As a result, the formula lasts longer, and the negative impact of estradiol is reduced.


Maca root is one of the most underrated ingredients that we have ever come to review. Maca root is so versatile that it just has to be included in any male enhancement ingredient moving forward. Maca root has the capability to reduce the effects of the refractory period, or the downtime in between orgasms in men. With Maca Root, men can experience arousal much faster, which leads to more sex and more erections.


Muira Puama is the core component of Progentra that makes it versatile enough to be taken on-demand. Typically, Progentra is meant to be taken daily at specific intervals, but with Muira Puama’s fast results, it makes Progentra effective even when taken as a fast-acting supplement.


Damiana is a widely-accepted nootropic which assists in increasing  the level of sexual satisfaction that the user experiences while having sex. Damiana increases the user’s sensitivity to sexual stimulus, which increases pleasure and performance.

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Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa plays a complex role in Progentra’s Syner-Boost formula. It supports key aphrodisiacs with its testosterone-boosting capabilities while contributing to the increase in erection size by acting as a PDE-5 inhibitor.


Progentra contains a high-grade extract of Butea Superba, which synergizes perfectly with the other aphrodisiacs and pro-erectile ingredients in the formula. Butea Superba helps prevent erectile dysfunction while enhancing the vitality of erections.


Based on the ingredients alone, it’s easy to understand how Progentra works. Basically, Progentra centers around its core vasodilator, L-Arginine, and all the other ingredients converge and make the effects of L-Arginine even better. Since dosing up on L-Arginine could end up in dangerously lowering down blood pressure, Progentra uses the natural erection process to funnel more blood into the cavernous spaces in the penis.


The penis isn’t exactly a balloon, but penile tissue is elastic. Just like any tissue in the body, it needs time to adapt to changes. As the penile chambers experience a surge in blood flow, with contributing factors such as blood pressure and vasodilation coming into play, it would only take a matter of weeks to let the elastic penile tissue to permanently expand and accommodate more blood when the user experiences an erection. This sequence of events prove that penis enlargement, after all, is possible through oral supplementation.

Not only does Progentra make penis enlargement possible; it also creates a comprehensive solution for the sexual health needs of men. With the libido-boosting effect and sexual endurance boost of the formula, any user would be hard pressed to look for any other pill that can do the same things that Progentra can do.


With the way things are, Progentra is on a league of its own. It’s definitely a notch above the rest of the pack, and it definitely sets a standard for male enhancement pills. The best thing about Progentra is that it doesn’t only back its claims up with science, but with tangible guarantees as well. Progentra comes with a 90-day money back guarantee so you can really test whether or not the product works for you. 90 days is a long time to determine if a product works for you, and it definitely helps to know that there’s something to fall back on in case it doesn’t pan out.