Reasons You Should Celebrate Your Ordinariness

group of diverse ordinary people

        Ordinary gets a bad rap. Most everyone is looking for extraordinary, torturing their lives through the never-ending chase to exceed their potential. A lot of people are looking to be a celebrity, known all over the planet, after having bottled fame and fortune. But, let’s look more closely at the notion of ordinary and facets of just being regular. Being a “regular Joe” has so many advantages you might just want to be your ordinary, amazing self by the end of this article. The very idea that you are the only you that will ever exist proves you are extraordinary in the big scheme of things. But, if you don’t feel extraordinary in the small scheme of things, here are four reasons why being ordinary should be celebrated.

#1 Not Needing To Be Extraordinary, Vicariously

        Celebrating your ordinariness means you will no longer be swayed by the promise of vicarious extraordinariness. For instance, commercials. What is their best selling point? It’s not their amazing products that could prolong your life by 50 years, banish all acne to blemish Hell, and make your balding head as hairy as Chewbacca. No, the highest selling point is the celebrities with their smiling faces, awesome lighting, and abs so defined they look like their islands situated in skin tone waters.

        Much commercial propaganda involves convincing you how much better your life will be when you become this person. Don’t you want to be [insert well-known male celebrity]? The majority of these ads aren’t even suggesting you can be like the celebrity, but that you can be the celebrity. Once you celebrate your ordinariness, you’ll have more money, self-love, and the confidence needed to compare yourself only to who you were yesterday. Your life is not the celebrity’s life. Resolve to be fin with that and don’t spend all your money, time, and assets on vicarious extraordinariness.

#2 You Don’t Have Fame

famous couple living life with Progentra        When you look at those with fame, what do you think they have? Money, a great house, everything they could possibly want. But, often, having fame is a double-sided sword that can tear people apart. Often, celebrities, great athletes, and those who are super rich are bogged down by fame. Suddenly, everyone and their dog knows who you are. They speak to you as if you are best bros and want to know every secret of your life. These “friends” go through your trash, insult your children, and send you death threats. These death threats aren’t sent because you’ve done something wrong, they may be sent to your doorstep because your fans love you so much. Really, they love you so much they want to kill you.

        Often, your adoring fans may throw things at you, nearly stomp you to death, and split your eardrums with their screams. Cameramen snoop around the edges of your life, looking to find you making mistakes, i.e. being human, and broadcast your frailties to the world. As an extraordinary person, your life becomes the world’s. Privacy is no longer your right and the pressure to be perfect won’t have any effect on you. You can get all of this in exchange for the transformation from a mere human to a god. Fantastic! But, while being a god sounds amazing, you’re not a god, and you will make mistakes, and those who worship you will, often, turn their backs on you, ridicule you, and openly express their sheer hatred. Being extraordinary comes with a whole slew of responsibilities and pressures that ordinary people, like yourself, don’t have to deal with.

#3 You Don’t Have Fortune

        Like most people, you may have a list of all the things you would buy if you had a fortune, but, what happens after you’ve bought all of those fancy cars, mansions, and acres of land? Insure them and maintain them. Cars, mansions, and land all need maintenance, constantly. You’ll be in a never-ending loop of fixing these items or building shrines to them. For all of those expensive cars, you may build a garage to house them and never drive them.

rich man in limousine improved health with Progentra        After you’ve depleted your main list of desires, what will you do with the rest of the money? Give it away to charity? Protect it? Many times when people are “gifted” with great fortune, they take many stressful steps to protect their fortune. It can be such a big hassle they may delegate the task of protecting their money to a third-party such as a Board of Directors or an off-shore bank. While this may take the immediate stress off your shoulders, it can open you up to fraud and thieves. You’ll now have to watch your balance, all withdrawals, and your financial managers to ensure they don’t steal your money. A fortune can be great, but it also comes with struggles. When you are content being your awesome and ordinary self you can cultivate a modest wealth and live comfortably.

#4 Your Skills Don’t Become A Liability

       As you rise in the ranks of greatness, oftentimes, rather than celebrating your ability, people scrutinize it. Though they are unable or unwilling to reach your level of competence, they may begin looking for the slightest mistake in your current performance as compared to others and your previous performances. Once people are exposed to greatness, they don’t regard it as such. This can cause feelings of intense anxiety as you struggle to meet their unrealistic expectations. When you are ordinary your skills are not judged on such a high level. With less need to be perfect you can relax and enjoy what you are doing.


Living an ordinary life will let you be the regular human that you are. Go for the goals you’ve set with all of your heart, but remember that ordinary people gather audiences, not perfect super humans.