Rejuvoderm – What Can It Do For Your Skin?

Rejuvoderm – What Can It Do For Your Skin?

Product Summary

This product is manufactured by the company Pharmaxa Labs. Pharmaxa employs engineers and chemists who look at your skin’s natural needs to formulate products to maximize the liveliness of your skin. This product refreshes and reinvigorates skin while extensively cleansing dirt and grime from the pores. Rejuvoderm is a part of the Solvaderm brand, which means it is just one facet of a highly vetted and highly effective treatment line. Solvaderm’s team uses clinically-approved testing practices to ensure the effectiveness of their products. Rejuvoderm is geared towards people with skin that is predisposed towards acne or greasy skin.

What is Solvaderm

Solvaderm’s is a highly credible company. They are praised within skin communities for innovating skincare tech, and developing highly effective combinations of ingredients. Additionally, Solvaderm products come with a 60-day guarantee, or your money back. This company is one that the consumer can trust. The information offered on their website is extensive and compiled by the same experts that design the products. The Solvaderm website offers information for people with all concerns and skin types. This brand takes pride in making sure its customers are well-informed before purchase.


Alpha-hydroxy acids:

Glycolic acid

Lactic acid

Beta-hydroxy acid:

Salicyclic acid

Other ingredients:

Lavender oil

Ingredient functions

Ingredients of Rejuvoderm

Alpha-hydroxy acids help the skin produce additional collagen. This helps create taughter, healthier skin and boosts the underlying composition of the skin. The beta-hydroxy acid is meant to break down toxins in the skin and remove grime from the pores. Lavender oil is a naturally hydrating oil that boosts the general wellness of the skin and calms enflamed sections of skin.

Solvaderm Line Information

This product is part of the larger Solvaderm line. These products are meant to work in tandem with one another to form a daily routine. With the entire Solvaderm line at your disposal your skin can be improved as quickly as possible.

Is This Product Worth The Investment?

Skin care product

Rejuvoderm is absolutely worth the money. It is backed by scientific studies and customer reviews. It covers a wide variety of ailments ranging from acne to blemishes to dryness. It is truly a product that was developed with the health of your skin in mind. From the development stages it was meant to help achieve healthier, more beautiful skin and the Pharmaxa Labs team was incredibly successful. And with the insurance of Salvoderm’s guarantee, it is definitely worth sampling the product. Results are quick and long-lasting. Try it today.