A Review of the Product Alive Calcium

Product Introduction

It is known that bone health is vital for the sustenance of our overall health and longevity. This is even more significant in the present times where our bodies become more exposed to toxins and other harmful chemicals we get from food and the environment. Bone health becomes even more crucial with aging since this is the time where we become more vulnerable to bone problems. As we get older, our bone health deteriorates. We also experience other unpleasant effects, such as heightened exhaustion, lower energy levels, and instances of digestive and other medical problems. One of the greatest methods to enhance or sustain bone health is by possessing sufficient calcium in our bodies. This can be accomplished by consuming foods rich in calcium, such as green veggies, milk, and other dairy products.

The predicament is that with the lifestyle we’ve gotten ourselves used to these days, it becomes harder to reach the required daily calcium consumption from the foods we eat. Most of the foods we eat for the sake of good taste and convenience don’t really have calcium and other nourishing components. For this reason, people nowadays have poorer health, which make more susceptible to medical problems. The good news is that there are several nutritional products accessible for the purpose of helping people meet their needed nutrient. In this review, we’ll evaluate one brand that purports to help with the enhancement of bone health.

Ingredient Profile

100% whole food calcium

Vitamin D3

Vitamin C

Vitamin K2



Synergistic minerals

Alive Calcium Mechanism

This nutritional supplement purports to deliver 1,000 mg of calcium, the suggested daily consumption for people below 50 years old. The greatest feature of Alive Calcium is that it also has other primary components that will ascertain maximum calcium assimilation. Researches show that Vitamin D3 increases the body’s capacity to assimilate and utilize calcium. This is why the formula of this specific product also involves the said ingredient. Moreover, the calcium in Alive Calcium comes from plants, which are easier for the body to take in when compared with calcium that comes from animal sources or limestone rock.

Product Features

Alive Calcium is from a well-known manufacturer that also develops a great assortment of nutritional products.

Its calcium content comes from plant sources, which are easier for absorption.

This nutritional supplement also contains active components that increase calcium assimilation in the body.

Alive Calcium is gluten-free.

It can be acquired on many online retailers, making its purchase expedient.

Alive Calcium has been in the market for a significant period of time.

The feedbacks on Alive Calcium are mostly positive.

Suggested Dose

The recommended consumption of this supplement is four tablets every day, which many people can find inconvenient and tough to maintain.


In the case of pre-existing health conditions, such as kidney failure, you need to speak with your physician first prior to taking Alive Calcium. The same should be done in the case that you’re under medications for a medical problem. Women who are expecting and breastfeeding should ask their healthcare provider firsthand before using the supplement.

Bottom Line

This nutritional supplement, as mentioned, has been in the market for some time. Its tenure in the industry and the fact that it’s manufactured by a well-known company can add to its reliability as a product. Generally, Alive Calcium is a decent dietary supplement for the purpose of bone health sustenance and enhancement. Purchase of this supplement is also pretty much simple since it’s widely accessible online and even physical stores.