Reviewing the Safety & Efficacy of Myo-Blitz Xs


Myo-Blitz Xs Overview

This product is from the pre-workout category. Myo-Blitz Xs is developed to provide boosted energy to allow you to improve your physical functions and performance during workouts. Actually, this particular supplement has been refurbished in order to enhance its duration of effectiveness, as well as the quantity of its potency. Created by independent supplement creator Ronnie Coleman, Myo-Blitz Xs has actually been in the market for some time now. The first Myo-Blitz Xs contained 11 components, but the new one has now seven additional components.

Understanding How Myo-Blitz Xs Function

preview-full-shutterstock_410287138Essentially, this supplement rouses the cells in your muscles to speed up its functions. This happens when active cells are enabled to soak in an abundant supply of glucose because this stimulates the cells to work more efficiently. But unlike an ordinary sugar rush that surges in your body abruptly, only to fade away instantly as well, the energy boost that Myo-Blitz Xs has is more long-lasting. Another consequence of this process is the augmented dopamine in your brain, which enhances your mood feeling more encouraged to work out further. With increased energy levels and improved mood, you’re bound to accomplish greatly even if you’re just exercising briefly. Moreover, this supplement also contains Astragin, which acts as a booster of ATP generation. It also speeds up the assimilation of the vitamins and proteins in the body, so that there’s significant energy surge in you.

What are the Components Utilized?

As said above, this product now uses 18 active components. All these when combined and collaborate, produce potent results that augment levels of energy while training. These components are: acacia rigidula, beta-aline, adhatodavasica, astragin, creatin, cocoabuterol,yohimbe extract, pheliamine, l-citruline, extended release caffeine, schizandra extract and synephrine hydrochloric acid.

Visibility for the Duration of Results

It is claimed that this energy drink is one of the bunch that offers immediate results. The reason for this is because of the several potent components involved in its formulation. To be precise, you’ll feel the outcome in about 30 minutes. Thus, it is recommended that you take Myo-Blitz Xs 30 minutes prior to starting your training, so that by the time you start working out, the effects are already kicking in. With this, you get to do your training more intensely and longer, too.

Myo-Blitz Xs Product Features

This supplement shows positive results in only after 30 minutes, which is pretty fast.

Myo-Blitz Xs is helpful in the fast assimilation of essential nutrients that the body needs in order to gain greater levels of energy.

It is said that the consistency of the dose does not in any way impact your general wellness.

Myo-Blitz Xs also is useful in terms of increasing your ATP levels, so that your nervous system is more stimulated.

Understanding Precautions and Health Reminders

Myo-Blitz Xs is not recommended to be used by those below 18. It is also important that this is kept away from kids to avoid accidental consumption. While under this supplement, do not take any other drinks or foods that contain synephrine, or those with caffeine like soda, coffee and tea. Even dairy items that have caffeine or phenylephrine are not advised to be consumed while under Myo-Blitz Xs. Do not ever take this supplement for over 12 weeks in a row. If you’re a woman and expecting or breastfeeding, you’re not medically qualified to use this product. If you’re struggling with health problems or are more likely to have heart, liver, kidney and thyroid illnesses, seek for your doctor’s advice before using this. Lastly, do not use Myo-Blitz Xs alongside over-the-counter drugs or other medications.

What are the Adverse Reactions Associated with Myo-Blitz Xs Use?

preview-full-exercise (1)The physical and health manifestation that this product can trigger is increasing the risk for heart, liver, kidney, thyroid and pancreatic diseases. So, as mentioned, ask your doctor first prior to using Myo-Blitz Xs. This is to rule out health risks like this since your intention of using this product is not only to look better, but to also be healthier. Hence, it is important that you read and understand the precautions involved and you actually go through what’s needed, such as seeing a doctor before investing in products like this.

Clinical Studies/Research Performed

Supplements made by Ronnie Coleman hardly ever undergo clinical studies and trials. Though some third-party laboratories have put Myo-Blitz Xs on trial, the results are actually vague and the researches are actually concerned because this product has a huge likelihood of triggering adverse reactions.

What’s the Proper Dose and How Much Is It?

A single pack of Myo-Blitz Xs contains 240 grams. One serving equals to 8 grams. Thus, one pack makes a total of 30 servings. The product costs $37.87.

How Consumers Feel About Myo-Blitz Xs?

There are several consumer feedbacks online and most of these are positive. Users appear to be overall pleased with the energy surged they experience after using Myo-Blitz Xs. It is also not so expensive compared with other products, so it is ideal for budget conscious customers.

Final Thoughts: Is Myo-Blitz Xs Genuine?

While the product surely generates positive results, which includes significant energy boosts that’ll make you perform fiercer and last longer in your workouts, remember that its potential for adverse effects is also high. However effective a product is, it becomes futile when there are possible health risks involved.