Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of ProlaZyme


ProlaZyme Introduction

This particular dietary supplement is created by Ultralite Nutrition. It is said to encourage muscle growth and support general health as it also boost energy.

Its company says that ProlaZyme can aid in obtaining such health gains by delivering over 100 multiple kinds of nutrients like enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, free amino acids and antioxidants. Some of these are:

Papain, Chymopapain and Bromelain

Super Greens Power Blend

Hippophae Ramnoids (sea buckthorn)

Bacillus Probiotics

ProlaZyme’s suggested use is 1 capsule each day, but it is only suitable for people who are 12 years and over.

Since this product is a new one, you surely have multiple questions. Read on to know whether ProlaZyme is good for you or not.

ProlaZyme Health Gains

preview-full-shutterstock_270033200Essentially papain and chymopapain are kinds of enzymes that come from papaya. They are considered as potentially effective in curing shingles and sore throat. Another enzyme is bromelain that comes from pineapple juice, also considered possible efficient for curing osteoarthritis. There’s also the presence of sea buckthorn which is an herb that has high content of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C, but there’s no adequate scientific proof that it can deliver such health gains.

Moreover, bacillus is a strain of bacteria recognized as a probiotic. Given this, it may aid in decreasing digestive issues, as well as in fortifying your immunity, among other health benefits.

On the other hand, ProlaZyme’s official page does not deliver any supplementary details about the product. Hence, the precise quantity of each of the component in the supplement is not known. There isn’t any product label given for ProlaZyme, so we also cannot know if the components listed above contain sufficient amounts to be deemed effectual.

ProlaZyme Adverse Reactions

In an article on WebMD, it was said that papain can lead to serious throat damage if used in huge and prolonged doses, while bromelain can trigger digestive upset. As a matter of fact, WebMD further stated that bromelain can also lead to allergic reactions, particularly among individuals who have other allergies. So, it is best to consult with your doctor before proceeding if you have allergies.

To reiterate, since we don’t have the comprehensive list of the components along with their specific doses, it is hard to say what other adverse reactions may be linked to the use of this supplement, or whether it has sufficient amount of components to cause anything.

What Users Have to Say About ProlaZyme?

Since ProlaZyme is a new nutritional product, finding legit user feedbacks online was challenging as of this writing.

Its company, Ultralite Nutrition that’s mainly headquartered in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, also seems to be relatively new in the industry. The URL was only listed in January 2015 and is not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Thus, ProlaZyme seems to be promoted through affiliates and the false review sites they’ve made. Generally, these fake sites and feedbacks are created to let you perceive that you’re reading actual reviews when you’re just reading marketing materials.

Ron Lively Reference

Speaking of the fake user feedbacks courtesy of third-party affiliates, ProlaZyme was called on more than one time as “Ron Lively’s ProlaZyme”. Checking on what this means, we weren’t able to find any supplementary details about who Ron Lively is and how he’s associated with this supplement.

We also tried searching using the key words “Ron Lively Ultralite Nutrition” assuming that he could be the company’s founder, but this didn’t come up with any meaningful results, either.

ProlaZyme Arbitration Agreement

It is important to note that when purchasing on the official site, you will also be committed to the company’s arbitration agreement. This only means that any negative effects you can have from using the company’s products wouldn’t give you the full rights to take legal actions like a trial by jury or even joining a class action lawsuit. The moment you order ProlaZyme, your legal rights as a customer become limited.

ProlaZyme Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

The supplement is offered in three multiple packs:

1 Bottle: $69

3 Bottles: $177

6 Bottles: $294

When we tried to checkout on the product site, we got a “This Connection is Untrusted” caution from the browser due to an “invalid security certificate”.

All orders are also offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee to give customers sufficient time to test the safety and effectiveness of the supplement. Within this period, you can return the item and ask for a refund should you find the product ineffective or unsatisfactory. To initiate this, call the customer support at 855-578-4690.

Bottom Line: Is ProlaZyme the Real Deal?

preview-full-shutterstock_446770438There are so many things to consider before proceeding with using ProlaZyme. For one, this product and the company that makes it are both new in the industry. Nothing’s been established yet as to the product’s effectiveness and the company’s credibility. ProlaZyme has to be more than effective if it wants to be noticed by customers and its manufacturer has to know what the consumers need in order to gain attention.

It’s also an issue how ProlaZyme does not have a product label and a comprehensive list of components. Thus, we don’t know how much ingredients there are in the supplement and whether they’re enough to generate any meaningful effects. Also, since ProlaZyme is new, there aren’t any credible customer feedbacks online. Hence, we cannot weigh ProlaZyme’s effectiveness and safety through the customers’ reception since there aren’t legitimate ones. For many prospective buyers, it is crucial that they read the opinions of actual buying customers in order to be convinced. But there’s no such thing with ProlaZyme as of this writing.

Overall, we also think that ProlaZyme is not reasonably priced, considering its misses and other important factors that need to be addressed in order for the supplement to be considered worth a try.