Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Supera Complete


Supera Complete Introduction

This dietary supplement declares itself as a “super diet”. Its manufacturer says that Supera Complete consists of all the greatest components available into one ultimate super supplement. With this, it can eliminate unwanted fat, obtain flawless and youthful skin, boost energy, and enhance your overall mood. What’s more is that the positive outcome Supera Complete generates is long-lasting, as claimed by its maker.

Before going further, remember that Supera Complete is not a kind of diet, in contrast to it tagging itself as a “super diet”. As a matter of fact, its creator touts that you can shed pounds even without dieting at all and working out. With this, bear in mind that Supera Complete is a nutritional product that claims to promote weight loss, not a form of diet.

Understanding How the Product Function

128528053 (1)Basically, this particular dietary supplement touts to be developed with science as its backbone. The components are potent as fat-torching compounds, all mixed to create the ultimate weight loss formulation. Supera Complete is claimed to have the capacity to get rid of fat, augment metabolism, stabilize your sleeping routine, enhance your general mood, lessen stress, and shed 1-3 pounds of fat daily. On top of this, company behind the supplement says Supera Complete has aided customers in shedding up to 30 pounds without dieting and working out.

Below are the components that are responsible for Supera Complete’s purported benefits:

Garcinia Cambogia 100mg
Raspberry Ketone 100mg
African Mango 100mg
Moringa 100mg
Caralluma 100mg
White Kidney Bean 100mg
Green Coffee Bean Extract 100mg

Supera Complete’s official page says it is recommended to take 1 capsule before your two biggest meals of the day. Consumption of this supplement ensures that you experience both physical and mental positive changes. Also, Supera Complete touts to deliver all these great effects while being 100 percent harmless and effectual.

Supera Complete Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

Supera Complete can be bought via these selections available:

1-Month Supply: $47.95 plus $8.95 S&H
3-Month Supply: $97.95 plus $8.95 S&H
6-Month Supply: $197.95

Supera Complete provides a 160-day refund policy in any of the above options, less shipping and handling. To ask for a refund, call customer support at (855-347-5422).

Is Supera Complete Efficient for Weight Loss?

If you’ve gotten interested in trying Supera Complete, you need to think of the following considerations before proceeding:

The Efficiency of the Components

5-weight-loss-myths-for-women-v2_02-compressed-640xhAs most weight loss supplements, the clinical evidence supporting the effectiveness of the components in Supera Complete is weak and lacking. The main ingredients, Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean Extracts – none of these have ever scientifically shown weight loss. There were studies involved these components, which some turned out to be positive in terms of their weight loss efficacy, but these studies were only performed on mice, and not on people. Thus, the results cannot be considered definite.

Even informal tests on people didn’t have any promising results. There were results, yes, but these were insignificant. Use of these ingredients were found to only result to minor weight loss effects, such as 1-2 pounds. This quantity is irrelevant that it is still within the margin of error.

Can You Really Shed Pounds Without Working Out?

Since there’s weakness in the scientific proof substantiating the effectiveness of the ingredients, it’s doubtful that Supera Complete can generate significant weight loss. This is especially true since the supplement says you can lose weight without changing your diet and without working out.

Bear in mind that while numerous weight loss companies would claim about their products being miracle pills, dieting and exercising are the only proven ways of losing notable weight and maintaining it.

What Users Have to Say?

Another issue is its lack of user feedbacks online, which is strange since the product’s URL was listed back in September 2013. Hence, there’s no way to weigh the general consumer reception. Also, Supera Complete’s company Super Diet Alternatives which has its main headquarter in Everett, Massachusetts, is not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Final Verdict: Is Supera Complete the Real Deal?

Clinical evidence that ingredients in nutritional supplements are effective should be treated with crucial importance. As for Supera Complete, there’s nothing that proves that most of its components can promote weight loss. Hence, it’s really a risk to be taking anything that’s not officially supported by scientific data. Its lack of consumer feedbacks is also an issue, since there’s no way that customers can gauge the supplement’s safety and effectiveness through other customers’ experience. It’s best to consult your doctor and ask for his/her recommendation of other weight loss approach that is safe and effectual.