Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub – Is it the best?

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub - Is it the best?

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub – Is it the best?

Trying to find the most appropriate holistic product to help you and your needs can prove to be quite a challenge. This is why we have ,ade reviews that will assist you on your journey to finding the perfect natural ingredients for what you are trying to achieve!

Product description

Carol’s Daughter have created Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub. It is a healthy scrub designed to improve the appearance and feel of the skin. Containing a body exfoliant, this combination of ingredients is infused with brown sugar crystals along with aromatic oils. These substances help to remove dead skin cells and further nurture the skin to make it soft, leaving you with a radiant glow and feeling hydrated.

As a highly regarded cosmetic, this product is popular among women and those who are conscious about their skin. Suitable for people of all ages it is also used by many men despite being aimed at women. The powerful and natural elements that are combined gives you sparkling skin as well as a soothing wash. Moisturizing and not just cleansing the skin – this scrub was carefully designed by specialists who considered sulfates, coconut oil, parabens, olive oil, and hemp oil to ensure that the skin ends up smooth and soft.

A complete package solution for rough skin, complete with a sweet and refreshing fragrance unique from any other scrubs – this one makes you feel alive. Involving an amount of glycerin that is known to make your skin feel both smooth and silky, this product also includes synthetic fragrances, citric acid, synthetic dyes, aloe, and peppermint essential oil along with GMO. Each of these substances allow a detoxification effect, which is mostly, exactly what the body needs.


Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub - Ingredients

The ingredients within this product are of the following: Brown Sugar Crystal, Sunflower, Olive, Grape Seed, Avocado and Evening Primrose Oil.

These substances are 100% safe as well as FDA approved. There are no Parabens and Sulfates and instead this combination includes natural antioxidants which is is how this formula manages to hydrate the skin.
Using this special blend of ingredients, the idea is to shed the skin – ridding any dead bits and nurturing the skin cells.

3 elements that make this product a perfect cleanser: exfoliant, oil, and scent.

1. Exfoliant.
This will have an effect which feels like a salt, coffee blend, or apricot and offers a grating effect as to force the dead skin cells away.

2. Oil.
Utilized to mold together the ingredients and allowing them to become connected to the skin.

3. Scent.
This can be a sweet almond oil, nectar and milk mix as there are different fragrances available to please the senses.
Refraining from overuse is highly recommended especially for those who are sensitive. If you suffer with excessively dry skin, it is best to find an alternative to this product.


All you must do is gently apply the scrub to areas you think the skin might benefit from being treated. Rinsing after application is highly recommended. There is no need to use the scrub all over due to the fact that most body cleansers are excessively cruel for certain parts of the body – inparticular on the face should be avoided.
For $29.99 you will receive a 12 oz tub.

Our conclusion

Skin care product

Even this product is very popular for women and is specifically designed to target the female market, there are men who use this scrub. Anyone conscious if their skin, this product is ideal as it helps you become smooth and soft.

However, because this formula is applied directly on the skin it is not suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Optimal Omega is the number one consumer choice for consumers as it is an oral use supplement that is easy to use. With a price of only $19.95 for a whole month’s supply, this is definitely the best option on the market today.