The Advantages of Taking a Spin Class

It can be challenging to find a workout routine that works for you. Some people believe the gym is the best place to work out while others think a yoga studio is the where relaxation and fitness meet. Although, spin classes have become more popular recently in fitness. Some might say they rather take a spin class than go to the gym.  But what is exactly is a spin class? A spin class is a cycling workout that occurs on a stationary bike. This workout is usually intense as it works a lot of muscles groups. Therefore, it might not be a workout everyone will enjoy. However, taking a spin class can be very beneficial to both your health and your fitness goals. Here are the top ten benefits of taking a spin class:

  1. Burn a lot of calories

Due to the intensity of the workout, it’s known that spin classes can burn a lot of calories. However, it depends of course on how you adjust the bike, how fast you pedal, and your posture. If all of those requirements are met at the highest standard, then you could burn at least 500 calories in a smooth 45 minutes. That’s amazing! So why not try one class if not for the other benefits mentioned then for the quick calorie burn advantage?

  1. Create muscle tone

Since spin classes workout many muscle groups they also help tone your body. In fact, spin classes will target your core muscles in addition to your buttocks, thighs, and calves. However, depending on the adjustment of your bike you may not work out all those muscles groups. It’s important to pay attention to how the bike is adjusted if you want to tone specific muscles.

  1. Low impact exercise

If you’re interested in taking a spin class, you should know it’s a low impact exercise. A low impact exercise is an exercise that doesn’t put a strain on your knees or joints. In fact, spin classes are recommended for people who have arthritis. The intensity of the workout will help with joint movement and therefore will improve a person’s overall well-being.

  1. Reduce stress

Some people find quiet to be a place where inspiration is born. But others find silence as a place to over think about their problems. For people who like loud music and socializing spin classes is for you. Before and after a spin class you have plenty of opportunities to meet new people and talk with them about different topics. In addition, during a spinning class, there will be loud music to get your heart pumping and an instructor to motivate you. During the class, you might find that these strategies such as the workout, the music, and the instructor allow for a decrease in stress.

  1. Little chance of injury

Unlike running or weightlifting, there isn’t a risk of serious injury. When you take a spin class, an instructor will guide you and if anything were to happen the instructor would see the moment it would happen. Not to mention there are more than twenty people on staff who could help if something were to happen. So, unlike running where you might be excluded from passersby or any people of a medical profession in a spin class your safety is thought of carefully.

  1. Changeable tensions

Due to the nature of the stationary bike, you can change the pressure in order to fit what you like. It’s essential to have a workout that benefits you when you’re in a group scenario. Make sure that you’re getting the best of both worlds by getting a good workout and the perks a spin class has to offer. If you’re not sure how to change the tensions on the bike, ask an instructor how to do it or ask if they can show you.

  1. Record your advancements  

Most stationary bikes have a device that allows them to record heart rate, a number of calories burned, and even mileage. These advancements can be used as a measuring tool to let you know when you need to slow down, speed up, stop, or even keep going. It’s important to know your limits, however with stationary bikes they offer you a cheat-cheat into your body to tell you when enough is enough. These devices can also do the opposite. They can also be used as a motivational tool when you think you can’t do it.

  1. Can be completed all year round  

Since spin classes are completed inside people, don’t have to worry about weather troubling them when they work out. Offering spin classes in the comfort of the indoors allows people to feel the gentle cool breeze of air condition any day of the week. Not only does the air condition help but the hours of operation do too. Having a studio stay open later during the week and weekends offers a diverse clientele list. However, spin studios may be closed on certain holidays if so it’s best to look to your local spin studio for dates when they re-open.

  1. It’s energetic

Between the music, the instructor positive comments, and feeding off other people’s energy spin class can be quite a class. By the end, you won’t want it to stop. The energy in the room will be electrifying since everyone is trying to achieve their chosen goal. With everyone vocalizing their necessity to reach their goal the room can get quite loud as everyone starts to work together on their individualistic needs.

  1. It’s fun  

While some people might find watching sports, listening to music, or playing video games as a fun thing to do. Others might discover working out as fun and exciting. After all, the body’s reaction to working out promotes it as useful and productive. If someone were to take a spin class who knows it may not be because of all the other benefits a spin class offers it might just be because it’s fun.