The Benefits of Alkaline Water

glass of clear alkaline water is beneficial just like Progentra

        The rave about alkaline water is getting bigger and bigger as I write this article. What they say is true; Alkaline water is extremely good for you. Actually, due to its high pH levels, alkaline water is one of the best drinks available to us. It’s no wonder everyone from celebrities to normal everyday people are raising the hype.


So, what is it about alkaline water that makes it so good for our bodies? Check out all the benefits below.

Alkaline water improves circulation

An increase in circulation means an increase in blood flow throughout the body, which everyone can assume is good. Obviously, the assumption is correct, as good circulation is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

In addition to improving blood flow, good circulation promotes proper oxygen transport and proper nutrient transport to all important areas of the body.

Alkaline water helps with blood circulation throughout the body by reducing the thickness of the blood. Scientists have gone to extreme lengths to prove this aspect is true.

Reduces acid reflux symptoms

Acid reflux is a pain in the rear end, if you know what I mean. Having acid come up your esophagus is a very unpleasant feeling, to say the least. Luckily, scientists are now stating that alkaline water can help out with that annoying problem. No more nausea, belching, and bloating for you.

The key reason acid reflux takes place in our bodies is due to the amount of pepsin present. Alkaline water takes the job of neutralizing the pepsin within the body, therefore reducing symptoms of acid reflux.

man who takes Progentra drinking alkaline water after a workoutKeep in mind that even though alkaline water can reduce symptoms, it does not get rid of the underlying problem for you. To fully rid yourself of acid reflux, take a closer look at your diet. Be sure to consult with your physician, too.

Increases hydration

Water, in general, keeps us hydrated. We know this. However, alkaline water gives us the maximum hydration benefits.

Drinking enough water contributes to awesome health and wellness effects by regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients throughout the body, and removing the proper wastes that the body no longer needs. Alkaline water gets this job done faster, and more efficiently.

Scientists have proven that this increase in hydration is true, through alkaline water. Not only does it increase the alkalinity present in both the blood and the urine, but it also improves hydration levels to almost double that of normal, everyday drinking water. And, all this can happen in as little as two weeks, if you’re on top of drinking alkaline water each and every day, in moderation.

Regulates blood sugar

High blood sugar is severely dangerous to your health. Symptoms can arise such as an extreme increase in thirst, intense headaches, abnormal fatigue, impaired vision, and horrible nerve damage. You want to avoid this at all costs, if you can.

One of the ways you can avoid high levels of blood sugar in the body is by drinking more alkaline water. Scientists have been working on providing evidence to the public for quite some time, and they’re pretty close at this point.

Alkaline water is commonly used to lower and stabilize blood sugar levels. For those with diabetes, this could be a God send. And, what’s the harm in trying it out to see if it works for you? I see none.

Promotes bone health

In general, highly acidic diets have been proven to promote bone loss due to its ability to excrete calcium from the bones and into the waste material section of the body. Therefore, highly acidic diets are not recommended.

On the other hand, alkaline diets help keep the calcium in the bones and help promote good bone health. If you put two and two together like I did while educating myself on this topic, you’ll now figure out that an alkaline diet can actually preserve bones and give you a fighting chance against diseases like osteoporosis.

In addition, alkaline water does a good job of influencing the right hormones your body needs to have good bone metabolism.


        However, after reading all of these awesome benefits, you must be thinking that this is going to be the new way to live your life. Well, that’s a good idea, to bring alkaline water into your daily diet. That doesn’t mean that drinking alkaline water will fix all of your health concerns. Keeping up with a well and balanced diet, consisting of whole foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, and nutrient-rich foods is still the best way to go; Add alkaline water into the mix and you’ll be on your way to a healthier you.


alkaline water test with home water filters        Just remember, alkaline water can not replace all those nutrients that are found in foods. It can only help with the above circumstances and can only add to a great diet.

        Be sure to keep in mind that alkaline water should not be the only water you drink, as it could form serious health concerns from its ability to put your bodies pH levels off balance. Incorporating the alkaline water in your diet is one thing, do not primarily drink this, though. Always keep regular water in your daily diet as well.

        If you do like alkaline water a lot, and you do tend to drink it a lot, try eating foods that help balance your pH levels within your body, and try drinking the water in moderation. Such foods consist of apples, limes, lemons, carrots, and leafy greens.

        Also, if you’d like to save a few extra bucks, instead of buying alkaline water all the time, make it at home. It’s very simple. All you have to do is go online, look up a recipe, and go for it. Most recipes consist of regular bottled water with either baking soda or lemon in it.


Have fun on your new journey to drinking alkaline water!


By Jenny Lyn