Trimassix Review – All You Need To Know


Trimassix Review – All You Need To Know

Find out what makes Trimassix one of the most popular male enhancement supplements today. Learn more about Trimassix in our Trimassix Review



If you’re in the market for male enhancement pills, then you probably know by now that majority of the pills on the market today have some kind of negative review written by one of their customers. Ineffective supplements have plagued the industry of male enhancement supplements since Viagra alternatives were introduced. That’s why male enhancement pills aren’t really the most trusted supplements by consumers. To the smart customer, male enhancement pills are nothing more but scams and fakes – until Trimassix.

The reason why Trimassix is one of the most popular male enhancement supplements today is because it has drawn a huge interest from the smart consumers for its detailed explanation of the science involved in the formula and the manufacturing process. With everything laid out on the table, it is much easier for smart consumers to carefully examine what they are buying, so they can make an informed decision.

No other male enhancement supplement has given this much effort and attention to providing their customers with every bit of information they need so they can evaluate their product before they make a purchase. Typical male enhancement pills try their very best to avoid discussions about the scientific background of their formula since no actual research has been done to justify the technology that they used.

Trimassix is not just your typical male enhancement supplement; it combines the three elements of SIZE, SEXUAL DESIRE, and STAMINA to create a series of events that would lead to penis enlargement. No other male enhancement supplement has a formula as complete as Trimassix has. In this review, we’ll go into a detailed examination of Trimassix and the science behind the pill to allow you to draw your own conclusion.

The Science of Trimassix

Penis enlargement is never just a simple process. You can do a simple Google search and many sites will tell you that it cannot be done. However, an even deeper search into the real scientific database, such as the Patent Library of Google and the National Center for Biotechnology Information, would yield that the technology has been around for a while, and Trimassix is just one of the first products that has made it into production.

To make penis enlargement possible, you need three things – improved blood flow, libido, and increased instances of an erection. By improving on these objectives, you can yield a systematic increase in penis size caused by the adaption of the elastic tissue in the penis. Trimassixcalls its formula the TRIGENIS formula, literally meaning THREE-SYSTEM. Trimassix uses vasodilation, testosterone boost, and hormone regulation as the three-step process that makes penis enlargement possible.

Step 1 – Vasodilation

Vasodilators are ingredients that allow the blood vessels to dilate and allow more blood to flow. This is particularly important for penis enlargement, since an improved blood flow would allow the cavernous spaces in the penis to trap more blood in the natural erection process. Trimassix contains two different types of vasodilators – a Nitric Oxide booster and PDE-5 inhibitors. The nitric oxide booster L-Arginine acts as a precursor to Nitric Oxide, which then binds with guanosine monophosphate (GMP) to create cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), the enzyme that makes the smooth muscles that line the blood vessels to relax, effectively dilating the blood vessel. This effect creates a reaction that allows more blood to pass through the blood vessels. The PDE-5 inhibitors in the formula are derived from natural sources that also affect the body as aphrodisiacs, which we will discuss later. PDE-5 inhibitors work to prevent the compound phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) to limit the vasodilation effects of cGMP. When combined together, PDE-5 inhibitors and Nitric oxide boosters dilate the blood vessels consistently to improve the volume of blood that flows to the penis. The combination of PDE-5 inhibitors and vasodilators also prevent instances of erectile dysfunction due to stenosis and occlusion.

Step 2: Testosterone boosters

Testosterone is primarily responsible for a man’s sex drive, and with a cocktail of 5 different testosterone boosters, Trimassix maximizes the testosterone boost to increase the user’s sex drive immensely. The role of testosterone is critical in the penis enlargement goal, since it increases the user’s sensitivity to sexual stimulus. As the individual experiences sexual arousal, it triggers a systematic vasoconstriction and vasodilation that rapidly increases the pressure and volume of blood that flows to the penis. Testosterone boosters are also responsible for increasing the sexual satisfaction and pleasure that the user experiences while having sex.

Step 3: hormone regulation

Hormone regulation is an important factor that many male enhancement supplements fail to include in their formula. Simply put, hormone regulation aims to balance the hormones of the user to allow the user to bounce back faster after having an orgasm. This allows the user to experience more erections, and as a result, the user experiences a much faster progress on penis enlargement.

Here’s why the Trimassix TRIGENIS system works

The Trimassix TRIGENIS system works simply because it follows a process that involves all factors that contribute to penis enlargement. Studies show that improving blood flow is not enough to cause penis enlargement, and frequent erections will never cause the penis to increase in size. However, by combining the effects of different ingredients, it causes the best conditions that would result in penis enlargement. The effects of Trimassix can be compared to the way tires are inflated – to push more air into the tires, you need to increase the flow and pressure. The same thing works in the penis. In order to force the cavernous spaces to trap more blood, you would need to increase blood pressure, and not just the volume.

Trimassix Ingredients

The effectiveness of the formula can be traced back to the ingredient sources used by Trimassix. Trimassix contains compounds derived from 100% natural sources, using state-of-the-art technology to produce the highest-grade extracts.

Here are some of the ingredients used by Trimassix:

Tongkat Ali  – Tongkat Ali is the primary testosterone booster 6of the formula. It has PDE-5 inhibitor properties, which enable it to function just like erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra. It works in conjunction with L-Arginine to maximize the effect of the vasodilators in Trimassix.  The main function of Tongkat Ali is to increase testosterone levels, which subsequently increases the libido of the user. Tongkat Ali also has Ca2+ inhibitor properties, which prevents the penis from being ‘soft’ or flaccid during intercourse.



L-Arginine is the primary vasodilator of the formula. L-Arginine acts as a precursor to Nitric Oxide, which then combines with GMP to form cGMP, the compound responsible for dilating blood vessels. It works by signaling the smooth muscles in the arteries to relax, creating space for more blood to flow. L-Arginine has been used for years as a bodybuilding supplement to produce pump, strength, and endurance. Trimassix uses a much concentrated form of L-Arginine to be quickly absorbed by the body.

Muirapuama – a highly-potent aphrodisiac, made even more potent by the unique technology used by Trimassix, MuiraPuama works by supporting the other testosterone-boosting ingredients of Trimassix, further amplifying the effects to improve libido. MuiraPuama is one of the ingredients responsible for the fast-acting benefits of Trimassix



Bodybuilders who take testosterone supplements are all familiar with the effectiveness of tribulusterrestris. It is one of the most effective testosterone boosters in the market today, and in its concentrated form, it has the ability to greatly increase libido. The increase in libido is particularly helpful to achieve the penis enlargement goal since it sends signals to contract blood vessels in certain parts of the body to focus the blood flow to the penis. Increased blood pressure and volume makes the penis larger over time.

Maca root


Maca root greatly increases sexual stamina by regulating the hormones in the body. Maca root inhibits prolactin in the brain, which is the main contributor to the duration of the refractory period in men. The refractory period is the period of rest following an orgasm, in which men feel no interest in pursuing sexual activity. Maca root greatly reduces the refractory period to allow men to be aroused again after having an orgasm in a much shorter timeframe.

The Trimassix Guarantee

The best part of Trimassix is its money-back guarantee. It’s simply the best in the business. Where else can you get 100% money back on purchases made over a month ago? Trimassix offers an ironclad money back guarantee on their products for 90 days. If you’re not happy with the pill, simply send it back and get a full refund. They promise not to make it difficult for anyone who does. Sweet right?


Trimassix is simply the world’s best male enhancement pill. Considering all the scientific facts and guarantees, no other pill even comes close. Check out Trimassix by visiting their website at and look for the best deals!