Is True Grit Thermo Safe and Effective?


Product Introduction

preview-full-shutterstock_474551158Even as you allot a significant period of time at the gym to do weights, you really can’t obtain that lean and ripped physique you’ve wanted for so long if you’re not able to shed some fat. Bodybuilders and athletes alike will let you know that developing your muscles and torching fat are two different stories. This is why supplements like True Grit Thermo are created to help you torch fat at an accelerated pace, helping you achieve that lean figure you’ve always dreamed of.

True Grit Thermo is basically a fat torching product that touts to aid in the elimination of fat by boosting your metabolic rate through the process of thermogenesis. This works by augmenting your body core temperature, which makes the body utilize more energy. This eventually ends up in lipolysis, or simply put, when fat is converted to energy. It is important to note that True Grit Thermo is loaded with stimulants, so you really have to be geared up for the effects these stimulants can trigger. If you’re a bodybuilder who wants to surpass rigorous and extreme workout sessions, True Grit Thermo may actually work for you.

Getting to Know the Product

A single serving of this product already has high content of caffeine, which is approximately equivalent to 3 cups of brewed coffee. Based on the information on the label, the maximum consumption for this product is 4 servings daily, which would make your caffeine consumption around 1080mg daily. This is apart from other caffeine sources you consume such as coffee, tea and sodas.

True Grit Thermo Users

True Grit Thermo is a thermogenic fat burner. Such products are typically used by bodybuilders who are undergoing the cutting phase, the part where their training concentrates on torching fat through cutting down their caloric consumption and performing more cardio exercises.

How Efficient Is True Grit Thermo?

According to the information, this product has 12.5mg of Yohimbe extract. Yohimbe has yohimbine, a component that widens blood vessels to increase blood flow. It is a typical component used in fat burning products and nitric oxide enhancers, but considering its content of only 12.5mg, we’re not sure if this can lead to any significant results.

Moreover, True Grit Thermo also has 100mg of Coleus Forskohlin, which is an herb utilized in ayurvedic medicine. It can also be usually found in fat burners in the present time. If you put the dosage of this ingredient to 400mg each day, there may be notable results when it comes to boosting cyclic adenosine monophosphate (CAMP) levels in the body. This is linked to the elimination of fat. On the other hand, you would be required to have 4 doses of True Grit Thermo to consume 400mg of Coleus Forskohlin, which then results to you ingesting 1080mg of caffeine. This caffeine dose is way above the normal dose and is considered detrimental for your health. This certainly creates a predicament because in order to achieve the required dose for Coleus Forskohlin, you would also need to consume more caffeine beyond health standards. Too much stimulants are also likely to generate side effects.

What’s the Bottom Line?

preview-full-testosterone_mainEssentially, True Grit Thermo shows promise as an efficient energy enhancer and fat burner. But these positive results can mostly be credited to the high content of its caffeine. Apart from the caffeine, there aren’t other components that can possibly provide substantial and notable effects when it comes to muscle building and fat burning. Customers, however, would be delighted to know that True Grit Thermo is significantly cheap, at $35.69 for 120 capsules. But still, the recommended dose is 4 capsules daily, which brings us back to the issue of too much caffeine when the 4-serving size is practiced. Other products that require you only to take one capsule per day seems to be safer bets with their caffeine content not above normal levels. This is important because you don’t want to experience nasty side effects that are likely to be brought by too much stimulants.