Ultra Herbal Multi Vitamin for Him: Scam or Real Supplement?

Ultra Herbal Multi Vitamin for Him: Scam or Real Supplement?

Ultra Herbal Multi Vitamin for Him: Scam or Real Supplement?

There are so many supplements for men on the market now it is hard to discern which are effective and safe and which are just straight up scamming. Things to look at to be able to tell for yourself if a supplement is for real or not:

  • Real user reviews that are mixed, not just all similar lengthened 5 star reviews that you can tell the company edited or wrote themselves
  • Full disclosure about ingredient lists
  • Clinical testing
  • A lot of supporting literature for the product
  • Internet buzz, the more people are talking about something the better

Product Intro:

Designed just for men, the supplement is meant to compliment the unique anatomy and makeup of the male body. It caters specifically to issues surrounding the prostate and heart health men above 40 start to struggle with. Ultra Herbal Multi Vitamin for Him is packed with vital nutrients men need to feel good and promote healing throughout the body. This daily supplement supports all other health initiatives.

Who made it?

Ultra Herbal Multivitamin for him is made by Pacific Naturals, a subsidiary of National Products Association. Natural Products Association has been around for over 75 years now. This is a trusted brand that has been at the frontier of the supplements movement.

What Are The Key Ingredients?

Boost the immune system

There is little to no reliable information about the contents of this multi vitamin. How can you purchase something confidently without a money back guarantee that doesn’t even tell you what is inside? What are they hiding? Why wouldn’t they just provide an ingredient list? This is not a good sign. All they detail is that the product is meant to boost the immune system, promote prostate health, and improve heart health. This is not very forthcoming. On the packaging it says it contains Selenium and Lypocene, but what else is inside? Some other reviewers have speculated that there are Vitamins A, C, B and K. Other seller sites for the supplement just list Vitamin C.

Does it Really Work?

Ultra herbal multivitamin for Him is designed to fulfill the very needs of men. Having ingredients that are very effective, there is little doubt as to whether it works. Many multivitamins with these ingredients have proven useful to many people round the globe, and therefore Ultra herbal multivitamin for Him is likely to be at the least just as useful as the others, but likely to be better as it combines many effective ingredients. There are also some murmurs about amino acids.


Users should take two capsules a day. It does not specific whether to take it with a meal or not.

How to take


  • Made specially for men
  • Contains selenium and lycopene
  • Supports a health prostate
  • Good for cardiovascular health
  • Affordable
  • One stop shop for vitamins and minerals


  • No information
  • No customer reviews
  • Hard to purchase
  • No clinical testing
  • No ingredient list

Supplement Scam or Real Deal?

Supplement Scam. This product has no internet buzz, barely a whisper. There is also a Youtube video someone made about how this product is a scam. There is no information for the product to even defend itself against these allegations. For all we know this is a great product with just terrible marketing. Without an ingredient list I have to say this product is a no go.